Merge Mansion Butterfly 2023 – (Update) (How To Get!)

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Are you looking for Merge Mansion Butterfly 2023? So you are at the right spot, here in this post we covered the complete details about how to get Butterflies in Merge Mansion.

Players of the Merge Mansion must combine different objects, such as flowers, tools, and more, in order to restore the once-grand Boulton family estate in the game. A variety of objects in the game can be combined to form new ones, and some of these even drop extra in-game items that gamers can put to use.

Butterflies are actually a must-have in the Merge Mansion, as they are used to power Pool Toys, which in turn make the Skatie & Casey item, which is essential for completing beach-related tasks in the game. While seasoned gamers will know exactly where to actually find them, those just starting out may require a little guidance.

The following section will give you all the helpful information that you need to obtain a Butterfly, now without further delay let’s start.

Merge Mansion Butterfly

You will receive a Merge Mansion Butterfly directly as a drop from the Orange Flower (Level Six). Each such flower can actually drop 2 Butterflies (I) with a recharge time of thirty minutes.

However, these recharges can’t be stacked up, but you also have the option to actually speed up this process by spending gems, the game’s premium money. Subsequently, these in-game Butterflies can be merged to level them up as per the mission required.

The Merge stages include –

Merge Mansion Butterfly
  • Level One – Butterfly (I)
  • Level Two – Butterfly (II)
  • Level Three – Butterfly (III)
  • Level Four – Butterfly (IV)
  • Level Five – Butterfly (V)
  • Level Six – Butterfly (VI)

Players can basically utilize Butterfly (III), (V), and (VI) to fuel the Inflatable Dolphin alongside the Moths of other in-game levels, which actually provides Casey & Skatie items as a drop in the game.

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Orange Flower In The Merge Mansion

Since the Orange Flowers are actually a source of the Butterfly in the Merge Mansion game, you have to also know where and how to actually obtain them. Large Seed Bag drops Orange Flower Seeds, and you need to merge them many times to create an Orange Flower. The merge stages for the same are mentioned below:

Orange Flower In Merge Mansion
  • Level One – Orange Flower Seed
  • Level Two – Orange Flower Seedling
  • Level Three – Orange Flower Bud (I)
  • Level Four – Orange Flower Bud (II)
  • Level Five – Orange Flower Bud (III)
  • Level Six – Orange Flower

Orange Flower actually drops a Butterfly only at Lvl6. Also, you need these flowers for different tasks across the area. Thus, you have to carefully plan out the use of these in-game Orange Flowers.

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Moths in Merge Mansion

To get Moths in the Merge Mansion, the first step is to obtain an Lvl4 Post Light. That is the 6th merging level of the Bulb Box in-game item.

The sequence follows

  1. Bulb Box
  2. Light Bulb
  3. Post Light (I)
  4. Post Light (II)
  5. Post Light (III)
  6. Post Light (IV)

The Post Light actually attracts Moths in every empty adjacent field, so make sure to leave some in-game room. Moths have 6 possible merging levels.

By themselves, if left actually alone, Lvl6 Moths produce twenty Silk per hour, up to sixty, before vanishing. However, different levels of Moths are essential to complete Moth Tasks in the Butterfly Event. Plus, Lvl6 Moths can be actually placed in the Pool Toys for the aforementioned Casey & Skatie event in the game.

Casey And Skatie Event

Casey and Skatie is actually a story event in the famous puzzle game which opens after you’ve unlocked the Sign Fix task at the beach in the game. Each instance of the Event is actually available for seventy-two hours. Also, you primarily have to collect Event XP, and depending on your in-game level, you will get exclusive Pool Toys.

As previously described, these in-game toys are fueled by the Butterflies and Moths collective to get Casey & Skatie and the sign in the game.

how to get yarn in merge mansion

In mansion merge silk has to be merged to get yarn. From this you can get yarn.

how to get butterfly in merge family

Butterfly can be obtained by merging butterfly cocoon.

how to get moth in merge mansion

You can get the moth by attracting it with lamps

how to play casey and skatie merge mansion

You have to complete the task using items like pool toys, flip flops and signs. To get Pool Toys, you need to merge Beach Furniture items up to level 6.


We hope you like this Merge Mansion Butterfly guide. In this post, we covered the complete details about how to get Butterflies in Merge Mansion.

If you want to share any feedback related to Merge Mansion Butterfly so comment section is always open for you.

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