Merge Mansion Hood Ornament 2023 – (Update) (How To Get!)

Merge Mansion Hood Ornament

Looking for Merge Mansion Hood Ornament? So you are at the right spot, here in this post you will get the complete details about Car Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion.

In the Merge Mansion game, you will have to solve various puzzles by finding matched in-game items and merging them. There are many different challenges, levels, and events that may give you a new game experience due to their varied mechanics.

One of these in-game events is called Lindsay’s New York Story, and it actually rewards you with an item called Hood Ornament. Continue reading to know how to unlock the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion game, now without further delay let’s start.


Merge Mansion Hood Ornament

Merge Mansion Hood Ornament

To get the Car Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion, you actually have to play the Lindsay’s New York Story event, which revolves around the Lindsay Hopper history. You will not have access to this in-game event until you have progressed far enough through the game.

In fact, the Car Hood Ornament Task will pop up as you actually come close to the end of cleaning up the in-game garage. That grants you permission to Lindsay’s New York Story, which you can access at any time in the game.

Nevertheless, it lasts only 3 days, so make sure to get that Hood Ornament. Otherwise, you will have to wait to actually replay the event.


Now, as you actually play the New York Story thing then you will earn Makeup Tools. Merge these in-game items to at least Lvl4 (Nail File and above), and after that you can use them to actually drop an item from the Lindsay Hopper chain.

Then you have to merge those to Lvl11, which is when you actually get the Merge Mansion Car Hood Ornament in the 2023 Lindsay Hopper New York Story event in the game.

Lindsay Hopper Items Chain Sequence

Here is the Merge chain sequence for Car Hood Ornament:

  1. ⤑ The chain goes Lindsay (a photo of her)
  2. ⤑ Statue of Liberty
  3. ⤑ Safe
  4. ⤑ Bull
  5. ⤑ Bag of Money
  6. ⤑ Bear
  7. ⤑ Empty Safe
  8. ⤑ Theater Mask
  9. ⤑ Spray Can
  10. ⤑ Modern Factory
  11. ⤑ Car Hood Ornament.

And there you actually have it, that is how you get the Car Hood Ornament in Lindsay’s New York Story in the game. It is really nothing too bad once you know what to do.

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How To Unlock Merge Mansion Lindsay’s New York Story Event?

Merge Mansion Hood Ornament

The Merge Mansion Lindsay’s New York Story event is actually not available at the game beginning. In order to unlock it, you will have to complete several other missions.


The event itself will be actually available when you will get the Car Hood Ornament Task in the game. This one will be actually unlocked for you near the in-game end of your garage cleaning.

When you unlock this Lindsay’s New York Story event then you will immediately be able to actually start it. You can do this in the menu that opens after you click on the Calendar icon in the game.

Once you activate it then you will be able to participate in this event for three days. After that, it will be actually locked again.



We hope you like this Merge Mansion Hood Ornament guide. In this post, we covered the complete details about how to get the Merge Mansion Hood Ornament.

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