Loverwatch Mercy Romance, Answers & Rewards 2023 (New!)

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Looking for Loverwatch Mercy Romance, answers & rewards? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of how to romance Genji and Mercy and get the secret ending in Loverwatch.

Loverwatch is an amazing Overwatch dating sim game that is available to play on any web browser; however, we suggest playing on pc or laptop, as playing on a smartphone might not properly work.

Once players reach the website then they should be sure to log into their Battlenet account so rewards can be claimed for successfully romancing Genji, Cupid Hanzo, and Mercy.

By following this post, we will show gamers the correct answers in Loverwatch. Gamers will have to start a new game and choose one specific in-game character.

How To Romance Genji

How to Romance Genji

Be sure to select the right answers/replies when speaking with Genji. If gamers do not select the best ones then they might lose out on the option to romance him in the game. Some of the best answers don’t matter, but some of them certainly do:

First Date Answers

Here is the list of Genji first date answers

  • Ans → I Think So
  • Ans → I want to win the heart of Genji
  • Ans → Yeesh, You are being judgmental for a vessel of love…
  • Ans → I really like your outfit
  • Ans → I love that game
  • Ans → Okay, here I go
  • Ans → Making you laugh was the goal

Second Date Answers

Here is the list of Genji second date answers

  • Ans → I had lots of time for gaming
  • Ans → Genji’s favorite food
  • Ans → Is everything ok?
  • Ans → I am so sorry, Genji
  • Ans → hold his hand

Third Date Answers

Here is the list of Genji Third date answers

  • Ans → It was worth it to be here with you
  • Ans → Give Zenyatta a fist bump
  • Ans → I am not sure, but you can try
  • Ans → Accept Genji’s love

Loverwatch Mercy Romance

How to Romance Mercy

Loverwatch Mercy Romance, here we are only sharing answers here for the questions that actually matter in the game. The first few questions, including what’s her real name and her favorite food, do not have actually the right answers.

First Date Answers

Here is the list of Mercy first date answers

  • Ans → Ca not I just say hi?
  • Ans → Why does not the surgeon like operating on elbows?
  • Ans → Has anyone ever told you you are smart and hilarious?

Second Date Answers

Here is the list of Mercy second date answers

  • Ans → What kind of hobbies do you enjoy?
  • Ans → What does being a hero feel like?
  • Ans → I need you, Angela

Third Date Answers

Here is the list of Mercy Third date answers

  • Ans → Drink it enthusiastically
  • Ans → Date. I am Angela’s date
  • Ans → Yeah, I am confident
  • Ans → Follow her

Secret Ending To Romance Cupid Hanzo

Secret Ending To Romance Cupid Hanzo

Once gamers have romanced Mercy and Genji then start another new game file to get actually a bonus scene with Hanzo. This one will not be as long as the others, with the gamer only having to say, “Is this a secret in-game ending?” and “You were actually my soulmate all along in the game.”

How To Claim Loverwatch Rewards

For romancing all 3 characters, gamers will get Cupid, Lovey Dovey Mercy, and Genji gamer icons. Also, they will obtain Cupid’s Ki** Highlight Intro for Hanzo in the game.

Be sure to claim the rewards in the Loverwatch menu before trying to locate Overwatch 2 items. Also, it may take up to forty-eight hours to actually show up.

To get the in-game items, gamers will have to follow below steps:

  • Icons → Go to Career Profile then Customization, and next change the filter to Special.
  • Highlight Intro → Go to Heroes and then click Hanzo in the gallery, next the intro will be in the Highlight Intros section in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Loverwatch Mercy Romance, Answers & Rewards guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of how to romance Genji and Mercy and get the secret ending in Loverwatch.

Also, if you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about Loverwatch Mercy Romance, Answers & Rewards so comment section is always open for you.

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