How To Get Unlimited Rolls On Monopoly Go 2023 – (Working!)

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Do you want to know how to get Unlimited Rolls on Monopoly Go? So you are at the perfect spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of how to get Unlimited Rolls on Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go is a popular game and every player needs free Rolls. So it is possible to get free unlimited Rolls or Dice? In this post, we covered all the methods that will help you to get unlimited Rolls on Monopoly Go.

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How To Get Unlimited Rolls On Monopoly Go

How To Get Unlimited Rolls On Monopoly Go

Many sites claim to give you free Unlimited Rolls on the Monopoly Go game by registering, but we recommend you do not trust them. Monopoly Go is a popular online game for iOS and Android, so any hacks are easily identified.

Once identified for something then there is a chance that your Monopoly Go account will be banned. And by signing up on different suspicious sites you risk your personal data as well as security.

Below we mention some best and most genuine ways that will help you to get free Rolls in the game. These ways will not give you Unlimited Rolls but they give enough Rolls that will help your gameplay.

Best Ways To Get Unlimited Rolls On Monopoly Go

Unlimited Rolls On Monopoly Go

Here are some working ways that will help you to get free Rolls in Monopoly Go

Daily Login

The best way to get free Monopoly Go rolls is to log into the game daily. Not only will you receive a login bonus which often includes rolls, but there will also be different market tabs that appear, which are generally limited edition, and with different reset timers.

When they reset, many free prizes will be offered to you, so even if you do not want to spend any money then you will get a set of free rolls in Monopoly Go.

Follow Game Developer – Scopely

Following the Monopoly Go game developer on social media is a great way to get free rolls. Accordingly, if you follow Scopely on Discord then you will be able to get links that they share to claim free days, but if you actually do this, make sure to set up notifications because those links expire very quickly, often within hours.

On other social media platforms, they may offer competitions or giveaways for gamers, with rewards being different things such as free dice rolls. Participate in as many competitions as possible in order to get as many free Rolls.

Complete Challenges 

While you are playing Monopoly Go, make sure to finish the dailies and the weeklies. The dailies are daily challenges that earn you a range of in-game rewards, and the weeklies are a weekly version of those challenges, with even greater rewards to earn. The dailies reset every day (24 hours), and the weeklies reset every 7 days.

Check the tabs on the left and right sides of the game screen when you log in. Usually, these in-game tabs will make it easy for you to open them immediately, but you still want to double-check.

Many of challenges give instant free in-game rewards that give you rolls, and still, others have purchases that you can make to get more dice rolls in the game.

Play Minigames 

In Monopoly Go, there are also different kinds of minigames that come and go, depending on what kind of Monopoly Go special events are happening.

For ex., the prize drop is an exciting miniature game that resembles pachinko, and it actually allows you to drop balls down, or tokens at work, for free rolls and extra in-game cash. Play these minigames frequently in order to maximize your rewards in Monopoly Go.

Adding Friends

You can start adding friends in the Monopoly Go game right from the beginning, so make sure to add as many friends as possible, whether they are through Facebook account linking.

You and your in-game friends will be able to help each other finish tasks, like opening the community test, and you will get in-game rewards in the process, such as free dice rolls specifically.

Play Regularly

Monopoly Go Free Rolls

The simple way to get more free dice rolls is just to play the game frequently. If you obtain a full load of rolls then there is no need to wait to actually use them. You can use them all up, and after that, let them recover, and then when they are full again then use them again.

A further benefit to playing regularly is that your in-game net worth will rise faster when you play often and as you buy more building upgrades and new in-game buildings.

Depending on your net worth of milestones, you will unlock a variety of upgrades, and often, you will raise the maximum amount of rolls that you can actually hold at the same time. This will allow you to be offline and then access them whenever you want.

Collect Stickers

Make sure to collect many stickers so that you can complete different sticker collections. When you complete a new sticker collection then you will actually earn a massive amount of rolls as an upgrade in Monopoly Go.

In the game, there are tons of sticker sets to complete, so even if you’ve been playing the game a long time then you will still discover new ones, and the new ones will also be introduced by the developers as they continue to build the Monopoly Go game. Collect all of the in-game stickers you can so you can collect all of the bonus rolls you can.

If you finish every sticker set in an album, then you will be rewarded massively for completing the album. When you complete the sticker album then there will temporally not be additional stickers available; despite this, pay attention to the timer displayed in the sticker album in the game.

When the timer ends, the whole sticker collection will reset, meaning all of the old stickers will disappear, while all of the new in-game stickers will appear in their place in the game.

Also, you will be able to get new sets of stickers, complete them for rewards, and finish the sticker album for additional in-game rewards. These rewards, naturally, include lots of free rolls of the day.


This is our guide of how to get Unlimited Rolls on Monopoly Go. In this post, we covered all the possibile ways that will help you to get unlimited Rolls on Monopoly Go.

Also, if you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Monopoly Go Unlimited Rolls so comment section is always open for you.

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