Lost Lands 2 Walkthrough : Full Guide of 2023 Gameplay

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The lost lands 2 walkthrough is going to help you complete the game. The four evil horsemen have returned to finish off the Lost Lands.

There are also heroes to survive this destruction who will save everyone. And you are the great hero. You have to fight the troubles ahead and improve your quest. Your best tricks will help you in the search.

Done your skills and keep the quest going. The Lost Lands is a mysterious land where you have to do your own quest. But you are not alone on the Lost Land. You also have your enemies with you. Below is a complete lost lands 2 walkthrough guide for you to complete your quest and complete your journey ahead.

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Lost Lands 2 Walkthrough 2023

The Glades – Chapter 1 Walkthrough

  1. Pick up the ladder from the base of the hut.
  2. The ladder will be added to your list at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Use the ladder to reach the upstairs room, place the CD on the edge of the hut.
  4. Enter the room upstairs and grab the handle of the knife.
  5. Leave the room only after doing a complete inspection.
  6. Now locate the knife blade, which is mounted in a piece of paper on a tree stump.
  7. Attach the handle of the knife to the blade of the knife and pull it free.
  8. Read the docs about Maron the Hermit.
  9. You will find that Maron is responsible for the protection of the five worlds.
  10. Collect the Shovel, which is located next to the magical Blue Orb.
  11. A statue of a monk can be found on the left side of the wagon.
  12. Use your knife to cut the sack on the wagon.
  13. The birds in the room above the hut will eat the grain dropped from the sack.
  14. Re-enter the room above the cottage and take the key from the empty bird’s nest.
  15. A monk statue is also now recoverable from the shelf.
  16. Insert the key into the handle of the cottage door.
  17. Open the door and enter.
  18. Once you are inside Maron Cottage, click on the Glowing Sun Sphere.
  19. A short video will play, and then Maron will appear.
  20. Talk to Maron.
  21. You will find that you are the chosen one, and it is up to you to save the forgotten land!
  22. Maaron gives you a rune so you can teleport between realms.
  23. Once Maaron is gone, search the room for important items.
  24. Double click on O Bell to reveal a sickle.
  25. Find the draw on the right side of the fireplace to retrieve the candle and the manuscript.
  26. Open the top draw and remove the cloth to reveal the fuel oil can.
  27. The third and fourth monk statues are also located in Maron’s hut.
  28. The third monk statue can be found on the bookshelf to the left.
  29. A fourth monk statue can be found on the chair in front of the fireplace.
  30. Exit from the hut.
  31. Insert the rune into the rock in front of the cottage.
  32. The rock will glow purple, and you will be teleported to a new location.
  33. Once you reach the tower, grab the hammer to the left of the rock.
  34. Follow the path on the left.
  35. You will come to the beach with a mermaid.
  36. Talk to him.
  37. The mermaid reveals the ancient history of her lake, and she forbids you to take water from it.
  38. Find the boat on the left.
  39. Important pieces of luggage on the boat are missing.
  40. Click on the box on the top left of the boat.
  41. Put the picture back together and grab the scissors.
  42. Another hammer can also be found on the boat.
  43. A dragon statue stands on the side of the boat on the ground.
  44. It can be used to open a box that reveals an amulet.
  45. Use the amulet to reveal a piece of the missing triangle.
  46. There is also a key located on the bottom left of the boat.
  47. This will unlock the small brown box to reveal an Angel statue.
  48. You can use scissors to free the angel statue from the trap.
  49. Two angel statues open the silver box, which reveals a magnifying glass.
  50. Use the magnifying glass to reveal the puzzle code of the locked box.
  51. Enter the puzzle code into the box to retrieve the second piece of the missing triangle.
  52. Insert both triangle pieces into the box to reveal the stopcock.
  53. Use your hammer to break the cover of the stopcock to free it.
  54. Click Prickly Thistle Bush.
  55. Cut down the bush using your sickle to reveal the fifth monk statue.
  56. There is a key on the front edge of the mermaid cliff.
  57. You will also find that something was dug at that place as well.
  58. Use the shovel to reveal the drum music box.
  59. Exit this area for now and return to the beginning of the level.
  60. Insert the Strange Key into the gate on the left.
  61. Enter the new location on the left.
  62. Look to your right and collect the pitchfork, fishing net, and sixth monk statue.
  63. Use the pitchfork on the Big Bay of Hell to reveal the Seventh Monk statue.
  64. Click on the lantern to the left of Moose Head to retrieve the Blue Energy Sphere.
  65. Find the red music box and click on its handle.
  66. Music Box Insert the drum into the red music box.
  67. Leave this area for now and return to Maron’s hut.
  68. Click on the carpet in front of the fireplace and remove the nails with a hammer.
  69. A little will be revealed.
  70. Insert the stopcock into the box at the bottom of the purple window.
  71. A mini game will start after the stopcock is inserted.
  72. Rotate the images so that they match the background.
  73. Once the puzzle is completed you will be rewarded with a blue energy field.
  74. Exit the hut and enter the Purple Portal.
  75. Insert the blue energy balls into the pedestal in front of the tower.
  76. A short cut scene will come.
  77. Use your saw on the branches in the lower left to retrieve the eighth monk figure.
  78. Insert 8 monk statues into the door of the tower.
  79. A short minigame will start and you have to match the monk figures correctly.
  80. After completing the puzzle, the door will open.
  81. Enter the tower.
  82. A matchbox can be seen in front of the well.
  83. A floorboard on the left can be picked up with your knife.
  84. Once this is done, a piece of tile will be revealed.
  85. Place a candle on the empty hood of the statue on the left.
  86. Light a candle with a match.
  87. A vial of Purple Essence will appear.
  88. Click on it and cut the curtain tassel to the right.
  89. Exit the area and return to Mermaid Lake.
  90. Use a net to collect the duckwood near the edge.
  91. Go back to Maron’s hut and check the table on the left.
  92. You will be building a water portal.
  93. Place the duckweed in the mortar and crush it with the mallet.
  94. Next, place the mortar on the burner and then add purple essence.
  95. Click on the mortar to collect the dust of the passengers.
  96. Exit the room and enter the area on the left.
  97. Clean the drum of the music box with a tassel.
  98. Close the box and then turn the lever on the music box.
  99. Pick up the phoenix wings and return to the tower.
  100. Pour the power of the Flyer and Phoenix Feather into the well.
  101. After that it will be moved to the new location.

