How To Get Gold Stickers In Monopoly Go 2023 – (New Guide!)

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Are you searching how to get Gold Stickers in Monopoly Go? So now your search is complete. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on how to get Gold Stickers or Gold Cards in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Gold stickers or cards are the rarest items you get in the game. Gold stickers are fairly hard to find as they are very rare drops that you can actually get from different packs.

Even worse, unlike other Monopoly Go stickers of a lower rarity, you are not actually allowed to trade gold-bordered stickers with other gamers.

This means that you have to be lucky to find each gold sticker on your own. To raise your odds, here are details of how you can earn gold stickers for free in Monopoly Go.

How To Get Gold Stickers In Monopoly Go 2023

Golden Cards as well as any other Stickers are collected from the packs, but they are extremely rare. Now, you may know, there are various pack colors, like blue, green, and purple, and this affects the chances as well.

The odds of obtaining this card through purple, blue, and premium purple packs are better than the rest, as claimed by some gamers. However, you should try to get all the Sticker packs available, if you are lucky you will get them from green as well.

Among the methods that are more likely to give these premium packs and Golden Stickers, we have 2 ways: Top 3 rank in tournaments and Limited-time events. But there is actually no assurance that you will get Gold Stickers with this in Monopoly Go, it is only that the chances are greater. Limited-time events offer various tasks, you get rewards for completing them.

If you can get enough points in the game, then you will get the free Dice, Stickers Pack, and money. In the in-game tournament, you will compete with other gamers and try to score quicker and more than the rest of the gamers.

Monopoly Go Gold Stickers

About Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is a famous mobile game for iOS and Android devices that combines the fun of the Monopoly board game with gameplay against other gamers, similar to Coin Master game where you and other gamers can steal each other’s goodies and money.

Also, you can earn different prizes such as stars, stickers, and golden stickers. All 3 of these are some of the most coveted in-game prizes, while also among the most valuable.

In this game, you earn a set of stickers that you can collect, and when you finish a sticker sets then you get a significant amount of cash and dice rolls.

Moreover, it gives you a status boost to collect all of the in-game sticker packs. Among the rarest sticker sets contain golden stickers in the Monopoly Go game.


Here are some questions and answers about how to get Gold Stickers In Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go Gold Stickers

Q. What Are Stickers?

Stickers are collectible in-game items that are found all over the Monopoly Go game. 9 unique Stickers complete each Album. You can complete an Album to earn big prizes, such as one of 3 special Tokens in the game.

Q. How To Get Stickers?

There are different ways to get Stickers in the Monopoly Go game these are spinning the Color Set Wheel, progressing through Milestone Events, Finishing Quick Wins, finishing top three in a Tournament, being gifted Stickers from a friend, or purchasing Sticker Packs.

Q. What Are The Monopoly Go Gold Stickers?

Monopoly Go Gold Stickers are the primary and rare stickers in the game. It’s too hard to get the Gold Stickers in the Monopoly Go game.


We hope you like this How to Get Gold Stickers in Monopoly Go guide. Gold Stickers are the top stickers in the game, in this post we mentioned the complete process of getting Gold Stickers in Monopoly Go.

Thanks for reading this Monopoly Go Gold Stickers post, if want to ask any questions about the so ask in the comments.

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