How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2 (April 2023)

How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2

Want to know How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2 so you are at the right spot. Here you will get everything about how to make a immortality in Little Alchemy 2 guide.


Little Alchemy 2 is an amazing game that is the epitome of amusing and relaxing gameplay. Its straightforwardness has captured gamers with its basic items, elements, and mix-and-match gameplay that easily entraps the gamers to go above and beyond with their imaginations and make something insane.

With the hundreds of things that can be made with the elements, gamers might wonder about how to get immortality in little alchemy 2. Now without further delay let’s start our Little Alchemy 2 How To Make Time guide.


Last Post Update : 30 April 2023

How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2

The only and best way to get Immortality is through the Monsters and Myths mobile-exclusive iOS and Android expansion. Since there are 4 new starting items: Immortality, Monster & Good, Evil. So Immortality is one of the four new starter in-game items.

As of this writing, the Monsters and Myths expansion is priced at $2.99, so it is not too much of a cost if you like the game and do not want to miss out on all the new combos and recipes coming with the update. Below we show you all the in-game items that actually require Immortality in their recipes, so you can see everything and easily unlock it.


Immortality Recipes To Use In Little Alchemy 2

Continuing with the how to make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 guide, there are fifteen recipes that gamers can try, which can get the various elements that can be further used to make different items.


Beginning with the first element that gamers can make is Achilles, who has been actually described as a Greek warrior known for his exploits in the in-game Trojan War. Achilles itself is not that simple to create, but there are 2 main ways to create it.

  • Warrior + Immortality

For this process, gamers must combine elements such as Ponds, Lakes, Seas, Water, Earth, Puddles, Primordial Soup, Stones, Humans, Blades, and then finally, with the warrior, now combine it with Immortality to become Achilles.

  • Hero + Immortality

The 2nd way to achieve Achilles is through the combination of Immortality and Hero, which can yet again be achieved by 1st learning the Little Alchemy 2 Immortality Recipe in the game.


Following through with the How to Make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 guide, the next in-game element that we will look into is Ankh, which is yet another element referred to as being from Ancient Egypt. There is actually one main recipe for it; however multiple methods to achieve Ankh.

  • Mummy + Immortality

Using elements like Pressure, Stones, Air, Earth, Sans, puddles, Ponds, Seas, Water, Clay, Primordial Soup, Lakes, and Pyramids will provide the gamers access to a mummy who can be mixed with Immortality to create Ankh.



The next element that we can create from learning how to get Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 game is Baast which is known as the main Egyptian goddess of cats, which is remembered from the way Egyptians would worship in-game cats. Baast can be created by this one method:

  • Cat + Immortality

With the combination of ponds, lakes, Primordial Soup, Water, puddles, earth, life, continents, air, pressure, and then mixing the combinations of animals, time, moon, and finally a cat with Immortality to in-game achieve Baast.

Book of The Dead 

The Book of The Dead is a easy book containing life’s entire cheat codes, and the How to Make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 walkthrough also uncovers how to make the Book of The Dead with this best method:

  • Book + Immortality

The Little Alchemy 2 Book of the Dead is perhaps one of the most detailed guide. However, a summary will be mixing items like puddles, clay, Primordial Soup, Water, mud, lands, continents, solar cells create by combining fire and sun, light bulbs, electricity, homes, and finally a container with an idea with a book which when actually mixed with Immortality provides the in-game Book of The Dead.


To keep things going, the 5th element on our list is going to be Deity, which is actually just showcased as a supernatural being in Little Alchemy 2 game, and there is a one-man process that gamers will need to achieve Deity:

  • Human + Immortality

Gamers can create a human by combining elements like pressure, puddles, primordial soup, Water, earth, air, life, time, clay, sea, and then Human. Then, add up the essence of in-game Immortality to a human, and you have a Deity.



The next element on our How to make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 list is a Demon included in the Monsters and Myths pack as a spirit that can get evil. To create Demon, these are the steps gamers need to follow:

  • Evil + Immortality

There is actually no select method to do in-game evil itself, as the Evil item is included in the 4 basic items in the Monsters and Myths content pack.

Elixir of Life 

To keep it going with the next item in the How to Make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 guide, the Elixir of Life takes place by three main methods:

  • Container + Immortality
  • Bottle + Immortality
  • Liquid + Immortality

By mixing up elements like pressure, stone, mud, Water, air, puddle, pond, clay, life, humans, sand, continents, glass, sea, Primordial Soup, telescopes, science, lakes, and then finally mixing any of these in-game items with Immortality will land you a unique Elixir of Life which is basically a magical potion that can grant the gamers with Immortality.

Fountain of Youth 

The in-game Fountain of Youth grants the gamers youth for an entire lifetime, and it can be actually achieved by mixing Immortality in this way:

  • Fountain + Immortality

The process is really simple, as it requires the gamer to combine elements like earth, the mountain, fire, energy, which will provide the gamer a monster, combine that with planet, fire, land, continent, sun to create an in-game statue, and then use fountain, Water, and Immortality to create the Fountain of Youth.


Holy Grail 

Right moving along, the next element that gamers can make is the Holy Grail which is actually known to drive away death with only one sip, and it can be created through this process:

  • Cup + Immortality

The whole process might actually seem lengthy, so the simple way is to combine clay, puddles, lakes, air, earth, stone, Primordial soups, humans, sands, glass, time, life, continents, fire, sun, energy, planets, idea, brick, homes, containers, glass, then finally a cup with the in-game Immortality.


Right Moving along, yet another important element that gamers can create is Ouroboros, which is actually a snake that can show the gamer the circle of life. Gamers can create it by following 2 easy processes:

  • Dragon + Immortality
  • Snake + Immortality

Starting with the previously created Primordial Soup then combine it with things like time to make life, land, air, pressure, the earth, stone, fire, sun, fire, energy, solar cells, metal, continents, and next combine that with the sun to create electricity, and when an animal is actually mixed with a wire, it will produce an in-game snake. Lastly, mix up a snake with Immortality to create Ouroboros.

Peach of Immortality 

The next element that gamers can simply make and access is the Peach of Immortality with these best steps:

  • Fruit Tree + Immortality
  • Fruit + Immortality

Philosopher’s Stone 

The Philosopher’s Stone is actually defined as an alchemical stone that can grant the gamer the essence of Immortality; therefore is crucial to the How to Make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 game solution. This is how to create the element in 3 different methods:

  • Immortality + Stone
  • Immortality + Rock
  • Immortality + Alchemist

Sun Wukong 

The Sun Wukong is an in-game mythical monkey that has western ambitions and can be created by the only available process:

  • Immortality + Monkey


To get Tawaret, gamers can use this method: 

  • Immortality + Hippo


The Yggdrasil is actually a random thought process whereby the universe could have been an in-game tree.

  • Immortality + Tree


Hopefully, you enjoy this guide of How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2. In this post, we covered everything about How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2.

If you have any questions related to How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2 so ask in the comment section.

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