Minecraft Pig 2023 (August) – How To Tame & Pigs Uses

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Minecraft Pig – Hello Minecraft gamers, in this post you will get a complete information guide about the Minecraft Pig and how to breed, tame, and ride a Minecraft pig in the game.

Minecraft Pigs are the oldest passive mob in the game, so they won’t attack you even if you provoke them. Dropping raw pork chops when in-game killed, they restore 3 hunger points each (8 if cooked), making them a great food source to fuel your adventures.

Like most Minecraft idle mobs, they can be tame, which greatly simplifies setting up a Minecraft Pig Farm. It’s not particularly difficult, but if you’re not sure what to do, we have got you all about pigs Minecraft covered in this guide.

Last Post Update – 13th August 2023

Minecraft Pig

Minecraft Pig is a passive animal mob that breeds in grassy areas. When using a saddle on them (by right-clicking), the gamers can ride them, but they can only be controlled using a carrot on an in-game stick. The saddle can be totally removed by killing the saddled pig.

They are 1.1875 blocks high, 1.25 blocks long, and 0.625 blocks wide. As of beta 1.5, a pig will turn into a zombie pigman when struck by lightning.

As of version 1.8, pigs now have snouts, and killing one will make it run away for a short time. It will normally calm down when killed by fire, an adult pig will drop 1 to 3 cooked pork chops.

Animal MobPigs Minecraft
Drops1 to 3 Raw Porkchop & cooked porkchop if killed by fire
SpawnLight level is 9, on grass Blocks
Attack StrengthNone
Health Points10 HP (5x )
Experience Points1 to 3


To ride a Minecraft pig, you must first find a saddle in a desert temple, dungeon, or jungle temple, as they cannot be crafted. Then you need to put it on the pig by left clicking and once that is done the pig can be ridden with the orange saddle.

You can’t control the movement of the pig, however you can totally control the direction the pig moves by holding the carrot on the stick. Also, you can increase the speed by just right clicking on a block.

You ride a pig and say “You just died!” Referring to can get an achievement.


Pigs are good for assembling pork chops. First, the gamers must build a fenced area four blocks wide and one block deep with a fence gate, then move a pig into the field with carrots.

After getting at least 2, spawn them as often as possible by right-clicking on them with Carrot or Wheaties, and kill one each time there are more than 3 or 4 adults.


Minecraft Pigs can be fed carrots, and they enter totally Love Mode. When 2 pigs are in love mode within sixteen blocks of each other, they can make an in-game baby pig.

Piglets will follow their parents and It takes 1 full Minecraft day (or twenty minutes) for the piglet to grow into a big Pig.


  • Since the Minecraft pig can be saddle mounted, the pig has 2 image files, one saddle and one not.
  • The hostile mob known as the Creeper was created from a failed pig model, as the notch made it taller rather than longer, and changed the color from pink to green.
  • Both piglets and pigs have a similar head shape, but they are not of the same length and width.
  • By 1.2.3, adult pigs have stopped rearing piglets.
  • There are four members in the pig family: zombie pigmen, pigmen, piglets, and normal pigs.
  • As of 1.2.4. You can no longer mount the piglet.
  • Like squid, sheep, and cows, pigs have googly eyes.
  • Piglets, like all baby animals, make louder sounds than adults.
  • 1.4 Pigs are now reared on carrots.
  • Minecraft Pigs do not always have a protruding snout.
  • Pigs are a lot like horses in that they can be saddled and carrots put them in “love mode”.
  • If pigs are struck by lightning, they turn into zombie pigmen, such that if a creeper is struck by lightning, it will feed more. Also, if a villager is struck by lightning, the pig becomes a witch.
  • If a gamer rides a pig and falls off a cliff and the pig takes more than four HP of fall damage, the gamer will receive the “When Pigs Fly” achievement.
  • Minecraft Pigs dropped only 0 to2 raw pork chops upon death, but eventually increased to 1 to 3 pork chops upon death.
  • There are nipples on the bottom of the pig, but you can not milk them.
  • As of Combat Update 1.9, pigs can now be raised on any type of vegetables (potatoes, carrots and beets).

Best Uses For Pigs in Minecraft

Many players will not know what else to do with their Minecraft pigs besides kill them for food. Here are the best uses for pigs in Minecraft.


Gamers just starting out in their Minecraft world will definitely need food. Since pig mobs appear quite often in Minecraft, gamers will find them easily.

