Merge Mansion Paint Can 2023 – (Update!) (How To Get)

Looking for Merge Mansion Paint Can 2023? So you are at the right spot, here in this post you will get the complete guide on How to get a Paint Can in Merge Mansion.

Merge Mansion tasks gamers with solving different matching puzzles so they can create new in-game items that Maddie requires to repair her old family estate in the game.

The mansion, which has been actually vacant for more than forty years, is divided into different areas featuring smaller tasks, each of which will need certain in-game items to be accomplished.

Many of these in-game objects are easy to create, but gamers, especially those new to the game, can actually find it challenging to obtain items like the Paint Can in the game. This confusion can be actually attributed to the in-game item’s rarity and its widespread need.

Obtaining the Merge Mansion Paint Can is not actually a difficult task. This post will walk you through how to get Paint Cans in Merge Mansion process so without further delay let’s start.

Merge Mansion Paint Can

Merge Mansion Paint Can

Here are the best ways to acquire Paint Cans in Merge Mansion:

Tool Boxes

One of the best ways that you can acquire Paint Cans is to pull them from Tool Boxes. Nevertheless, Paint Cans are actually the rarest drops from in-game Tool Boxes, with just a 1/30 chance of actually appearing.

Thus, though they actually can and will appear sometimes, farming Paint Cans from Tool Boxes can be actually quite the grind. Tool Boxes are available as a starter in-game item, out of the Fancy Blue Chest, or can be bought from the in-game Shop.

Blue Boxes

Moving on to a different kind of box, we have Blue Boxes, also which can drop Paint Cans and do so at a higher rate than Tool Boxes in the game. However, where Tool Boxes have actually a chance to drop a Lvl 3 Paint Can, Blue Boxes can only drop Lvl 1 and 2.

In addition, the Paint Cans that actually appear in Blue Boxes will be covered in cobwebs that can only be removed with in-game currency. Blue Boxes are dropped as a random drop from Missions.

Daily Tasks & Paint Boxes –

Once you actually reach Lvl 20 in Merge Mansion then your Daily Tasks gain a chance to drop an in-game Paint Box which, as the name implies, will reward you with Paint Cans in the game. More specifically, the cans from the Paint Box will be between Lvl 2 and 4.

The Shop

Lastly, both Blue Boxes and Paint Cans can be bought from The Shop, making it the easiest source for gathering Paint Cans. Nevertheless, The Shop is Merge Mansion’s monetization system akin to Moonbreaker’s negative in-game monetization model.

Shortly, unless you have stockpiled enough resources, you will most likely have to fork over money to acquire Paint Cans or anything else in the game.

Using Toolboxes For Merge Mansion Paint Cans

Toolboxes can also drop in-game Paint Cans, and it is equally rare: roughly one in every thirty uses of a Toolbox will drop a Paint Can in the game.

Toolboxes will only drop in-game items once they have reached Lvl 4, and gamers can not level the Toolbox up to actually ensure a better drop chance of Paint Cans, or even a higher level of Paint Can drop in the game.

However, with Toolbox merges being available upon first opening the in-game garage, Toolboxes are a plausible means of gaining Paint Cans in Merge Mansion. Furthermore, unlike the Mosaic tiles, Paint Cans actually offer a short merge chain resulting in less inventory space being required.

Additionally, Paint Cans can be sometimes bought from the shop depending on the in-game rotating inventory. Some gamers opt to simply buy them when available, using gems, due to their low drop rate in the game.

Carefully collecting and then holding onto the in-game Paint Cans over the campaign should result in enough being stored when quests call for them in the game.

Merge Mansion’s Paint Can Levels

Merge Mansion Paint Can

Merge Mansion Paint Cans are separated into 4 levels, from level 1 to level 4. Each level denotes both rarities and where you are actually in Merge Mansion regarding game progress.

This is to say that Lvl 1 Paint Cans are used for early-game missions, Lvl 2 Paint Cans are actually used for early- to mid-game missions, and Lvl 3 and 4 Paint Cans are used in the Merge Mansion mid-to-late missions.

Lvl 1 through 3 cans is much less predatory than Lvl 4 cans, as typically in the late stages of the Merge Mansion game, levels will actually require as many as twenty-six Lvl 4 Paint Cans for completion in the game.


We hope you like this Merge Mansion Paint Can guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on How to get a Paint Can in Merge Mansion.

If you want to ask any questions related to Merge Mansion Paint Can so comment section is always open for you.

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