How To Get Pure Prisms FGO 2023 – (Complete Guide)

How To Get Pure Prisms FGO

Are you searching for Fate/Grand Order how to get Pure Prisms? So you are at the right spot, here in this post you will get the complete guide on how to get Pure Prisms FGO.

Fate/Grand Order is an amazing free-to-play visual novel role-playing game where gamers can collect and level up in-game characters. There are different items in the game that can help gamers grow faster in the game.

Pure Prisms are one such in-game currency that can be exchanged for several Ascension Items in FGO. Gamers can exchange up to 100 units of a particular in-game item with Pure Prism via Da Vinci’s Workshop.

How To Get Pure Prisms FGO?

How To Get Pure Prisms FGO

Pure Prisms can actually be used in the game to attain items like Yggdrasil Seed, Unlucky Bone, or Dragon’s Reverse Scale. While some in-game items only need a single Pure Prism, other in-game items require 3 Pure Prisms in exchange.

There is only one way to get Pure Prism in FGO. gamers will have to clear Part two of the Main Quest to obtain the Pure Prism. Also, gamers can receive it from Gift Boxes. There is only a limited amount of Pure prism that gamers can acquire in the game.

Gamers can exchange the Pure Prisms for Ascension Materials and in-game Skill Gems. Items can require anywhere from one to three Pure Prisms in the game. Below we have mentioned the cost of acquiring all in-game items.

One Pure Prism

  • Chains of the Fool
  • Dragon Fang
  • Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid
  • Unlucky Bone
  • Stimulus Gunpowder
  • Hero’s Proof
  • Stinger of Certain Death
  • Tiny Bell of Amensty
  • Void’s Refuse
  • Hero’s Proof
  • Night-Weeping Iron Stake

Two Pure Prism

  • Ghost Lantern
  • Medal of Great Knight
  • Giant Ring
  • Homunculus Baby
  • Ancient Bell of Tranquility
  • Forbidden Page
  • Aurora Steel
  • Divine Spiricle Vein
  • Infinity Gear
  • Meteoric Horseshoe
  • Kotan, Magatama
  • Crown of Radiant Silver
  • Rainbow Yarn
  • Yggdrasil Seed
  • Arrowhead of Maledictions
  • Permafrost Ice Crystal
  • Seashell of Reminiscence
  • Snake Jewel
  • Pheonix Plume
  • Octuplet Twin Crystal
  • Scales of Fantasies

Three Pure Prism

  • Fruit of Longevity
  • Talon of Chaos
  • Cursed Beast Cholecyst
  • Scarab of Wisdom
  • Primordial Lanugo
  • Tsukumo Mirror
  • Bizarre Godly Wine
  • Comet Shard
  • Demonic Flame Hozuki
  • Dragon’s Reverse Scale
  • Warhorse’s Immature Horn
  • Bloodstone Tear
  • Lamp of Demon Sealing
  • Heart of a Foreign God
  • Black Tallow
  • Genesis Egg
  • Spirit Root
  • Dawnlight Reactor Core

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How To Get Pure Prisms FGO Best Tips

How To Get Pure Prisms FGO

Here are some best tips that will help you to get Pure Prisms FGO in Fate/Grand Order

Participate In Events

Events in FGO frequently offer limited-time servants as in-game rewards, and these are often a good way to obtain a Pure Prism servant. Be sure to check the event schedule and participate in several events to increase your chances of obtaining a desired in-game servant.

Save Up Your Saint Quartz

Saint Quartz is the premium in-game currency in FGO and is used to purchase servants and perform different actions in the game. Saving up your FGO Saint Quartz and using it to perform a Summoning event, which randomly offers you a servant from a pool of possible servants, can actually increase your chances of getting a Pure Prism servant.

Utilize The Friend Point Summon

In the FGO game, you can actually earn Friend Points by interacting with other gamers, such as by sending and receiving in-game gifts. These Friend Points can be actually used to perform a Friend Point Summon, which also randomly offers you a servant, but with a higher chance of obtaining a four or five star servant.

Trade With Other Gamers

You can also get a Pure Prism servant by trading with other gamers. Look for gamers who have duplicate servants and are actually willing to trade them for one of your own in the game. Also, you can find other gamers looking to trade servants on different FGO communities or forums.

Be Patient

Getting a Pure Prism servant in FGO takes effort and time. Be patient and keep on playing, participating in different in-game events, and saving up resources. At some point, with a bit of luck, you will actually get your desired servant.


We hope you like this How To Get Pure Prisms FGO guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on how to get Pure Prisms in Fate/Grand Order.

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