The Corridor – Chapter 2 Walkthrough

  1. Lift the wooden gear to the right.
  2. Click on a pile of stones to reveal a key.
  3. Pick up the key and come back to the area with the music box.
  4. Once you have returned to the middle settlement, click on the pulley system on the left and insert the wooden gear.
  5. Click on the wooden handle to reveal the wooden plank.
  6. take the plank.
  7. Insert the key into the wooden door on the right.
  8. This is a hidden item area.
    cash register
    Find all the items and complete the puzzle to collect the stone chip.
  9. Once you’ve completed this area, travel to the area where you first encountered the mermaid.
  10. Place the wooden board on the water.
  11. Return to the upper corridor.
  12. Place the stone chip on the pedestal in the next room.
  13. A minigame will be unlocked and you must complete it by matching the highlighted symbols.
  14. After solving the puzzle, you will be rewarded with a rune.
  15. Back to the lake of life.
  16. Maron will be waiting for you there.
  17. He will give you a mosaic piece and ask you to find a very important compass.
  18. Put the rune on the island on the right.
  19. You will be taken to a new location.
  20. Find whale ribs, stone runs, planks, jars of flies and tricks.
  21. Use an oil can to lubricate the rusted crank.
  22. Lay wooden planks at the base of the tree.
  23. You will notice that you are missing the nails to hold them.
  24. Proceed to the next area.
  25. Remove the nails from the small well and insert the stone runner into the pyramid on the left.
  26. To the left is a small room that is blocked by a large rock.
  27. Use the whale’s rib to remove the rock and click on the door to enter the hidden object area.
  28. Find all the hidden objects to reveal a very important handle.
  29. Go back to the previous area.
  30. Place the handle in the pit and then double click on the dirt cube to reveal the dynamite.
  31. Take the dynamite and go back to the area with the whale skeleton.
  32. Go back to the tree and grab the boards with a hammer.
  33. Climb the tree and take out the tweezers.
  34. Travel the ship and place the dynamite in front of the wooden planks.
  35. We have no source of fuel at this time, and we must return to the entrance to the tower.
  36. Use tongs to retrieve the shape from the campfire tower.
    Return to Maron’s cabin.
  37. Use the Gaft to open the trap door in the top left of the room.
  38. You will get a crystal for your troubles.
  39. Place the tower figure on the shelf on the right side of the room.
  40. Exit the room and return to the area with the music box.
  41. Use the fly jar to remove the snake from the glass container.
  42. Back to the Halfling Settlement.
  43. Click on the tree on the right and release the snake to scare the scorpion.
  44. Use the knife to cut the stone and free it from the rope.
  45. Take the monocle from the skeleton skull.
  46. Move the skeleton’s hand to pick up the mosaic piece.
  47. Exit the area and return to the damaged pirate ship.
  48. Place the monocle in front of the dynamite.
  49. There will be a huge explosion and then you can lift the hull of the ship.
  50. Travel to new territory on your right.
  51. Use a rock on a rope to build a nest on a tree branch.
  52. Retrieve Mosaic Fragment, Stone Rune and Brush.
  53. Hit the return button once and then click on the rock in front of the cactus on the right.
  54. Use your brush to clean the rock.
  55. An important picture has emerged.
  56. It will be useful later.
  57. Exit the area and go left.
  58. Place the Stone Rune in the pyramid and travel down the valley.
  59. Click on the crystal and then move the base until it forms an image.
  60. Once the right image is displayed, a beam will shine in the room on the left.
  61. Enter the doorway to the left Side.

