Miquelas Needle Elden Ring (Location!) (August 2023)

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Want to know about Miquelas Needle Elden Ring Wiki? So you are at the right spot here you will get the complete Miquelas Needle Elden Ring guide and where to find all the locations.

Now without further delay let’s start with how to complete Millicent’s questline and get Miquella’s Needle in Elden Ring game.

Last Update On – 8th August 2023

Miquelas Needle Elden Ring – UPDATE!

Miquella’s Needle is an amazing in-game item that you get upon completing Millicent’s questline in Elden Ring. This Miquelas needle has a very specific use for gamers in Elden Ring that is not very visible.

Remember that this Miquelas needle is primarily for those locked into the Lord of Frenzied Flame in-game ending. If you have not been actually exposed to the flame it has no best use for you.

Miquelas Needle Elden Ring Features –

  • Miquelas Needle is one of the most unalloyed gold needles that Miquella created to ward away the meddling of outer in-game gods.
  • Totally capable of subduing the in-game flame of frenzy if inherited, enabling one to actually cheat fate and avoid becoming Lord of Flame Frenzied.
  • While the needle is as expected unfinished and can be only used in the heart of the storm beyond time said to be located in Faram Azula.

Miquella’s Needle Location in Elden Ring

Now, finding Miquella’s Needle would not be an easy task. First You have to beat Miquella’s sister, whose name is Malenia, the Blade of Miquella.

Then the player should finish Millicent’s questline. Millicent is an in-game young woman afflicted with Scarlet Rot. Gowry sends the gamer on a quest to discover a cure to Millicent’s affliction. As part of this questline, the Tarnished will actually face Commander O’Neal.

This opponent or boss will drop the Unalloyed Gold Needle, a Key in-game Item. The gamer will then have to bring this Key Item and bring it to Gowry for him to actually repair.

Next, you can continue on Millicent’s questline (providing the Unalloyed Gold Needle to her in a good attempt to cure her) or you can take the Unalloyed Gold Needle directly to where you fought Malenia.

Another way is fine because, if you provide the gold needle to Millicent, you did be able to take it back later on in the game questline. With the in-game Unalloyed Gold Needle, actually return to where you fought Malenia, and you will find Malenia’s Flower. You can get in touch with it with the needle to get Miquella’s Needle.

Summary –

  • First, find Gowry in his shack
  • Then defeat Commander O’Neal
  • You must use the Unalloyed Gold Needle from Commander O’Neal on Malenia’s Flower to get Miquella’s Needle. Or continue the game storyline by providing the needle to Gowry
  • Gowry actually repairs the needle
  • Then Give the needle to Millicent
  • Next, continue the game story until you battle NPC Invaders called “Sisters of Millicent’s”
  • Once you complete the quest will let you loot another Unalloyed in-game Gold Needle, which you can then bring to Malenia’s Flower to actually turn it into Miquella’s Needle.
  • With the help of Miquella’s Needle, you can exchange it for 600 runes. In any case, you should save it for the off chance that you discover yourself at in-game Dragonlord Placidusax’s arena at Crumbling Farum Azula, as utilizing the consumable is the only best way to reverse the game’s frenzied flame curse.

Take Miquella’s Needle

Once you have Miquella’s Needle in Elden Ring we recommend reading its complete description. The Miquella’s Needle item has a very helpful description on it that gives a clear hint as to what purpose the needle is for and where you actually need to take it:

Miquelas Needle Elden Ring

To get the Miquella’s needle working we actually need to take it to Faram Azula. This is a really late game area that you reach after the Fire Giant. When you are prepared to activate the Miquella’s needle head to this location.

Go Dragonloard Placidusax’s Arena

To reach the in-game area where you actually use Miquella’s Needle then you need to locate a hidden dragon boss. To do this you must go through the Faram Azula area before you reach the Beside the in-game Great Bridge Site of Grace.

From this location, we will describe how to actually reach the hidden in-game boss arena.

Miquelas Needle Elden Ring

Then, from Beside the Great Bridge Site of Grace move so you are heading east and next jump on the elevator. Ride it down and get off and turn to the right side. Now go down the stairs and head past the enemy here. Head southwest and actually leave the in-game building.

Miquelas Needle Elden Ring

On the outside of the in-game building head west till you come to the cliff’s edge. Then look down and you will get a path below you. Next, drop down onto the actual path. Now follow the path along until you see the broken building piece floating in the game sky.

Miquelas Needle Elden Ring

When you get to the broken building there is a spot without an in-game dragon skeleton in it (look circled above). If you stand on this spot and then you will be prompted to in-game lie-down.

Next lie down and a custscene will actually play. Following the cutscene you will be inside the enemy or boss arena. Here you actually face off with Dragonlord Placidusax.

Miquelas Needle Elden Ring

Use Miquella’s Needle

Once you are in the inside arena you can easily use the Miquella’s Needle in-game item. All you must do is put the Miquella’s needle in your item hotbar. Then Equip the Miquella’s needle and use it.

Next, if you are sure then you will be asked. If you have the Frenzied Flame on your in-game character and want to actually remove it, now use. Now you will remove the Frenzied Flame effect, but at the moment, your in-game character remains charred.


Here are some FAQs related to Miquelas Needle Elden Ring

Q. What To Do With Miquella’s Needle Elden Ring?

Miquella’s Needle is actually a really important item and is very helpful. The needle is simply described as, unalloyed gold needles which Miquella crafted to ward from the meddling of outer in-game gods.

Really capable of subduing the flame of frenzy if actually inherited, making it possible to cheat fate and avoid becoming in-game Lord of Frenzied Flame. In any case, the needle is as it stands unfinished and can only be well used in the heart of the storm beyond time said to be actually found in Faram Azula.

Q. How Many Bosses Are In Elden Ring Game?

When asking how many bosses are in Elden Ring game in general, there are eighty-three bosses. As if this game world was not already insanely large, it can always look a bit bigger.

Q. What Is The Max Level In Elden Ring Game?

To reach the Elden Ring max level, you will need to max out all of your in-game base statistics. Each Elden Ring category can reach up to ninety-nine, and each boost in stat points counts as one game level.

Final Words

We hope you really enjoy this Miquelas Needle Elden Ring guide. In this post we covered everything about the Miquelas Needle Elden Ring and also how to easily get and use it.

If you want to ask something related to this Miquelas Needle Elden Ring wiki then comment section is open for you, thanks for reading the complete guide.

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