How To Trade Stickers In Monopoly GO 2023 – (Full Guide!)

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Do you want to know how to trade Stickers in Monopoly GO? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on how you can trade off your stickers with your friends in Monopoly Go.

While playing Monopoly Go, there is a high chance of getting an exact copy of other stickers you already own. The most suitable option in such a scenario is to trade or send them to your in-game friends. As well, as these are collectible items it will help them continue their board game adventures and in-game rewards with ease.

However, there are some things you will have to remember, as there is actually a limit on how many you can trade per day. Check out this post further and find out everything about Monopoly Go trading.

How To Trade Stickers In Monopoly GO?

Collecting stickers is one of the best ways to gain free rolls and increase your net worth in the game. There are eighteen different sets of stickers, each with a max of nine stickers per set. Currently, there are one hundred and sixty-two stickers available in Monopoly GO.

Some of these are really hard to get than others. And if you complete sticker sets then you will be rewarded with massive dice roll and cash bonuses in the game.

How To Trade Stickers In Monopoly GO

There is one main issue, it is confusing to actually figure out exactly how to trade stickers on the Monopoly GO game. In this game, you can only trade or send stickers to users who are on your in-game friends list.

In other words, you are only allowed to trade stickers to users who have accepted your friend request in the game. Also, you can only send duplicate stickers that you have actually collected.

You need a duplicate sticker in order to send it to others. Single stickers are actually not able to be sent to your friends and they are just for your in-game collection.

How To Send Stickers

  • First, open your sticker albums by clicking on the Album icon at the bottom of the screen. Here, you will see all of your available albums and stickers in each one.
  • Then click on an album and see a sticker with a duplicate as indicated by a +1.
  • Next, choose a Friend with a list of friends that you are able to send the in-game sticker to.
  • After that, select their username and confirm by clicking on Send to a Friend option.
  • Now once they log on to play, they will be notified that you successfully sent them a sticker. But remember that you are only allowed to send up to five stickers daily.

How To Find Or Add Friends on Monopoly GO?

Here are the complete details of how to find and add friends on the Monopoly GO game.

Accessing Your Friends List

In the Monopoly GO game, at the bottom right corner, you will see an icon with 2 shaking hands, labeled Friends. Click on this and you will see your Friends and Family list. Here, there are 3 different options these are Add Friends, Timeline, and Leaderboard.

Add Friends on Monopoly GO

Add Friends – This option will automatically show you a list of up to 3 suggested friends at a time. These are randomly generated by the Monopoly GO game and connect you with gamers that are, frequently seeking new friendships in the game. Simply click on Add or Hide option to either send a friend request or hide the player in Monopoly GO.

Timeline – This option provides a feed that shows who and when each player becomes an in-game friend. Once someone accepts your friend request in the game then their name and picture will show up with how long ago they became friends in the game.

Leaderboard – This option provides 3 different lists of leaderboards from high to low net worth scores; Friends, Locals, and Global.

Global refers to the all-time high scores list out of every single active gamer in the Monopoly GO! game.

Locals are the players who are locally active, typically in the same region or country as you.

Friends is your in-game friends list; a list of all gamers who have accepted any of your requests of friends. Your friends are arranged in order by top net worth first, and descending from their net worth in the game.

The only available functionality of these in-game leaderboards is to show who you are competing with. To remove a user from your friend list in the game, simply click on their name and click the Remove option. Also, there is no way to contact anyone or message through this list.

Randomly Add Friends

The best way to add friends is to do it randomly in the game. Each time you access your Friends & Family list, you will be suggested automatically 3 friends to add to the Monopoly GO game.

Do this each time you open this friends list. When you close the window and again open it, 3 more friend suggestions will appear automatically. You can repeat this process as frequently as you want.

Share Your Referral URL

Just below the Friends and Family list, you will see 3 icons. There is a yellow color phone icon for Contacts, a blue Fb icon, and a green invite icon.