Temple – Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  1. Click the chain on the floor and then attach it to the statue on the left.
  2. A rune stone is also located under the statue.
  3. Place the ship’s wheel on the stone pillar to the right.
  4. Recover equipment from the base of the statue.
  5. Place it on the mechanism on the right, near the hull of the ship.
  6. You’ll unlock a minigame and you’ll have to solve this puzzle by placing the gears in the correct positions.
  7. After completing the minigame, click on the hull of the ship.
  8. A spear will appear, and you can use it to retrieve a tile piece from the canvas hanging above.
  9. Place five mosaic shards on the front post.
    This will trigger a mini game.
  10. Solve the puzzle by placing the symbols in the correct places.
  11. You can also use a hint to solve this puzzle easily.
  12. Enter the next room and pick up the note with the symbols.
  13. Back to the Halfling Settlement.
  14. Click on the pyramid structure and insert the last runestone.
  15. After the pyramid is opened, use the symbol note to make an exact replica of the image.
  16. Retrieve the device that emerges after solving the puzzle.
  17. Once you’ve picked up the item, a short clip will play.
  18. You will meet a dwarve who will tell you more about the Riders.
  19. Retrieve the leather, rope and two steps.
  20. Exit the area on the right.
  21. Lift the steering wheel and gloves, and place the crowbar on a nearby trigger to start the minigame.
  22. Place the correct images in the correct places to solve the puzzle.
  23. Exit the area by pressing the return button.
  24. Use gloves to attach the crystals.
  25. Exit the room on the right.
  26. Insert the crystal into the component on the left.
  27. Click on Cap and then proceed.
  28. Talk to the dwarves one more time to find out more about the area ahead of you.
  29. Use your knife to free the cold water bottle from the rope.
  30. Attach the steering wheel to the mechanism and click on it.
  31. Pick up the performance remover which can be found at the bottom of the waterfall.
  32. Exit the room and go down the stairs.
  33. Click on the corkscrew and bowl to add them to your list.
  34. Click on the green fountain to unlock the hidden objects area.
  35. Be sure to collect each item at the bottom of the screen, and don’t forget to collect the hammer.
  36. Double click on the chain and then retrieve the circular sector before leaving.
  37. Press the return button three times.
  38. Use the corkscrew to remove the stuck cork, and then turn the container upside down to retrieve the powder.
  39. Exit the square from the room.
  40. Use the dust to create a chain of dust.
  41. Exit to the right twice.
  42. Take the lever, click on the stones and then retrieve the medallion and sieve.
  43. Place the medal on the statue’s belt.
  44. Press Return once and then use the lever to drop the boards and reveal a hidden items area.
  45. Recover all the items at the bottom of the screen and be sure to collect the emerald.
  46. Exit the area by pressing Return once.
  47. Insert the emerald key and turn right twice.

