Merge Mansion Yarn 2023 – How To Get Yarn (Guide!)

Looking for Merge Mansion Yarn? So you are at the right spot, here in this post we covered the complete details about the Merge Mansion Yarn and how to get them.

Merge Mansion is an amazing matching puzzle game where gamers are charged with renovating the dilapidated family estate. It is separated into various smaller areas of the mansion, where they must complete different tasks using the required components like Post Light, Yarn, and more.

Mainly, items have to be merged to create a new in-game component. However, players may also obtain other in-game materials as drops from existing sources or generators. While older gamers are well-versed in obtaining these, beginners may actually find collecting in-game items such as Yarn challenging due to the slightly lengthy process in the game.

Here is a complete guide on making Merge Mansion Yarn.

Merge Mansion Yarn 2023

Merge Mansion Yarn

You can’t directly receive a Merge Mansion Yarn but instead will have to actually use Silk to create one. This entire procedure begins with the Moths that release Silk. You will have to merge it many times actually form a Yarn in the game.

Here is the list of merging stages for Silk are:

  • Level One – Yarn
  • Level Two – Yarn (Different item)
  • Level Three – Ball of Yarn
  • Level Four – Bigger Ball of Yarn
  • Level Five – Balls of Yarn
  • Level Six – More Balls of Yarn (I)
  • Level Seven – More Balls of Yarn (II)
  • Level Eight – More Balls of Yarn (III)
  • Level Nine – Weave (I)
  • Level Ten – Weave (II)
  • Level Eleven – Weave (III)

Thus, you need to merge Silk once or more depending on the task required to actually create Yarn. It’s important to note that you will need Yarn or its other merged products for different missions at Pool House and other in-game locations.

What Are The Uses Of Yarn? 

Here are the complete details of Yarn and its variant uses

Pool HouseYarn (Leval 2) x2
Balls of Yarn x2
Ball of Yarn x4
More Balls of Yarn x1
Romantic SpotBigger Ball of Yarn x1
More Balls of Yarn x1
Pool House PatioMore Balls of Yarn x1
Tennis CourtWeave (I) x1

How To Get Moth In The Merge Mansion?

Since you have to Silk merge dropped by these Moths to form a Yarn, it becomes really important to understand how to actually get a Moth first.

This in-game item is not made by merging but it instead drops by itself on the squares next to the existing Post Light when it’s upgraded to the highest level in the game.

How to Get Yarn In Merge Mansion? (Detailed)

Yarn can be made from in-game Silk. In order to actually get Merge Mansion Yarn, you need to first acquire Moths. If you have played this interesting game earlier, you did know how to summon moths.

But in case, if you are actually new to this game, you first have to unlock the Toy Car drops. The Toy Car will start dropping in-game items when it is merged into Level Five.

Among the in-game items dropped by the Toy Car, you need to merge the items and collect Lamp and later merge it further up to Level Four. When the Lamp is Level Four, Moths will be actually attracted to the light and will appear in the game puzzle.

Moths can be upgraded up to Level Six in the game. And they only drop Silk on Level Six. Once you actually have managed to get Silk, you are almost there.

You have to merge Silk to get Yarn in the game. Now, Yarn can be upgraded up to Level Eight before merging to get Weave. While using the Yarn, you require Yarn of Levels two, three, five, and eight.

All the mentioned levels of Yarn will be really useful in the Pool House, except for Level Eight. The Level Eight Yarn will be actually used in the Pool House Patio along with the Pool House in the game.


We hope you like this Merge Mansion Yarn guide. In this post, we mentioned the complete details about the Merge Mansion Yarn and how to get them.

If you want to ask any questions related to Merge Mansion Yarn so comment section is always open for your queries and valuable feedback.

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