How To Get Leather In Palia : (Full Guide!)

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How To Get Leather In Palia : In the enchanting world of Palia, where creativity meets adventure, resources play a vital role in shaping your journey. Among these resources, leather stands out as a key component, essential for crafting furniture, upgrading equipment, and unlocking new possibilities. But how does one obtain this valuable material? Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to optimize your leather gathering or a newcomer eager to dive into the crafting system, this guide is tailored for you. Join us as we explore the various methods of acquiring leather in Palia, from buying and crafting to unique community interactions. Prepare to enhance your gameplay experience and unlock the secrets of leather in Palia.

How To Get Leather In Palia

Leather is an essential resource in the world of Palia, a popular online game. Whether you’re crafting furniture, upgrading equipment, or fulfilling quests, leather is a material you’ll frequently encounter. This article will guide you through the various methods of obtaining leather in Palia, ensuring that you never run out of this valuable resource.

Where To Get Leather In Palia

There are three primary ways to Get Leather In Palia:

  1. Buying It: Once you reach Level 2 in Hunting, you can unlock the guild shop where leather can be purchased for 60 Gold. You can also buy leather from the Furniture Store that you visit when you first start the game. While 60 Gold might not seem expensive initially, it can become costly if you need large amounts.
  2. Making It Yourself: Crafting leather is a more cost-effective method. It involves hunting and using your furniture-building skills.
  3. Requesting It: You can request leather as a reward for completing quests or have it given to you by other players through the community feature.

How To Craft Leather In Palia

Crafting leather in Palia not only provides you with a valuable resource but also enhances your skills in hunting and furniture building. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you craft leather and Get Leather In Palia.

Reach Furniture Building Level 2

The first step to craft leather is to reach Furniture Building Level 2. This is a skill level that you can increase by crafting different types of furniture in the game. By reaching Furniture Building Level 2, you will unlock new recipes, including the Fabric Loom plan. The Fabric Loom plan is essential for crafting leather, as it allows you to create a loom that can turn wool into fabric.

Purchase the Fabric Loom Recipe

The second step to craft leather is to purchase the Fabric Loom recipe from Jel at the Furniture Store. Jel is a friendly NPC who sells various furniture plans and items in the game. You can find him at his store in the town center.

To purchase the Fabric Loom recipe, you will need to pay a certain amount of coins, which is the currency in the game. You can earn coins by selling items, completing quests, or finding treasure chests in the game. Once you have enough coins, you can buy the Fabric Loom recipe from Jel and add it to your inventory.

Gather the Necessary Resources

To build the Fabric Loom, you’ll need to collect the following materials:

  • 15 Sapwood Planks: Gathered from trees.
  • 20 Plant Fiber: Collected from various plants.
  • 2 Copper Bars: Mined and smelted.
  • 5 Ceramics: Crafted or purchased.

Build the Fabric Loom

The third step to craft leather is to build the Fabric Loom. To do this, you will need some resources, such as wood, nails, and fabric. You can find these resources by exploring the game world, harvesting trees and plants, or buying them from other NPCs. Once you have all the necessary resources, you can follow the crafting instructions to build the Fabric Loom.

You can access the crafting instructions by opening your inventory and selecting the Fabric Loom plan. The crafting process will take some time, depending on your skill level and the quality of your resources.

When the crafting is done, you will have a Fabric Loom that you can place in a suitable location within your plot. You can move the Fabric Loom around by interacting with it and choosing the option to relocate.

Obtain Sernuk Hide

The fourth step to craft leather is to obtain Sernuk Hide. Sernuk Hide is a material that comes from Sernuk, a type of animal that can be found near the entrance to Bahari Bay in Kilima Valley. Sernuk are large and furry creatures that resemble bears, but with horns and tusks.

They are usually peaceful, but they will attack if provoked or threatened. To hunt Sernuk, you will need a weapon, such as a bow or a spear. You can craft these weapons yourself or buy them from other NPCs.

Once you have a weapon, you can approach a Sernuk and engage in combat. The combat system in the game is based on timing and accuracy. You have to aim at the weak spots of the Sernuk, such as its head or chest, and release your weapon at the right moment.

You also have to dodge or block the attacks of the Sernuk, which can be powerful and fast. If you manage to defeat a Sernuk, you will be able to collect its hide by interacting with its corpse. You will need at least one hide for each piece of leather you wish to craft.

Craft the Leather

The fifth step to craft leather is to use the Fabric Loom to turn Sernuk Hide into leather. To do this, you have to interact with the Fabric Loom and select the option to craft leather. You will need one Sernuk Hide for each piece of leather.

The crafting process takes about five minutes from start to finish for each piece. During this time, you can watch the Fabric Loom work its magic, or you can do other things in the game, such as exploring, questing, or trading. When the crafting is done, you will have a piece of leather that you can use for various purposes in the game.

Repeat as Needed

The sixth and final step to craft leather is to repeat steps four and five as many times as needed to craft the desired amount of leather. Remember, crafting leather yourself is a cost-effective method, especially if you need large quantities. Leather is a versatile material that can be used to craft different types of items in the game, such as clothing, furniture, and decorations.

These are some of the steps and tips on how to craft leather in the game. By following these steps, you will be able to create your own leather items and enjoy the benefits of this material.

How to Buy Leather

Buying leather is the quickest way to obtain it, but it can be expensive. You can buy leather from Hassian once you hit Level 2 in Hunting and unlock the guild shop. It’s also available at the Furniture Store in town for 60 gold.

How to Request Leather

Palia has a community feature built into the social menu, allowing you to request an item up to four times a day. Other players can fulfill that request, providing a way to get leather if you have little time to play.


Leather is a versatile and essential resource in Palia, used in various crafting and upgrading processes. Whether you choose to buy it, make it yourself, or request it from other players, understanding how to get leather is crucial to your success in the game. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you’ll never find yourself short of leather, allowing you to focus on enjoying the rich and immersive world of Palia.

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