How To Meow In Stray 2022 (Complete Guide!)

How To Meow In Stray

Looking for how to Meow in Stray so you reach the best spot. Here in this post, you will get everything you want to know about meow in Stray.

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How To Meow In Stray

How To Meow In Stray
Stray How To Meow

Meowing is one of the best features of Stray, with the gamer using it to gain attention for stealth sections and to look cute. You know your stray game is going to be a famous one among cat fans when you actually have a dedicated meow feature.

To meow in Stray, simply click the circle on your controller. Then you will hear the sound coming through both your DualSense and the TV. There is a pause between each meow and it actually seems different each time, so unfortunately there is no way you can turn it into some cat song.

Gamers will need to meow hundred times to unlock the A Little Chatty silver trophy for in-game Stray. You can simply sit there and click the circle over and over until the trophy actually pops.

Stray is available on PC and PlayStation below we mention how to Meow in Stray on both platforms.

PlayStation —-

  • Simply press on Circle for Meow in Stray.
  • If you actually use another PS controller then the official one: Click on the B button.

PC —-

Click on the left Alt key on the keyboard to in-game meow at Stray.

Is It Good To Meowing Several Times?

  • When you’ve meowed 100 times then you will get a little Chatty trophy and it is your 1st reward in the Stray game.
  • If you continue meow many times then you can get a better trophy which is Platinum Chatty.
  • You can use your in-game meow to early guide if you actually feel lost.
  • If you meow then you quickly get the attention of Sentinels and Zurks (it will actually help to distract them during certain stealth sequences).

About Meow in Stray

If you are a cat lover so the Stray video game will be the best game which you will really enjoy like no other.

Also in this post, we tell you what is all reason why you want to make the cat meow in the Stray game. It is even possible that the cat’s meow can be actually relaxing, keep following this post to find out everything.

Always we have believed that when a cat meows it is to communicate with other cats because they actually speak the same language. The reality is that cats meow, they only do this when they interact with humans or their owners.

The meow is not only a part of cats naturally, but there are some other sounds that they actually use to interact with each other instead, it is with the humans that they have adapted this type of noise to be able to transmit to us how they actually feel at that moment or what we really understand that they are something asking us.

Cats Want With Meows

  • A cat communicates with us and not other cats because they actually want us to listen them and get what they want.
  • They want to capture our attention and actually once captured, play, caresses, get food, or we open the door for them, and they are really smart that they can learn special meows for everything that indicates a Royal Canin veterinary doctor.

How To Meow In Stray Game By Annapurna Interactive

When you start on the Stray game, you meet the hero cat. They actually have no names and they are alone and wounded. But this is not an ordinary alley cat. In a strange in-game city only populated by robots, his main goal is to find a way that is going to his home.

Brought to in-game life by a team of cat lovers at BlueTwelve Studio, the cat shows all the loving traits you would expect from the best fearless feline lead.


Hopefully, you enjoy this How To Meow In Stray guide. In this post, we covered everything about the meow in Stray.

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