Merge Mansion Planted Flower 2023 – (Update!) (How To Get)

Merge Mansion Planted Flower

Looking for Merge Mansion Planted Flower? So you are at the right spot, here in this post you will get the complete guide on how to get Peonies, Planted, and Orange Flowers in Merge Mansion.

Merge Mansion mobile game was released on 16th September 2020. Merge Mansion is the first game by Metacore. The company is based in Finland, as stated on Merge Mansion’s YT channel about information.

The game has a lot of content therefore gamers may need guides in many areas. No doubt, getting Planted Flowers is actually one of them. If you’re looking for an answer to this question so this guide will show you how to get Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion.


Merge Mansion Planted Flower

Merge Mansion Planted Flower

Getting Merge Mansion Planted Flowers is really quite simple and you only have to follow a few steps for this. To get Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion, you first require to have Planted Bush. Planted Bushes can be bought from the in-game store or grown with Bush Seeds from Brown Chests.

If you have done this step then the other one is about combining in-game Bush Seeds to get seedlings. At this point, 2 Seedlings result in a Small Bush in the game. Next, you have to merge the Small Bush with a Lvl 2 bush. Afterward, merge the Small Bush with a Lvl 1 Bush, and then you will actually get a Level Two bush.

The rate of Lvl 2 Bushes to provide Planted Flower Seeds is ninety-two percent. Merge 2 Planted Flower Seeds to get Planted Flower Seedlings in the game. Then Merge the Seedlings for a Lvl 1 Planted Flower Bud and next combine the buds for a Lvl 2 Planted Flower Bud.


So, once you actually get the 2nd Level Planted Flower Bud, you will now be actually ready to receive Planted Flowers. In order to do this, you can simply merge Two Levels of Two Planted Flower Buds in the game.

How To Make Merge Mansion Peony Flower?

Making Merge Mansion Peony Flowers follows similar steps as all other components: you mix, merge, and then multiply.

To start, you will need Peony Seeds. These are actually dropped from Lvl 6+ Vases. These Vases drop from the Drawer in-game item.


You will have to the final stage of the Peony to actually use in the Tasks. Mix two of each stage to get to the next one, and actually repeat! The stages of the Merge Mansion Peony Flower are:

  1. ⤑ Peony Seed
  2. ⤑ Seedling
  3. ⤑ Seedling stage Two
  4. ⤑ Flower Bud
  5. ⤑ Flower Bud stage Two
  6. ⤑ Peony Flower

How To Make Merge Mansion Orange Flower?

The Merge Mansion Orange Flower seeds come from the Large Seed Bags – these can be actually made from the sacks already in the merging area.

Additionally, Merge Mansion Orange Flowers can attract butterflies – so if you actually can, we suggest leaving a flower in the area to stock up on the flying friends in the game for a while.


The stages you will have to merge to actually get the final product are:

  1. ⤑ Orange Flower Seed
  2. ⤑ Seedling
  3. ⤑ Bud
  4. ⤑ Bud stage Two
  5. ⤑ Bud stage Three
  6. ⤑ Orange Flower

How To Make Merge Mansion Potted Flower?

Merge Mansion Planted Flower

Merge Mansion Potted Flowers need seeds that drop from Planted Bushes, Lvl 5 and above. The Bushes grow from Bush Seeds, which in turn are located in the Brown Chests – also you can purchase them in the in-game shop.

The last phase of the Flower is required, Merge two of each of these to actually get to it:

  1. ⤑ Planted Flower Seed
  2. ⤑ Seedling
  3. ⤑ Bud
  4. ⤑ Bud stage Two
  5. ⤑ Planted Flower One
  6. ⤑ Planted Flower Two
  7. ⤑ Planted Flower Three
  8. ⤑ Planted Flower Four
  9. ⤑ Planted Flower Five


We hope you like this Merge Mansion Planted Flower guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on how to get Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion and also Peonies, and Orange Flowers.

If you want to share any feedback related to Merge Mansion Planted Flower so comment section is always open for you.

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