The Village – Chapter 4 Walkthrough

  1. Put the emerald key in the front door.
  2. Go ahead and start the hidden object area.
  3. Find all the items listed below and then collect the hidden symbol.
  4. Move on to the next area.
  5. Use the feather to tickle the sleeping man’s feet.
  6. Retrieve the meat and use the knife to open the shop on the left.
  7. Travel on the left.
  8. Throw the meat to the hungry wolf, step and retrieve the trough.
  9. Place the circle selector on the pedestal and press Return once.
  10. Use your knife to free the leather sack from the handle.
  11. Press the return button 4 times.
  12. Place the channel in the box to the right of the waterfall.
  13. Click on the mechanism to start the mini game.
  14. Adjust the weight correctly to solve the puzzle.
  15. You can also use a hint if you have trouble.
  16. Exit the area on the right.
  17. Talk to the person waiting for you and then move on.
  18. Be sure to click on the flowers and pick up the circle picker hidden beneath them.
  19. Back to the marquee.
  20. Place the circle selector on the front pedestal to start the minigame.
  21. Match all the images correctly to solve the puzzle.
  22. Use your knife to retrieve the flower.
  23. Mtgor Temple Tour.
  24. Bring the flower to Mtgor’s spirit.
  25. Use a yield remover to remove apples from the tree above.
  26. Tour the mines.
  27. Click on the four steps and reinforce them with a wire selection.
  28. Retrieve the ladder and place it on the wall.
  29. Exit the valley.
  30. Use the sieve to retrieve the gold ore.
  31. Select the Hammer and use it twice to collect Stone Hearts.
  32. Get the key from the arena and exit on the left.
  33. Use a leather sack to retrieve the ashes.
  34. Press the return button four times.
  35. Use the hammer and click on the chain.
  36. Retrieve the horn that appears, then head back to Maron’s cottage.
  37. Give Maron a stone heart and you will get a dwarf idol.
  38. Press return once and then travel left.
  39. Use the dwarf statue in the left box to start a minigame.
  40. Put together the right shields and swords to complete the puzzle.
  41. You will receive a symbol.
  42. Place the symbol on the pedestal and then collect the runestone.
  43. Place the runestone in the front slot.
  44. ahead.
  45. Retrieve the basket and bottle.
  46. Use your knife to open and enter the locked door.

