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Looking for Latte Cookie Toppings, so you are at the best spot. Here in this post, you will get the best Latte Cookie Toppings that will help you create the best build for this Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

CRK is a mobile builder and battle role-playing game where you build up a team of powerful cookie-based characters to take on the evildoers who have wreaked havoc on the in-game kingdom.

In the game process, you will be able to build a wonderful town that is filled with delicious buildings that not only look good but will help you battle your way to victory.

Latte Cookie is Magic, and if you really want to know what the best toppings are for Latte Cookie so we have a guide for you.

Last Update On – 19 September 2023

Latte Cookie Toppings

The Latte Cookie best toppings are 5x Searing Raspberry, which will actually give the Cookie +5 percent attack and make them more strong in battle, or/and 5x Swift Chocolate to take benefit of the cooldown reduction it provides, depending on what you actually find yourself wanting more (use of the skill or power).

Latte Cookie is actually a Magic-type Cookie and is favored in the Middle, and they do periodic and single damage while also providing a silence debuff with their Care for a Latte skill in the game.

The official explanation of Latte Cookie’s skill set reads as follows: Conjures a Latte Glyph attracting opponents to its center, dealing damage, and silencing them. The Glyph remains actually on the ground, dealing DMG over time and good damage to opponents in its center.

Remember, also you can upgrade Toppings by using Coins and Topping Pieces. For example, XS can be actually upgraded to +6, M to +12, and S to +9.

Each time you successfully upgrade the in-game Topping, it will have a random bonus effect. If you have successfully upgraded an S topping, it can actually have 2 random bonus effects while upgraded M toppings can have 3 random bonus effects.

These bonus effects include improvements for the attack, attack speed, cooldown reduction, buff amplification, crit %, crit resist, debuff resist, defense, DMG resists, and HP.

  • Latte Cookie summons a Latte Glyph attracting non-friendly units aka opponents to its center, inflicting in-game damage and silencing them. The summoned Glyph remains on the ground, inflicting DoT/DMG over time and greater damage to opponents in its center.
  • X15 sec base CD
  • Damage dealt – 60 percent (+1.1% DMG per level)
  • Inner Latte Glyph Damage – 140 percent (+1.8% DMG per level)
  • Outer Latte Glyph Damage – 105 percent (+1.3 DMG per level)
  • Silence – 1.0 sec
  • Immobilized – 5.0 sec

Latte Cookie Toppings Story

Latte Cookie Toppings

Milk or Coffee… that is the question. Why not actually both? Latte Cookie’s dough was formed with coffee most acrid and bitter, balanced with the smoothest and creamiest blend of milk. With her engraved staff in hand, she gracefully draws gracefully patterned Latte Glyphs in the air while dreaming.

But watch out if you’re lucky, one of these Glyphs could be a strong sigil for a grand spell. During her student years, she actually spearheaded research on the development of Coffee Magic with a rather eccentric coffee enthusiast. Thanks to her dedication, Latte Cookie was actually granted a professorship at the Parfaedia Magic Institute.

You did think that a professor would be actually more punctual, especially with their own classes. But not Latte Cookie! She is more invested in savoring a cup of hot coffee before class.

Though far from winning the Professor of the Year Reward, she actually knows something about encouraging her students. With her encouraging smile and genuine compliments, Latte Cookie is actually the favorite professor of many.

Toppings Cheat Sheet

Obviously, you can always experiment with various Toppings if you actually want to change up your gameplay style or just get a deeper understanding.

We suggest Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate for Latte Cookie, so you can actually see how they impact this Cookie’s build here.

Bouncy Caramel1.7%1.5%1.1%Increases attack speed, +2% w/5x Bouncy Caramel, +1% w/2x Bouncy Caramel
Fresh Kiwi1.8%1.1%0.4%Increases debuff resistance, +2% w/5x Fresh Kiwi, +1% w/2x Fresh Kiwi
Hard Walnut3.0%2.0%1.0%Increases defense, +3% w/3x Hard Walnut, +5% w/5x Hard Walnut
Healthy Peanut3.0%2.0%1.0%Increases HP, +3% HP w/2x Healthy Peanut, +5% w/5x Healthy Peanut
Hearty Hazelnut2.1%1.5%1.1%Increases crit resistance, +10% w/2x Hearty Hazelnut, +20% w/5x Hearty Hazelnut
Juicy Apple Jelly3.0%2.0%1.0%Increases crit %, +5% w/5x Juicy Apple Jelly
Searing Raspberry3.0%2.0%1.0%Increases attack, +3% attack w/3x Searing Raspberry, +5% with 5x Searing Raspberry
Solid Almond1.7%1.5%1.0%Increases DMG resistance, +5% w/5x Solid Almond
Sweet Candy1.8%1.1%0.4%Amplifies buffs, +1% w/2x Sweet Candy, +2% w/5x Sweet Candy
Swift Chocolate1.8%1.1%0.4%Reduces cooldown, +5% cooldown reduction w/5x Swift Chocolate

Generally, if you’re looking to increase a Cookie’s DMG, you will want to consider Juicy Apple Jelly, Bouncy Caramel, Searing Raspberry, and Swift Chocolate as toppings.

If you’re looking to increase a Cookie’s survivability or durability, you will want to consider Fresh Kiwi, Hard Walnut, Hearty Hazelnut, Healthy Peanut, and Solid Almond.


We hope you like this Latte Cookie Toppings guide. In this post, we covered the best Latte Cookie Toppings that will help you create the best build for this Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedack about the Latte Cookie Toppings so xomment box is always open for you.

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