How To Write A Song In Sims 4 – (Requirements & Tips!)

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Do you want to know how to write a song in Sims 4? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on how to write songs and write music with your sim in Sims 4.

Sims 4 is the really amazing game in the iconic Electronic Arts social simulator series, comes with a myriad of relationship, career, and entertainment options.

In this game, you can easily make fun music and earn in-game money by playing instruments, such as piano and guitar, and composing different songs.

Explore how to write songs in Sims 4 and check out our list of the most helpful traits in Sims 4 to become a popular musician in the game.

Now without further delay let’s start the how to write a song in Sims 4 guide.

Writing Songs In Sims 4 – Basic Guide

How To Write A Song In Sims 4

Before your Sim can begin writing songs, you must cover the following:

  • Access the catalog to purchase an in-game musical instrument. The base instruments are the piano, violin, and guitar. Also, the Vampires Game Pack provides you with the option to select a pipe organ.
  • Practice the same instrument until you reach Lvl 8 of the in-game instrument skill. This will actually allow your Sim to write an in-game song.
  • Play your instrument and select the Write Song button to create your own song. A meter filling will track your Sim’s progress in the game.
  • Choose a song type, like a playful tune or a dramatic ballad, a higher skill actually gains you more genre options when writing in-game songs.
  • Name your song and click on OK, you can continue creating new songs and then listen to your saved music tracks at any time by clicking Play option.

Sims 4 Songwriting Tips

To help your Sim improve their in-game musical skills, you will require the appropriate Sims 4 upgrades. City Living empowers your Sim to sing, DJ Mixing unlocks, and Get Popular allows your Sim to get into in-game music production. It also allows them to publish their songs on an in-game radio station.

Best Tip – Be sure all your Sim’s wants bars are full before they actually write. You do not want the Sim to get that hungry or uncomfortable as they write songs in the game.

In any case, if you have to pause as your Sim writes so Sims 4 will actually save your song in-game draft. Also, you can continue writing by navigating to the inventory and tapping on the musical sheet icon. Select the draft you opt to actually continue working on in the game.

How To Write Songs In Sims 4 – Song Lyrics

How To Write A Song In Sims 4

In Sims 4, writing song lyrics will require adding the City Living expansion to actually the base game. Writing lyrics is an extension of singing in the game. You have to reach Lvl 8 to write lyrics and Lvl 9 to actually license songs in the game.

Predictably, singing requires a microphone. If you wish, you may use additional instruments such as the digiRAD keyboard.

Also, City Living allows your Sims to improve their vocal skills in the game. Start practicing in-game singing in the shower or at karaoke, and use a microphone once you have reached Lvl two. Reaching Lvl eight will actually allow you to record an in-game vocal track.

How To License A Song In Sims 4

To license an in-game song, your Sim will have to reach Lvl nine of instrument use, such as violin, piano, or guitar skill. Once you actually write an in-game song, go to your Sim’s mailbox and then interact with it. You can choose:

  1. The License Song option
  2. An in-game musical instrument
  3. One of the best suggested songs

As of the next morning, your Sim will actually start earning royalties. Royalties will actually keep coming in for a week, after which your Sim will have to either re-license the same in-game item or create another one. Please keep in mind that you can only license one song per instrument in the game.

The process for licensing in-game lyrics is actually similar. Once your Sim reaches Lvl nine of singing then they can actually earn money by licensing their in-game lyrics. In addition, you can license in-game lyrics and sheet music together, giving you even more revenue options for your Sim in the game.

Boost Your Musical Career In Sims 4

To help your Sim gain popularity and fortune from music skills, enhance your Sims 4 experience with the Get Popular expansion. Then, learn to create media by creating and remixing different tracks in the game.

When your Sim has reached Lvl five of media production and finishes an in-game item, publish it to a radio station by going to the in-game inventory and choosing the Release Track option. Every track you actually release will increase your popularity.

If your Sim is engaged in a full-blown musical career in the game then you may land a contract with an in-game music label. To keep the contract, you will have to make new songs almost every day in the game.

How To Write Songs Faster In Sims 4

Learning a Sim’s music skills is actually a slow process. You can learn how to play an instrument and write songs faster in Sims 4 by using the following cheat:

  • You can access the cheat input box by clicking Ctrl + Shift + C if you are using a PC or clicking all controller triggers at the same time
  • Next, Enter “testingcheats true” and then click on enter
  • Now you can access the cheat box again
  • Finally, type “stats.set_skill_level Major_(skill) (skill level)”

Hence, to achieve Lvl nine of piano skills, use “stats.set_skill_level Major_Piano 9.”

If you really want to write songs more quickly so try using one of the fast online songwriting mods available and run the Sims 4 game. According to the mod, your songwriting time actually may shrink from twelve Sim hours to four hours or less in the game.


Hopefully, you like this how to write a song in Sims 4 guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on how to write songs and write music with your sim in Sims 4.

If you want to ask any questions about how to write a song in Sims 4 so comment section is always open for queries and valuable feedback.

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