The Hut – Chapter 5 Walkthrough

  1. Talk to the werewolf.
  2. He will tell you more about the Four Horsemen.
  3. Retrieve wool, spoon and observe recipe.
  4. Click on Oven and then Zoom in.
  5. The wall on the right will trigger a mini game, and to solve this puzzle you have to turn the disc similar to the picture on the oven door.
  6. You can also click on the hint button to solve the puzzle easily.
  7. Click on the cover on the left to get the medal.
  8. Return to the Temple of the Dwarves.
  9. Place the medal on the pedestal to the right and then click on the armor and retrieve the medal.
  10. Back to the mines.
  11. Insert the key into the stone door. Head towards the abode of fire.
  12. Remove the statue from the hole in the floor by the door and then head to the cemetery of the dwarves.
  13. Place the medallion on the head of the idol.
  14. Retrieve the urn and move on.
  15. Click on the pot of boiling water and insert the spoon.
  16. Retrieve the saucepan and pour boiling water over the frozen figurine.
  17. Place the horn on the statue to get a puzzle.
  18. Exit the area on the left.
  19. The berries on the left can be picked from the basket.
  20. Put the berry basket and bubble bottle in the pressure machine.
  21. Crush the berries, then fill the bottle with the ash sack and the urn of ash.
  22. Close the bottle cap to get the spinning potion.
  23. Return to Agnidham.
  24. Click on the throne and insert the puzzle piece to start the minigame.
  25. Connect all the puzzle pieces correctly to solve the mini game.
  26. You will receive Moondust once the minigame is resolved.
  27. Return to Maron’s cabin.
  28. Insert the door shape into the shelf on the right.
  29. Return to the werewolf’s hut.
  30. Use the spinning potion on the werewolf and then retrieve the key to open the trap door above you.
  31. Go up the stairs and you’ll start a hidden object area.
  32. Find all the items at the bottom of the screen and retrieve the flashlight.
  33. Go to the next area and select the gear and brush mechanism.
  34. Use a brush to remove debris from the cans.
  35. Click on the blanket to retrieve the Lantern Potion recipe.
  36. Click on the weight to retrieve a vial.
  37. Press the back button once.
  38. Click on the rubble to collect the stone flower.
  39. Press the back button once.
  40. Click the gear on the mechanism and then retrieve the lever.
  41. Return to the area later.
  42. Attach the lever on the right side to the panel on the wall.
  43. Press the return button once and go to the right.
  44. You will enter the hidden objects area.
  45. Once you’ve got everything, you’ll gain weight.
  46. Move to the next area and retrieve the fire stone.
  47. Note and check the hanging lantern.
  48. Put wool in the lantern.
  49. Back to Medium Settlement.
  50. Load and handle the moose’s head.
  51. Return to Maron’s cabin.
  52. Click on the mantel above the fireplace and place the recipe for Vile Potion and Lantern.
  53. Follow the dispenser prescription instructions in the adjoining diagram.
  54. Exit the corridor.
  55. Place the stone flower on the pedestal on the left and then lift the glass pipe and flask.
  56. Return to the abandoned ocean.
  57. Use glass pipes and jars to extract cactus juice from the cactus.
  58. Return to the abode of fire.
  59. Place the Fire Stone on the statue to the right and return to Maron’s hut.
  60. Use the sap of the cactus to complete the lantern potion.
  61. get out of the swamp
  62. Use the Lantern Potion to light the lantern on the left.
  63. Move to the next area.
  64. Take a cloth soaked in alcohol and examine the mirror.
  65. Click on Wallet and enter the correct code.
  66. You will receive a gem.
  67. Click on the Cannon & use the hammer to retrieve a cork.

The Lake – Chapter 6 Walkthrough

  1. Put the cork in the rum bottle and drink it.
  2. Dust off the mirror and pick it up.
  3. Go ahead.
  4. Retrieve the scissors and double click on the chain.
  5. Place the gem in the slot to get the tuning chart.
  6. Click on the rope and then press Return twice.
  7. Use the tuning table to start the minigame.
  8. Place the markers in the correct position as shown on the right in the picture.
  9. Once the minigame is successfully completed, you will receive the details of the fresco.
  10. advance twice.
  11. Use the fresco details on the door to enter the dwarves slums.
  12. Hold the scissors near the tapestry.
  13. Check the Recipe on the oven door.
  14. Place the charcoal inside the oven, and add the bottle of rum.
  15. Back to the marquee.
  16. Place the handle under the trapdoor and click on it.
  17. Remove the redstone from the package and examine the note.
  18. Press the return button three times.
  19. Keep the red stone in the box.
  20. Then you will retrieve a jack.
  21. move right.
  22. Use the cat to retrieve the package and then use the knife to open the package.
  23. Pick up the punch card.
  24. Return to Maron’s cabin.
  25. Click on the book in the corner and insert the punch card.
  26. Memorize the symbols shown on the punch card.
  27. Return to the abandoned middle settlement.
  28. Click on the image on the back and enter the correct sequence similar to that shown on the punch card.
  29. Get the key and return to the valley.
  30. Click on the red tent and insert the key. You will receive a chimera head.
  31. Return to the swamp.
  32. Place the head of the imagination on the statue to the right to restore the fresco details.
  33. advance twice.
  34. Place the fresco detail on the right door.
  35. This will start a mini game which can be solved by rearranging the image correctly.
  36. Once the mini game is resolved, you will receive a vial for live water.
  37. Back to the lake of life.
  38. Talk to the mermaid, then retrieve the live water from the vial of live water.
  39. Return to the valley
  40. Click on the code to start the minigame.
  41. Place the snakes in the correct positions to solve this puzzle.
  42. You can also use the hint button to easily solve this minigame.
  43. You will receive a boomerang for your troubles and then you can return to the swamp.
  44. Throw the boomerang into the hanging cage.
  45. Receive notes and keys.
  46. Press the Return button once.
  47. Open the locked door with the key and pick up the easel.
  48. I return to the tower.
  49. Place the easel and mirror right in front of the blanket.
  50. Click on the blanket to get the rune.
  51. Press the return button twice.
  52. Place the rune on the rock to the left.
  53. This will start an area of ​​hidden objects.
  54. Find all the items and retrieve the colored threads.
  55. You will then be taken to a new area.
  56. Retrieve the Borskin, Ram, and use your knife to cut the rope.
  57. Click on the patch and retrieve the wolf shape.
  58. Go ahead.

