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Welcome to Faindx, here you will get complete tips and tricks that you can play Minecraft unblocked games for free.

Some schools, companies place, and offices restrictions on their networks, preventing access to some websites like Minecraft game. Therefore, the only way to play Minecraft games is by unblocking them.

which is why we investigated all the working methods that you can deploy to unblock Minecraft game and even play it for free and online.

Recent Update – 17th April 2023

How To Play Minecraft Unblocked Games?

You can simply play Minecraft unblocked games online from the following sites that are

  • 66 EZ Minecraft Unblocked
  • sites.google
  • classic.minecraft.net
  • tynker
  • education.minecraft.net
  • gamesforchange.org
  • amazonaws.com
  • scratch.mit.edu

Although these unblocked games do not have any usual charges but some limitations are involved. The game versions are different from the original games and given that sometimes you have to download and install them.

It is also important to understand that playing an unblocked Minecraft game can be considered risky, as there are some legal implications if you use pirated versions. Along with the risk of picking up malware-laden downloads in the system.

How to Play Minecraft at School Unblocked?

When done with your school classes, you may want to take a good break and relax while playing the Minecraft game. Also, some schools have no and limited access to some gaming websites, but, luckily, there is the best way to enjoy your usual gameplay.

You can play Minecraft unblocked game at school or work using some paid VPN services or free methods. In addition, you can convert HTTP to HTTPS because your school server may be blocking the regular HTTP.

How To Play Minecraft at Workplace Unblocked?

If your institution or workplace has restrictions on the Minecraft website, you can get around it by downloading the title from a different source. Minecraft launchers can also allow you to run broken versions of Minecraft.

The free methods are straightforward and quick like unblocked games, but VPN services are more reliable and give you the best Minecraft gaming experience. Hence, you can settle for your access method based on your needs.

Even when your workplace has restricted access to the official website, there are more free options to unlock and play Minecraft.

However, the challenge with these methods is that you will likely be playing a sub-standard Minecraft game without some of the essentials, which will deprive you of the best gaming experience.

Here are the site list for play Minecraft Unblocked Games:

  • https://sites.google.com/site/unblockedgame911/minecraft-classic
  • https://sites.google.com/site/thegamecompilation/minecraft
  • http://thegrg1999.epizy.com/games/mcraft.html?i=1
  • https://classic.minecraft.net/

What are Benefits of Minecraft Unblocked Game?

Childhood is the best time to play and enjoy this game, most people play it during their school life. But there are many adults who cannot leave this amazing game even after becoming an adult.

Minecraft Classic Unlocked game is originally developed for people between 7 – 19 years old. Mostly, you will see that minecraft unlock games are played by kids aged 7 to 12.

The Benefits of Minecraft game are –

  • Keeps the Boredom Away
  • Increase Social Skill
  • Better Reflexion
  • Develop Creativity
  • Restricts the content that is inappropriate
  • Easy for Child Brains
  • Good Challenging Game


Some FAQs about the Minecraft unblocked game

Can we play Minecraft at School?

It totally depends upon the school. There are many schools that prevent their students from Minecraft playing. On the other hand, such schools encourage students to play good constrictive computer games during only computer classes.

Why do schools block Minecraft Game?

Minecraft is an amazing educational video game. Schools focus on teaching the students new things with conventional educational content and books, not with the help of addictive video games. So the reason schools block Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.16 Game is Launched?

Yes, Minecraft 1.16 has been launched recently on 23rd June 2020. 


If your workplace or school has restricted access to Minecraft games, you will be happy to know that there are other ways to play the game.

The most reliable method is to use a free or paid VPN that masks your online activities so that the network does not tell you that you are playing Minecraft games.

Alternatively, if you have stable Internet access then you can access Minecraft from various sites like 1.5.2 or 1.8 Cracked and Minecraft download unblocked.

They may offer free trials and versions of similar games to play, and the best part is that you do not have to pay for these games. Hopefully, you like our Play Minecraft Unblocked Games.

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