How To Make Brick In Minecraft 2023 – (NEW Guide!)

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Are you searching for how to make Brick in Minecraft? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of what is Minecraft Brick and how to make them.

Brick is an amazing Minecraft item that can be used to create brick blocks for in-game building structures. Building is an important part of the game, and gamers can select from a plethora of blocks and create almost anything they want in the game.

Although gamers usually use stone and other naturally found blocks to create bases, red bricks are also good blocks for creating structures. To make brick blocks, gamers first require to obtain brick items. Brick blocks are a great addition to buildings if gamers want to give them a more traditional and realistic appearance.

Despite this, the process of creating bricks can be a bit confusing, particularly for beginners. Now without further delay let’s start the how to make Brick in Minecraft details.

What Is Brick In Minecraft?

Bricks are actually a decorative building block in the Minecraft game. They can make towers, houses, and other structures more attractive, and can be used to help build a solid brick staircase in the game.

Also, they can make a great non-flammable fireplace in Minecraft. Continue reading to know how to make Brick in Minecraft.

Minecraft Brick Supported Platforms

Brick is available in the following Minecraft versions:

Education EditionYes
Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes
Nintendo SwitchYes
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Wii UYes
Windows 10 EditionYes
Xbox 360Yes
Xbox OneYes

How To Make Brick In Minecraft?

How To Make Brick In Minecraft

Bricks have a good fire immunity as does cobblestone, making them a great block to make in certain in-game situations, like making a fireplace. Bricks can be made into a slab, block, or staircase.

Bricks are created by a process known as smelting and need the following items and ingredients: fuel (charcoal), clay balls, and a furnace.

To create bricks in Minecraft, follow the below steps:

  • You will need a clay block, Clay blocks can be actually found near lakes or rivers.
  • Break the in-game clay block by using your hands or a shovel. This will be used for creating traditional bricks, clay balls. One block of clay will produce four clay balls.
  • Then open your Furnace Menu.
  • Next, put the clay balls in the top slot of your in-game furnace grid.
  • Place a fuel source like charcoal in the bottom slow of your furnace grid in the game.
  • Move the bricks you created into your in-game inventory.
  • Following this procedure will produce a traditional red brick. It is possible to actually create other types of bricks such as nether bricks, stone bricks, and more. Explore the following slides to discover the various types of Minecraft bricks that you can craft and utilize in the game.

Building With Stone Bricks

Building With Stone Bricks

Stone brick is as cobblestone as blast-resistant or traditional in-game brick. It is actually a common block that is used in strongholds because of its high resistance and durability. Stone brick comes in 4 different types:

  • Stone brick
  • Mossy stone brick
  • Cracked stone brick
  • Chiseled stone brick

Stone brick has the same properties but different textures in the game. Any stone brick mixture can be used to craft stairs or slabs. Stone is much more common than clay, thus stone bricks are actually more common than regular bricks in the game.

Crafting Stone Bricks And Different Recipes

To create a stone brick in the Minecraft game, first obtain stones by smelting cobblestones in your in-game furnace. Then, place four stone blocks in the shape of a square into your crafting table and now you will create your basic stone brick in the game.

The list below explains how to craft the different types of stone bricks available in the Minecraft game and their craft recipes in the game:

  • Basic stone brick → Place four stone blocks into a square.
  • Chiseled stone brick → Place two stone brick slabs vertically.
  • Cracked stone brick → Place one stone brick into a furnace.
  • Mossy stone brick → Place a stone brick with one vine.

Protecting With Nether Bricks

Protecting With Nether Bricks

Nether bricks are actually both blast-resistant and fire-resistant. When you construct in the Nether, nether bricks create excellent shelters from ghast fireballs. Nether brick blocks are constructed from individual nether brick in-game items.

The nether brick item, which appears like an individual brick, is created by placing netherrack, which is actually found throughout the Nether, into a furnace in the game.

After you have obtained the nether brick items, place four into a square shape to make one nether brick block. Nether brick can also be crafted into slabs, fences, or stairs.

Siding With Sandstone Blocks

Siding With Sandstone Blocks

Sandstone is another popular texture block because of its light and good color. Being unaffected by gravity, it remains in place, without a supporting in-game stone. However, sandstone has a lower blast resistance than wood in the game.

To solve this issue, you can actually make sandstone into slabs, enhancing its stone properties, such as a higher blast resistance. Sandstone comes in these 3 forms:

  • Block
  • Chiseled
  • Smooth

Any of these sandstone types can be further shaped into sandstone stairs and slabs. Here is how to make the different types of sandstone in the game:

  • Sandstone block → Place four sand into a square configuration in your crafting screen in the game.
  • Smooth sandstone → Place four sandstone blocks into a square configuration to yield four in-game blocks.
  • Chiseled sandstone → Place one sandstone slab vertically on top of another one in the game.

As well, red sandstone can be created in the same way using red sandstone rather than traditional sandstone in the game.

Also, it can be formed into blocks, chiseled and smooth sandstone, in stairs, and slabs. Red sandstone is found in the Mesa biome. Chiseled sandstone shows a creeper face on it while chiseled red sandstone shows a wither in the game.

Navigating With Moss Stone

Navigating With Moss Stone

Moss stone is actually a type of cobblestone. As the stone is placed, the stone orients with the letter L pointing northeastward, which makes it (along with netherrack and cobblestone) handy for navigation.

The block, with its lovely stone and green texture, is designed primarily for crafting, especially in the Mega Taiga biomes and Jungle. To make moss stone in Minecraft, place one cobblestone and one vine anywhere in the crafting grid in the game.

Protecting From Flames With Diorite

Protecting From Flames With Diorite

The igneous rock also known as diorite is actually nonflammable and has a medium blast resistance same as other stones (Lvl 30). An ingredient in making andesite and granite, it is used as any type of stone for construction and can be carved into slabs.

Diorite comes in 2 forms – Plain diorite and polished diorite. Both have actually a common mixed-gray stone look.

You craft diorite from two cobblestone and two nether quartz in a square checkered pattern. Polished diorite is actually crafted from four diorite in a square shape and yields four polished diorite blocks in the game.

Mining Granite

Mining Granite

The multicolored brown stone called granite also comes in both polished and regular forms. To create granite in Minecraft, place one diorite and one nether quartz anywhere in the in-game crafting grid.

If you actually want to craft polished granite instead, place four granites in a square shape to yield four polished blocks in the game. Granite needs an extra unit of nether quartz actually compared to diorite in the game.


Hopefully, you like this How to make Brick in Minecraft guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of what is Minecraft Brick and how to make them.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about how to make Brick in Minecraft so the comment section is always open for you.

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