The Junction – Chapter 7 Walkthrough

  1. Take back the tweezers.
  2. Release the ram and click on the rope.
  3. Press Return once.
  4. Look at the trap and lift the wheel with tongs.
  5. Go ahead.
  6. Click on the rod and put the wheel on it.
  7. Then click on Ram and Rope.
  8. Go up to the attic.
  9. Insert the wolf statue into the chest lock and retrieve the needle.
  10. Back to the dwarf slums.
  11. Look at the tapestry and then use colored thread and a needle to start a mini game.
  12. To solve this puzzle you have to recreate the image.
  13. Use your scissors to retrieve the tapestry.
  14. Head to the Junction.
  15. Attach the tapestry to the post on the right.
  16. Head to the left, and it will start a field of hidden objects.
  17. Find all the items listed below and retrieve the pendulum statue.
  18. Get medals in the next area and click on the statue to start a minigame.
  19. Put all the puzzle pieces in the right place to solve this puzzle.
  20. Retrieve the Hunter Star, examine the note, then place the Hunter Star on the pedestal.
  21. Retrieve the ax and press the return button once.
  22. Use the ax to cut the branches, and you can now enter the area on the right.
  23. Talk to the centaur and retrieve the comb and tweezers.
  24. Look at the compartment and retrieve the Fire Stone.
  25. Return to Maron’s cabin.
  26. Insert the pendulum shape on the shelf on the right.
  27. Return to Agnidham.
  28. Place the Fire Stone on the right column and visit the Dwarf Cemetery.
  29. Use the Pinscher to retrieve the shield from the dwarves and go to the Centaur Village.
  30. Give the Dwarf Shield to the Centaur and retrieve the Crystal Key.
  31. Also give pig skin to the centaur.
  32. Press the Return button once and go to the left.
  33. Place the crystal key in the slot and use the staff to pick up the star of the hunter.
  34. Take the bird out of the cage.
  35. Press the Return button once.
  36. Use the bird on the blocked area.
  37. head to the left.
  38. Place the medallion on the stone to the right and then move on.
  39. Retrieve the poison and use the blade to retrieve the fish.
  40. Back to Mountgora Temple.
  41. Use poison on the vines.
  42. Retrieve the Pattern Shard by clicking on the bag and insert the Pattern Shard into the mechanism to start a minigame.
  43. Rotate the disc to the correct position to solve the puzzle.
  44. Retrieve the Ontas statue.
  45. Return to Maron’s cabin.
  46. Place the Ontas figure on the right shelf to retrieve the key.
  47. Return to Dead Lake.
  48. Use the key and get the hook off the ship.
  49. Back to the waterfall.
  50. Throw the grappling hook into the tree and climb up.
  51. Retrieve the handle of the sword and use the knife to cut the red feather from the tree.
  52. Fish the eagle and retrieve the feather and the sapphire symbol.
  53. Press the back button once.
  54. Place the moult back on the blade of the sword and pull it out of the tree.
  55. Press Return once.
  56. Insert the sword and retrieve the chip.
  57. Return to Centaur village.
  58. Use red tree feathers on the centaur.
  59. Retrieve the knocker and the fire stone.
  60. Create arrows using leather and feathers.
  61. Return to Agnidham.
  62. Insert the Fire Stone into the statue on the right.
  63. Click on the dirt and put a cloth soaked in alcohol.
  64. Take out the torch and put it in the fire.
  65. Retrieve the burning torch and return to the plaza.
  66. Place the sapphire sign on the tip of the spear and retrieve the key.
  67. Exit on the right.
  68. Insert the latch into the drum and open the hood.
  69. Retrieve the screwdriver and roller stamp.
  70. Return to Agnidham.
  71. Use the KEY to open the chest and get the axe.
  72. Return to the top of the red tree.
  73. Place the chip on the pedestal to start the minigame.
  74. Match the correct pictures to solve the puzzle and then use the screwdriver to remove the screw.
  75. Remove the paneer and lens from the sack.
  76. Press the back button twice.
  77. Use the cheese to retrieve the mouse.
  78. Click on the Return button twice.
  79. Use mouse and comb to fix the comb with thread.
  80. Go forward and then to the right.
  81. Insert the comb with the thread into the loom and depress the handle.
  82. Retrieve the bowstring and insert it into the arrow kit.
  83. Go back to the abandoned farm.
  84. Put the lens in the binoculars and return to Agni Dham.
  85. Use the pickaxe to retrieve the metal from the rock and go back to the dwarven slums.
  86. Use a burning torch and metal to retrieve the molten metal.
  87. Use molten metal in the mold.
  88. Use a cold water bottle on the mold and retrieve the unfinished arrows.
  89. Put the unfinished arrows on the grinding wheel and retrieve the arrows.
  90. Return to Centaur village.
  91. Put down the arrows and then retrieve the bow and arrow.
  92. Now back to the dead lake.
  93. Shoot an arrow at the horseman flying in the sky.