Pigs drop 1 to 3 raw pork chops when they are killed. Even better, if the player kills a pig during a fire, the pork chop will be cooked and the cooked chop will fall in its place.

More advanced gamers who have looting 3 enchantments on their swords can get anywhere from 1 to 6 pork chops from a pig.


Pigs are so much fun that gamers can ride them. Pigs can only be ridden with a saddle and a carrot on a stick, but the event is a lot of actual fun. Pigs can travel up to 5.2 m/s, which is slightly faster than the slower horse in Minecraft.

To make a saddle, gamers need 3 leather items, 2 iron ingots, and 2 ropes. To make a Carrot on a Stick, gamers only need a fishing rod and a carrot. gamers can combine these 2 items to make a carrot on a stick and control their pig.


The easiest mobs to raise in minecraft are pigs. gamers breed their pigs for a variety of reasons, mainly to gain more pigs for XP.

When pigs are bred, they drop anywhere from one to seven XP, so gamers can expect to win no matter what happens when they feed their pink creatures.

Pigs are very easy to breed, gamers can feed them potatoes, carrots or beets and hope that the pigs will mate. To breed a pig, gamers must obtain one of the three food items described above and right-click on 2 different pigs that are close to each other.

Hearts will appear around these pigs, and they will move towards each other. Later a little pig will appear and the gamer will collect XP and look at a cute little pig!

Getting Rid of Excess Foods

The best way to get rid of excess food is to feed it to Minecraft pigs. Since pigs eat carrots, beets and potatoes, they are great at eating extras.

These 3 crops grow very fast and produce a lot of extra food. Gamers will find that even on small farms, these 3 crops will produce more than enough food to sustain gamers. They often fill an entire chest or more after just a few harvests.

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Farm Stable

Farm stables are always a nice addition to any gamer’s Minecraft farm or home, but no farm barn is complete without a lot of pigs. It is very easy to bring pigs to barns and pens.

A gamer only needs to pick up a carrot, potato, or beet and place it on his hotbar around a wild pig. Gamers must stay within 6 blocks of the pig, and the pig will lead the gamer to their base.

Gamers can usually find pigs in the plains biome. Forest biomes work great too. The only biomes that do not produce pigs are the snowy tundra and the wooded plateau of the Badlands.

Pigs only breed in light levels above seven, so it’s best to watch during the day and in lit areas.

How to Tame a Pig in Minecraft

Pigs, usually born in groups of 2 to 4, are found during the day in grassland world biomes, spawning anywhere except in badland plateaus and snowy tundra.

They avoid hazards and rocks. In villages, pigs may lay eggs in animal farms, stables or the backyards of a butcher’s shop.

Sometimes piglets are bred in place of pigs, although they do not provide pork chops when killed. If lightning strikes a pig, it becomes a zombified piglin, a neutral mob commonly found within the Nether.

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Start a Minecraft Pig Farm

Pigs love to roam, so it’s best to prepare a closed space first. Be sure to use a wooden fence and a gate as they cannot jump.

To attract them, you need carrots – get them from the village gardens. Zombies also drop carrots, although the drop rate is very low.

Prepare carrots and approach the pig, which will start chasing you. Take them to their enclosure and close the door once inside.

Note – we recommend growing more carrots so they don’t run out. Plow the vacant land with a spade near the plant carrots and water.

FAQs of Minecraft Pig

Here are some questions and answers about the Minecraft pigs

Q. What do Pigs Eat in Minecraft?

Feeding pigs carrots, potatoes, or beetroots will cause them to breed. Also, the only way to heal a pig is to use the healing splash potion. Nourishing them food does not heal them.

Q. How to Attract Pigs in Minecraft?

Minecraft Pigs are only interested in certain crops. If you are holding a potato, carrot or beetroot in your hand they will follow you whenever you lose line of sight or move too far away from the pigs.

Q. What do Pigs Give in Minecraft?

Pigs only drop saddles and raw porkchops that can be taken when killed. You can breed pigs to get more pigs, but pigs will only release XP and porkchops when you hunt them.

If they die from fire damage or a fire sword, the pork chops they drop will already be cooked. They can drop up to 6 pork chops when killed with a Looting III sword.

Here is the youtube video of Minecraft Pig Life


Hopefully guys, you like our post about the Minecraft Pig. In this post, we provide everything about the Minecraft Pigs with complete details. If you need more posts like this pigs Minecraft then comment on us happy gaming.

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