Magnezone Weakness 2023 – (Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!) (New!)

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Looking for Magnezone Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the Magnezone weaknesses that can be used to defeat them.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bring some exciting additions to the game. This means there are many new pocket monsters out there to collect and battle in the game.

When battling against some Pokemon, it is actually unclear what type they are at the beginning, so learning which in-game moves you need to use is really helpful.

To find out what Magnezone’s weaknesses are, we will walk you through them in this post, now without further delay let’s start.

About Magnezone

Magnezone Weakness

Magnezone is a really strong Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet that has extremely high Special Attack. It can actually do significant damage to Pokémon even without super-effective damage.

Its most significant weakness is its Speed, but it has excellent bulk with high Defense and decent Special Defense in the game. Many Pokémon are not going to be untouchable against this, but some effective counters cannot take much damage from it.

Magnezone Weakness

Magnezone Weakness

Magnezone is an Electric/Steel Type Pokemon and has three Abilities. Magnet Pull prevents Steel Type Pokemon from changing, making it difficult to encounter in the wild. 

Sturdy enables Magnezone to one HP survive if it actually gets hit at full HP, and Analytic will boost Magnezone’s moves by thirty percent if it moves last. In addition to its weaknesses, it resists every other type except Water, Ghost, and Dark. These are Magnezone’s weaknesses:

  • Fire – 2x
  • Fighting – 2x
  • Ground – 4x

How To Counter Magnezone In Pokemon?

Magnezone has a really high Defense, but the Special Defense isn’t as strong. Hitting it on the Special side will generally be faster. However, it also has the ability to Light Screen, halving the damage of Special in-game moves.

It will tend to use Electric and Steel Type moves if found in the Ice, Rock, wild, making Water, Flying, and Fairy Type Pokemon horrible opponents. In most cases, the best counter will be any of the most powerful Ground Type Pokémon.

Pokemon such as Hydreigon, Gastrodon, Garchomp, Torkoal, or any Fire or Electric Types are able to take the hits from Magnezone easily. Earthquake or Earth Power will almost certainly destroy Magnezone if it does not have the Sturdy or Magnet Rise move.

Fighting Type Pokemon with Drain Punch can also deal damage and recover health their health at the same time in the game.


We hope you like this Magnezone Weakness guide. In this post, we covered the Magnezone weaknesses that can be used to defeat them.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Magnezone Weakness so comment box is open for you.

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