How To Remove Friends On Monopoly Go 2023 – (Full Guide!)

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Do you want to know how to remove friends on Monopoly Go? Your search is now complete. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on how to remove friends on Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go is a popular game globally. In this game, you can add different friends and enjoy the gameplay but sometimes you add the wrong people in your game.

So you want to remove it from your Monopoly Go friend list but you actually don’t know how to remove or block a friend in the game, therefore here we covered everything about that.

With no further ado, let’s start the how to remove friends on the Monopoly Go game guide.

Monopoly Go Friends

In the Monopoly Go game, there is no limit on the number of people you can have as friends. Also, the game does not make it obvious how to delete a friend from your friend’s list. That is likely by game design.

Although there is a tab specifically designed for adding friends and gamers are given free rewards for inviting friends in joining the Monopoly Go game, removing a friend is not actually very clear.

If you look at the menu options in the Friends tab then you will see Timeline, Add Friends, and Leaderboard. It makes sense, then, that any gamer would be unclear on where to actually go. Here is how to unfriend and remove friends from your Monopoly Go friends list.

How To Remove Friends On Monopoly Go?

How To Remove Friends On Monopoly Go

There are different ways to add friends in the Monopoly Go game, but only one method to remove them. And you can’t choose and remove multiple accounts at once right now. So follow these steps to unfriend someone in the Monopoly Go game.

  • First, launch the Monopoly Go game on your device.
  • Then click on the Friends option
  • Choose the third tab, Leaderboard > choose Friends
  • Next, scroll and find the friend you want to unfriend
  • Click and hold on to the friend to see the red Remove option
  • Now click on the Remove option, and you will see a confirmation box
  • Finally, click on the remove to unfriend someone in the Monopoly Go game

How To Block Someone In Monopoly Go?

Currently, there is not any option that allows gamers to block someone in Monopoly Go. What you can actually do for now is remove them using the above step-by-step process. And do not accept their friend request in Monopoly Go.

If the block people feature gets introduced in the future then we will be sure to add it to our guide, so don’t forget the bookmark this post.


How To Remove Friends On Monopoly Go

Here are some questions and answers about How to Remove Friends on Monopoly Go

Q. How Many Friends We Can Add In Monopoly Go?

In the Monopoly Go game, there are no limits to adding friends so you can make as many friends as you want.

Q. How To Block People In Monopoly Go?

In the Monopoly Go game as of now, there are no features for blocking people, but you can unfriend people in the game.

Q. Who Created The Monopoly Go Game?

Monopoly Go Game is created by Scopely for Android and iOS users.


This is our guide on how to remove friends on Monopoly Go. We hope you like this post, in this post, mentioned everything about the Monopoly Go friends.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about Monopoly Go friends so comment box is open for you, thanks for reading.

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