The Castle – Chapter 8 Walkthrough

  1. Talk to the dwarf and give him Mtgor’s apple.
  2. After talking to the dwarves, move on.
  3. Click the dough roller into the chest.
  4. Push the two boxes and retrieve the spinning top.
  5. Click on the three stones, retrieve the armored glove and place it on the glowing orb.
  6. Retrieve the skull statue and press return once.
  7. Enter the top and click on it once.
  8. Retrieve the Petrified Eye with your hammer.
  9. Place the Petrified Eye on the guillotine and click on the rope.
  10. You will retrieve the Dragon Eye.
  11. Press Return once.
  12. Insert the Dragon Eye into the binoculars and memorize the symbols.
  13. advance twice.
  14. Insert the Skull Statue into the door to start a minigame.
  15. The puzzle can be solved by placing all the symbols on the middle line.
  16. Use the hammer to retrieve the heart of stone.
  17. Return to Maron’s cabin.
  18. Give him the Stone Heart and get the Spray and the Key.
  19. Press Return once.
  20. Use the spray to retrieve the flower and move to the left.
  21. Click on the network and put the symbols in the correct places.
  22. After this, read the note and then proceed towards the waterfall.
  23. Click on the bag near the tree.
  24. Pick up the wooden disc and wrench.
  25. Press the back button once.
  26. Place the wooden disc on the stone tablet.
  27. advance twice.
  28. Use the wrench to retrieve the bolt and open the door.
  29. Use a brush to clean the dirty pages of the book.
  30. Visit to Folnur Asylum.
  31. Place the brush in the mechanism.
  32. Use KEYS to launch the hidden objects area.
  33. Find all the items listed below to get your old lens back.
  34. Place the old lens in the mechanism and click on the handle to retrieve the lens.
  35. Back to Mountgora Temple.
  36. Give the man the dough to fix the wooden part.
  37. Use clean sheets in the fountain.
  38. Get the Spell Scrolls and travel to the Ontas Glades.
  39. To start the minigame, place the piece of wood on the stone tablet.
  40. Rearrange the pattern to solve the puzzle, and then insert the lens to retrieve the light-filled lens.
  41. Go back to the tower room.
  42. Talk to the person waiting for you and then move on.
  43. Use the light-filled lens on the barrel and press it once.
  44. Next, use the spell scroll.
  45. You’ve finally made it! You have returned to the safe state and stopped the Four Horsemen.
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