Simply click on the green Invite option. Then click on the yellow Invite option and copy your referral URL to invite friends.

Monopoly GO Referral URL

With this Monopoly GO referral URL, you can share it anywhere or share it directly with those you did like to add to the game. Once a player click on your referral link then it will open up their Monopoly GO! and automatically add you to their in-game friends list. You can simply share this link anywhere you can for the fastest way to make new friends.

Also, you can click the yellow color phone icon Contacts. This will ask for your contact number and then add any friends automatically to your contacts list that are using the Monopoly GO game. Remember that this option may actually send a text message, so message and data charges may apply.

Additionally, you can choose the blue Facebook icon and this will first ask for your permission to access your public Facebook account. It will then add any of your real-world friends automatically that are also playing the Monopoly GO game.

Join The Facebook Group

Monopoly GO Facebook Group

The Monopoly GO! game developer has an exclusive Facebook Group named the Monopoly GO Trading Group that is really worth joining if you would like to grow your friend list and add some new friends.

In this group, you can share your referral link and connect with other active gamers that are searching for new friends. It is a highly active community of over 2.4M+ members currently with around 10K posts per day and 6K new members every week joining this group.

The majority of players in this Facebook Group are looking to trade in-game stickers, they are also looking for new friends to play with the Monopoly GO.

Facebook Group – Click Here

The Best Way To Get More Stickers In Monopoly GO

Apart from continuing to play Monopoly GO frequently, the easiest way to get more stickers that you are missing in your in-game albums is to join the Monopoly GO Trading Group on Facebook. In this facebook group, you can share screenshots of your collection of in-game sticker to see if anyone has stickers that you are missing in the game.

Most of the players of this Monopoly GO Facebook Group are eager to help and participate in sticker trading in the game. We suggest starting your own post on the group that contains your referral link.

When random players click on your link then it will add them as their in-game Monopoly GO friend. Also, you can spend time reading other player’s posts to link up with other active players who have an interest in growing their sticker collection in the Monopoly GO game.


Here are some questions and answers about how to trade Stickers in Monopoly GO

Q. Is There A Way To Add Specific Friends In Monopoly GO?

Currently, there is no way to search players by name or any other way without giving out a referral URL. We would like to see updated friends list with these features, however, the only way to add friends to the game is by either connecting with your Facebook, phone number or using your referral URL.

Q. How Many Friends Can You Get In Monopoly GO?

There is actually no limit to the number of friends you can add to the Monopoly GO game. You can freely add many players or send out your referral link as several times as you like.

Q. Are You Rewarded for Each Friend You Add In Monopoly GO?

No, there is no reward for adding friends that are already playing the Monopoly GO game. However, for new users, you will be credited with free dice rolls in the game. The number of free rolls you are rewarded will range from twenty-five to thirty rolls for every friend you actually get to install the game.

Q. Can You Send Single Stickers to Specific Friends In Monopoly GO?

The answer is yes, after that player has accepted your friend request then you can send them specific single in-game stickers. However, you can only send stickers that you have actually duplicates of in the game.

Q. Can You Send Entire Sticker Albums For Friends In Monopoly GO?

The answer is no. You are limited to sending five duplicate stickers daily. Thus, you can’t send entire albums in a single session. For example, if you have an entire album of duplicate stickers then you can send them at a rate of five daily.

Q. Do My Stickers and Albums Expire In Monopoly GO?

The answer is yes, stickers and albums expire every two months in the game. In the Monopoly GO Albums section, you will see a section that says Time Left with a 60-day countdown. At the end of this period, your albums and stickers will expire or zero.


Hopefully, you like this how to trade Stickers in Monopoly GO guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on how you can trade off your stickers with your friends in Monopoly Go.

Also, if you want to share your Monopoly GO Referral link or have any questions about how to trade Stickers in Monopoly GO so comment box is always open for you.

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