Koikatsu Cards 2022 (Gallery) (Download & Install Guide!)

Koikatsu Cards

Looking for Koikatsu Cards so you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the Koikatsu Cards or Koikatsu Party Gallery with Download & Install guide. Also, More than 50K Koikatsu cards and the complete process of how to download and use them.

Now without further delay let’s start the Koikatsu Party Cards guide.

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Koikatsu Cards Gallery 2022

Koikatsu Cards

There are many cards ready to use and install, we recommend you two best sites where you will get the Koikatsu Party Cards:

Biggest Gallery Link —


There are many sites with cards, but the Illusion cards site is the best with more than 50k cards.

First, copy and paste the above link to any web browser to access the Koikatsu Party Cards Biggest Gallery. Then enter Koikatsu or Koikatsu Party in the search section.

Next, click on the search option, and discover the biggest Koikatsu cards gallery you can find. Also, you can use the search box to search for what you want to find or browse the different categories.

Alternative site Link —


This site is also the same as the above one to find cards. First, enter Koikatsu in the search box. Next, click on the search option and discover another great HQ cards gallery. Also, you can use the search section to find what you want or also browse the different categories.

How To Download Koikatsu Cards?

If you don’t know how to Download the Koikatsu Cards so here is the easiest process to download Cards for Koikatsu:

  • First Right Click on the Koikatsu Party Cards
  • Then Select “Save image as” option
  • Now click on Save and select the save location
  • Finally, click on “ok” to download or save the Koikatsu Party Cards.

How To Install or Use Koikatsu Cards?

If you are not sure about how to install or use cards for Koikatsu so here is the complete process:

  • First copy the image from the card that you actually want
  • Then open the folder UserData/Chara/Male or Female Folders
  • Now paste the image (Card) into the folder

Also if you want to install a mod so there will be additional requirements, so read the description of the card first and then install.

About Koikatsu Party

Koikatsu Party is an amazing 2D simulator game in which gamers can unleash their imagination and create the beautiful 2D girl of their dreams. The game is released on 27th April 2018 and is currently available on Steam also has really positive rating among its gamers.


Hopefully, you like this Cards for Koikatsu guide. In this post, we covered Koikatsu Cards Gallery with Download & Install guide. Also, 50K+ Koikatsu cards and the complete process of how to download and use them.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to Koikatsu Cards so comment box is always open for your valuable feedback.

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