Monke Mod Manager 2023 – (Update) (Best Mods!)

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Looking for Monke Mod Manager? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the Gorilla Tag Best Mods and how to install Monke Mod Manager to install mods for the popular Gorilla Tag game.

Gorilla Tag is an amazing VR game that has a good community of modders, that is why you have to Monke Mod Manager install. In the Goriila Tag game, you play tag with other online players and everyone gets to be a different gorilla character.

The way it moves is what makes it so unique, as you can swing and climb across surfaces similarly to gorillas. Mods enhance this game, so let’s see how to get bet Monke Mod Manager and simply install it.

Note – This Monke Mod Manager post is only for informational purposes, we don’t promote any type of cheating in the game.

How to Download & Install Monke Mod Manager

Monke Mod Manager

If you don’t know how to install Monke mod manager, here is the complete process:

  • First, you have to download the Monke Mod Manager from the Github official page of its creator. Once you have downloaded it, be sure to run Gorilla Tag at least once after you install.
  • Then run the installer and it will automatically find your Gorilla Tag install folder. If not then it will prompt you to choose the Gorilla Tag exe file appropriately.
  • Next, you can choose any mods that are listed, simply, check the corresponding boxes next to the mod name. Please note that you cannot uncheck the BepInEx box. Due to the fact that BepInEx is the mod loader by itself.
  • In addition, you can upgrade your mods if they are out of date. In order to do that, simply click on the desired mod and then click on the Install/Update option.

Remember that, If you do not see the mods the first time you run Gorilla Tag then simply restart it and they should appear.

Gorilla Tag Best Mods

Monke Mod Manager

Here is the list of the best Gorilla Tag Mods

  • AirJump
  • Texturepacks
  • Screw Gravity
  • Monke TV
  • Smooth Turn
  • Long Arms

About Gorilla Tag Game

Gorilla Tag is an amazing VR game that has gained so much popularity. It was developed and published by a solo developer, Johan Gjestland, and quickly became a hit among VR enthusiasts.

In Gorilla Tag, players take on the role of gorillas in a jungle environment. The main objective of the game is to climb and swing through the trees while catching or avoiding other players.

Gorilla Tag gameplay heavily relies on physical movement and agility, making it an immersive and active experience. You can get this Gorilla Tag game on Steam.


Hopefully, you like this Monke Mod Manager guide. In this post, we covered the Best Gorilla Tag Mods and how to install Monke Mod Manager to install mods for the popular Gorilla Tag game.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Monke Mod Manager so comment box is always open for you.

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