Mask of Confidence Elden Ring (Update!) (April 2023)

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Mask of Confidence Elden Ring Last Update – 25 April 2023

Mask of Confidence Elden Ring >>

The Mask of Confidence is a helmet worn by Preceptor Seluvis, a rogue associate of Ranni the Witch in Elden Ring game. Yet, this helmet is the hat-less standalone variant of the in-game Preceptor’s Big Hat, the headpiece of the Preceptor’s Set.

Therefore, those searching to don Seluvis’s eerie face mask without wearing his big hat can use the Mask of real confidence. When wearing, this Elden Ring mask gives its wearer +3 Arcane, the state which determines proccing Bleed buildup and Item Discovery.

To get the Mask of Confidence in Elden Ring game, Tarnished adventurers must discover the best version of the Carian Study Hall. The tower can be modified using the Carian Inverted Statue, a quest in-game item received from completing Ranni’s mission.

To acquire this in-game statue, gamers must 1st get through Caria Manor by defeating Royal Knight Loretta. Later, they can create their way to Ranni’s Rise in the 3 Sisters and create an accord with the Lunar Princess in the game.

Ranni will need Tarnished travelers to bring her the mysterious in-game treasure of Nokron, also known as the Fingerslayer Blade in the game. Nokron, the Eternal City above Siofra River, will become reachable once Radahn has been destroyed and the cavernous entrance south of Mistwood has opened.

Elden Ring game fans can dive into this big hole and enter Nokron. The in-game Fingerslayer Blade can be obtained in the Night’s Sacred Ground, an area of the Eternal City accessible from the southern cliffs of the Ancestral Woods in the game. Once gamers have retrieved the blade, they can actually return to Ranni in her spire and get the in-game Carian Inverted Statue.

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Mask of Confidence Elden Ring

Unfortunately, gamers can not grab the Elden Ring Mask of Confidence on a fresh low-level in-game character. Instead, they were required to advance far along into the Ranni the Witch questline to reach a secret place in the Carian Study Hall.

To again start or continue Ranni’s questline, gamers can talk to her in Ranni’s Rise in western Liurnia of the in-game Lakes. Also, Starscourge Radahn is required to be dead to unlock Nokron, Eternal City, and continue Ranni’s quest in the game.

Once gamers create their way through Nokron, Eternal City, and obtain the best Fingerslayer Blade, they must go to Ranni to receive the Carian Inverted in-game Statue. They can then go to Carian Study Hall to the east of Liurnia of the Lakes and interact with the world at the desk in the center of the in-game room. This flips the tower around and unlocks a secret area.

Once flipped, gamers should head to the back of the tower, step down into the elevator shaft, and straight move forward until they are on the ledge over looking the hall. Upon 1st entry to the inverted study hall, gamers need to take care of the pesky quick teleporting mage who pelts them with powerful spells from a long distance.

Once the mage is defeated, quick run a short distance southeast and fall onto the small ledge below. The Mask of in-game confidence is found on a body slumped over an opening in the in-game wall.

FAQ >>

Here are some questions and answers related to Mask of Confidence Elden Ring

Q. How To Get The Elden Ring Of Confidence Mask?

Starting from the game that resembles a chocolate candy bar, turn left then walk towards the eastern end along the in-game ledge.

Slowly drop to the protruding edge below now turn around to look at a corpse hanging out of a narrow hole. Finally, Loot the body to obtain the in-game Mask of Confidence in Elden Ring.

Q. Where Is The Skeleton Mask In Elden Ring Game?

The Elden Ring Skeletal Mask Helm can be simply found at The Sage’s Cave, in a chest behind an illusory wall in the game.

Q. How To Get The Black Raptor Armor Elden Ring?

The amazing Raptor’s Black Feathers Chest Armor can be simply found Inside the Sage’s Cave, in a chest behind an illusory wall in the game.

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