How To Make A Redstone Repeater 2023 – (Minecraft) (Guide!)

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Do you want to know how to Make A Redstone Repeater in Minecraft? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of how to make a Redstone Repeater and use them effectively.

If you play Minecraft, then you know that the game provides a robust, bulky list of useful recipes for players to put together. But, there are so many recipes that it can be a bit confusing to remember or find what the recipe is for the specific in-game item you are looking to build.

Here we know how to craft most of them, including the Redstone Repeater which can be actually used in building moving tracks along with Redstone Dust signals, useful for those looking to industrialize their living quarters with mechanical doors. So, if you are looking for an answer on how to make a Redstone Repeater, then we have you covered.

Now without any delay let’s start the How to Make A Redstone Repeater in Minecraft guide.

Make A Redstone Repeater In Minecraft Required Materials

To make a Minecraft Redstone Repeater, you will require:

  • Two Redstone Torches
  • One Redstone Dust
  • Three Stone Pieces
  • One Crafting Table

The recipe for repeaters calls for 2 Redstone torches. Redstone torches are actually created with sticks and Redstone dust. Redstone is easy to find when you dig deep enough. Once you set up your mine, you should have no difficulty keeping it in stock in the game.

The recipe requires one Redstone dust for each in-game repeater. Also, Redstone dust is used for wiring your devices together, so keep plenty on hand.

You will also require 3-stone pieces. Be sure it is not smooth stone or cobblestone, but the in-between state. To get to this in-game state of stone block you will require to cook cobblestone in a furnace in the game.

Finally, you will require the 3×3 crafting menu of a crafting table in the game.

How To Make A Redstone Repeater

In a Nutshell –

To create a Redstone Repeater, first, open the crafting area with a 3×3 grid. Place two Redstone Torches on both sides of the 2nd row, then add Redstone to the center box in the 2nd row, and next, fill the entirety of the third row with three stone blocks. Your Redstone Repeater has been created, simply select it and move it to your in-game inventory.

Here is the detailed visual guide you have to follow to make a Redstone Repeater in the Minecraft game:

To get started, you will have to dig down to bedrock Lvl or at least to Y Lvl 15. You should start lower than where Redstone generates so you have a better chance to find it around and above you in the game.

Redstone ore can be identified by its red specks and it will shine a little bit when struck or walked on.

How To Make A Redstone Repeater

An iron pickaxe is actually needed to harvest the dust from Redstone ore. Make sure you gather as much as you can find and don’t forget to mine some cobblestone as well.

Begin smelting your cobblestone to make a regular stone in the game.

Redstone Repeater

Also, you will also require some Redstone torches which you can actually make out of Redstone dust and sticks. It is quite similar to making regular torches, but by exchanging the coal with Redstone dust instead in the game.

Redstone Repeater

With your Redstone torches, stone, and Redstone dust ready and found, you are prepared to craft a Redstone repeater in the game.

To make a Redstone repeater, first, place your stone on the 3 spaces at the bottom, the Redstone torches on top at the left and right space, and then the Redstone dust between the in-game torches.

Redstone Repeater

This is all you require to make a key component of Redstone devices in the game.

How To Use Redstone Repeater In Minecraft?

Right-clicking on any in-game surface with the repeater in your hand places the repeater. Also, you can right-click it once placed on the ground to raise the amount of time it actually takes for the repeater to repeat the signal.

Repeaters have 4 stages of a delay from no delay at all to about 0.5 sec. You can actually stack this delay by using multiple Redstone repeaters in the game.

Redstone repeaters are mainly used for extending Redstone pulses. Also, if you don’t know, most Redstone activators only send pulses out to 15 blocks.

Redstone Repeater

In this case, the Redstone lamp will light when the Redstone circuit is less than 16 Redstone dust. If you want to place it further away, you can do so with a Redstone repeater in the game.

Redstone Repeater

The repeater refreshes the circuit so the Redstone circuit travels another 15 blocks.

Another device that you may run into is a n in-game Redstone clock. Redstone clocks are actually used to flick the circuit into a continuous on-off state.

It’s a fundamental basis for simplifying many processes. There are many types of Redstone clocks, but the simplest one for us to remember is one of the most compacts in the game.

To do this, place 2 Redstone repeaters and dust that connects to both of them.

Redstone Repeater

We would suggest starting the repeater at its max delay, initially. To activate the game clock add a Redstone torch through the dust and break it right away.

If you broke the torch quickly enough you will actually notice that even without any power connected to the clock it will continue to pulse.

Redstone Repeater


Here are some questions and answers about how to make a Redstone Repeater

Q1. How To Make A Redstone Repeater Work As A Dispenser?

If you actually connect a Redstone repeater to a dispenser it will increase the pulse even further, but it won’t fire continuously. In order to repeat Redstone signals you will require to make a clock. Connecting this in-game clock to a Redstone dispenser will actually repeat the signal for as long as the dispenser is full.

Q. How To Make A Redstone Pulse Extender?

Redstone repeaters will enhance the pulse emitted by any in-game Redstone source. Multiple repeaters in a row will raise the delay it takes for the pulse to the output. Be sure you put the in-game repeaters at their max delay if you actually want to prevent the pulse from going from its input to its output too fast.

To extend this in-game effect further, you will have to add Redstone comparators. A comparator actually measures the strength of your Redstone circuit and in place of flicking from an on or off state, it will actually slowly power down in the game.

Q. How To Make A Redstone Comparator?

Redstone comparators are actually made with 3 stones, 3 Redstone torches, and 1 piece of nether quartz.

Redstone Comparator

Comparators are actually a more complex device but they are used to determine the state of certain blocks, like how full a barrel is or the direction of an in-game item frame. Also, connecting comparators can subtract the strength of a Redstone pulse in the game.


Hopefully, you like this How to Make A Redstone Repeater guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of how to make a Redstone Repeater and use them effectively in Minecraft.

Also, if you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about How to Make A Redstone Repeater so comment section is always open for you.

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