Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager (Guide!) (August 2023)

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Want to know about Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager? So you are at the correct spot in this post you will get the complete guide on The Fermatas True Manager Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is nowadays one of the popular game. In this post we are going to show you complete details about the Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager so further delay let’s start.

Last Update On : 29th August 2023

Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager – UPDATE!

Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager

Una’s Task the Fermata’s True Manager that is for the Fermata’s Maintenance requires the quest for a Bigger Fermata to be first completed. Fermata’s Maintenance is available for two completions. Afterward For Farmata’s Safety is actually available.

Each Una’s Task completion reward is ten. Once you have completed a certain number of Una’s Task, you may receive certain in-game rewards and you move on to the next tier of game rewards.

Una’s Task – The Fermata’s True Manager Rewards

  • Tier One of ‘For The Fermata’s Maintenance’ is unlocked when reputation points reach 20/30.
  • The Tier One of ‘For the Fermata’s Safety’ is completed after your in-game reputation points reach 30/30. Completing Tier one rewards you with 7K pirate coins.
  • Tier Two of ‘For the Fermata’s Safety’ is completed when your reputation points reach 40/40. Completion of this tier grants you High-quality Timber x5 and 10K pirate coins.
  • At reputation points 80/80, you will be done with Tier three of ‘For the Fermata’s Safety’. Completing the final tier of ‘For Fermata’s safety’ rewards you with Masterpiece#28 and 19K Pirate coins.

The Fermata’s True Manager Details

Here are every detail about the Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager

The Fermata’s True Manager Description

  • I have got a request from the manager of the in-game shipyard working on the Fermata.
  • It actually seems the ship is in the stage of being repaired. As an adventurer, how did you liked to go there and contribute to speed up the repairs?
  • Who really knows; they might feel touched and provide you incredible rewards.
  • If you are interested now go to the Fermata.

Fermata Manager Story – 20 Points

  • Citizen Who is with the Fermata
  • You would have proven extremely helpful to the people on the Fermata.
  • They can not stop praising your in-game work.
  • Please keep up the best work to helping others.

Fermata Safety Guard – 50 Points

  • Citizen Who actually Protects the Fermata’s Safety
  • Because you worked to repair her thoroughly and the Fermata has passed the in-game safety test.
  • The ship crew can not stop praising your game work.
  • Please keep up the best work helping to others.

The Fermata’s Honorary Manager – 80 Points

  • The Fermata’s Honorary Manager
  • Because you contributed to repairing her thoroughly, the Fermata has earned a reputation of being a beautiful and safe place, and now she is overflowing with guests.
  • The ship crew can not stop praising your in-game work.
  • Really proud of you. Good job!

By – Gideon, the master of Ignea, the Adventurer’s Guild

How To Unlock The Fermata´s True Manager Lost Ark?

Here is the video guide that will help you to unlock The Fermata´s True Manager Lost Ark

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Final Words

We hope you enjoy this Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager guide. In this guide, we covered everything about The Fermatas True Manager in Lost Ark game.

If you have any questions related to Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager so comment on us and also share your valuable feedback, thanks for reading this complete post.

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