How To Get Haki In Pixel Piece 2023 – (Full Guide!)

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Do you want to know how to get Haki in Pixel Piece? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on how to unlock and get Haki in Pixel Piece.

Haki is a popular power to get for many Pixel Piece players. This in-game power is widely known in the One Piece fandom. Pixel Piece is one of the most popular One Piece Roblox games, only 2nd to Blox Fruits.

In this game, you can finish different in-game quests, unlock various islands, and take on strong opponents, While playing, you can upgrade your skills and arsenal with in-game items like Devil Fruits and abilities such as Haki. In this post, you will find out how to unlock this ability in the Roblox Pixel Piece game.

How To Get Haki In Pixel Piece?

How To Get Haki In Pixel Piece

Here are the complete details of how to get Haki in Pixel Piece so now let’s start with Haki v1.

Haki v1

In order to begin your game journey to find Haki, you first have to be sure you are Lvl 70 and have 5K Gold. Both of these in-game requirements are necessary to begin the in-game quest to get Haki in Pixel Piece. Therefore, follow the below steps to find Haki v1:

  • To begin with, head to Vaill Island and then speak to the NPC Next.
  • After that, gives you the in-game quest, go to the left of Next and then use the in-game teleporter to reach Jungle of Chaos. Be sure it is Nighttime when you actually enter.
  • After entering, look for the Ancient Gorilla boss. It will appear at night and be chained to the in-game ground.
  • Once you’ve located the boss, break its chains and defeat it. This can be actually a slow process, so prepare with your best damaging build and your most powerful armor to tank damage in the game.
  • Keep killing the Ancient Gorilla until it actually drops Haki in the game.

Haki v2 And Haki v3

Unlocking Haki v2 is easier, as it requires only that you reach 17K Mastery with Haki v1. It’s the same with Haki v3, but this upgrade needs a whopping 50K Mastery with Haki v2.

Farming Mastery can be time-consuming, so it is best to head out on other in-game quests and use Haki against enemies to raise it gradually in the game.

Upgrading Haki In Pixel Piece

Once you actually get the Haki ability in Pixel Piece game then you can upgrade it to Lvls V2 and V3. Here is the details of how to do it and the buffs you will actually get:

  • Haki V1 (Defeat the Ancient Gorilla)
    • +1 Melee/Sword Damage in the game
  • Haki V2 (Reach 17K Haki Mastery)
    • +4 Melee/Sword Damage in the game
  • Haki V3 (Reach 50K Haki Mastery)
    • +7 Melee/Sword Damage in the game

Haki Benefits In Pixel Piece

The main reason you are going to prefer Haki is the melee and sword damage buff it offers. At Haki v1, the buff is actually a simple +1 to the in-game damage.

At Haki v2, the in-game damage grows to a very respectable +4 to the in-game damage. Finally, at Haki v3 the in-game damage rises to +7, offering an impressive damage boost for melee and sword users in the game.

Another key note to remember about Haki is that it actually allows you to in-game damage anyone using Logia, which makes it invaluable in combating these opponents. In addition to the prodigious damage boost, this also makes Haki a great upgrade in the game.

How to Beat the Ancient Gorilla

How To Get Haki In Pixel Piece

The Ancient Gorilla is a big enemy and cannot be defeated easily. You need to work with a team to do this. Keep in mind that you will need to do a certain amount of in-game damage to the Ancient Gorilla to get the Haki. The Ancient Gorilla has a lot of health, so do not expect this to be an easy battle.

After entering the Ancient Gorillas’ arena in the game, you have to approach this beast and break his in-game chains. Once the chains are actually broken, the battle will begin. The Ancient Gorilla has 3 main attacks:

  • Double Punch → This attack deals one hundred damage and hits the gamer twice, knocking him back slightly.
  • Chestbeat → The Gorilla will actually beat on its roar and chest, dealing only ten damage but stunning and knocking the gamer back.
  • Ground Slam → This in-game move encompasses the entire arena, but can be jumped on. It will deal four hundred damage if you are unlucky enough to actually get hit.


Hopefully, you like this Haki in Pixel Piece guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on how to unlock and get Haki in Pixel Piece.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Haki in Pixel Piece so comment section is always open for you.

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