Medeia Lost Ark : (Medeia Island Guide!) (March 2023)

Medeia Lost Ark

In this post, you will share information about Medeia Lost Ark Island guide. And everything you need in Lost Ark Media Islands, how to face the upcoming challenges, how to get new rewards and location guide information will also be shared in this post.

Medeia Lost Ark Island is one of the smaller adventure islands. There is a great treasure in this island. In which the player has to hunt for the treasure and show his best skills with teamwork to hunt the treasure and get the treasure.

Last Post Update : 21 March 2023

Medeia Lost Ark Island location

Medeia Island Location (source: ggrecon)

Medeia Lost Ark Island is an adventure island and can only be accessed at certain times or days. Players can also use Procyon’s Compass to explore the island. But Procyon’s Compass is to be used only when this island is active.

The location of Medeia Island is located between the Wall of Procyon and the Ryan Current to the south of Shushire. When Medea Island is activated players can go to Medeia Island via ship.

Lost Ark Medeia Island Token

When Medeia Lost Ark Island is activated, the first player enters it and then the quest can be started, the search will take three minutes to start. Lost Ark players have been divided in two different teams. The goal of the team is to reach 1300 points.

The main objective in the game is to select a mirror, the mirror moves around the locations on the island. There are also three pillars on the island and the mirror uses its power on one of the three pillars.

Which will help to achieve the highest score. Kills and assists contribute slightly to the score. The game has to be played with a good strategy and strategy is to let the pillars collide and protect the mirror carrier.

When one team achieves the score, the game ends. And the first place team will get 2000 Silver Rewards. And the team that comes second will get a reward of 1000 silver. And players from both teams can also get the gift of media. who has the chance to drop lost ark medeia Island tokens

Medeia Island PvP Quest (source: maxroll)

Medeia Island PvP Quest and Rewards

Medea War is a quest that allows players to obtain Medea Island tokens. Includes PvP battles to gain Media Island tokens. And then there are fights between the teams.

The game begins 3 minutes after the first player arrives on the island. The team has been divided into two parts for the search and to win 1300 points are needed. The team that scores 1300 points first will win. Players also gain points with each kill. For each kill you get 10 points. and assist 5 points.

The team that wins will get a reward of 2,000 silver and medias gift and the team that comes second will get 1,000 silver and medias gift reward. Even if the team loses, you will get some silver for the gift

Medeia Island 1st Place Rewards

  • Medeia’s Gift Reward
  • Silver 2,000 Reward

Medeia Island 2nd Place Rewards

  • Medeia’s Gift Reward
  • Silver 1,000 Reward

Medeia Island Moko Seeds

Mococo seeds (source: Maxroll / Smilegate)

Mococo seeds are used for high level trade. Two seeds are present on the island of Medeia and finding these Mokoko seeds is also easy. There is a ladder on the south-west shore of Medeia Island.
Ladders lead to some rocks and the player can break the rocks. Mokoko seeds will be available to the right and left of the player after breaking the rocks.

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