How To Get Free Dice In Monopoly Go 2023 – (Full Guide!)

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Do you want to know how to get free Dice in Monopoly Go? So you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on how to get free Dice in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go is an amazing virtualized version of the popular board game Monopoly. You can download Monopoly Go mobile game for free on Android and iOS platforms.

In this game, you will be given a set number of dice rolls before running out of turns. Even so, there are various ways through which you can again get them. Now without wasting time let’s start the how to get free Dice in Monopoly Go details.

Monopoly Go Free Rolls, Dice Links And Spins Codes 2023

Currently, there are no Monopoly Go codes or daily links available to get free rolls, spins, dice, and othe rewards. Please make sure you do not use any Monopoly Go cheats or follow unknown links because the game developers have not released any such system.

If and when Monopoly Go game developers actually do then we will keep you updated through this post.

How To Get Free Dice In Monopoly Go

Free Dice In Monopoly

There are different reliable ways to get Monopoly Go free dice rolls. All the working ways we have listed below, so follow them to achieve success in the game.

Sticker Albums

Sticker Albums

These Albums change frequently, allowing you to earn more and better in-game rewards. And the good thing about this system is that you can simply trade cards to complete album sets in the game.

Invite Friends

Monopoly Go Invite Friends

If your friend or other player joins the Monopoly Go game using your invite then you receive some amount of free Dice and sometimes even in-game money.

And the more gamers you recruit, the better the number of free Dice, Rolls, and other rewards you earn in the game, so send out the invites and earn amazing in-game prizes.

Collect Daily Treats

Collect Daily Treats

Always collect daily Monopoly Go rewards, even when you do not plan to play the game for a day to get free Dice. These Monopoly Go rewards keep getting better when you actually collect them daily, day seven being the best of all in the game.

Complete Wins

Complete Wins

In the Monopoly Go game, you can actually see Wins in the bottom left corner. They are really simple and can be done to earn dice and other in-game gifts. Also, completing them for seven consecutive days to actually unlocks a Weekly prize with the best claims in the game.

Free Rolls From Social Media

Monopoly Go game developer (Scopley) occasionally conducts competitions and giveaways through their official social media accounts, from which players can earn free dice rolls and other in-game rewards.

You can simply monitor Monopoly Go official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Discord accounts from time to time for a chance to participate in giveaways. However, these Monopoly Go giveaways rarely happen, so you have to be updated on all their social media platforms.

Claim Free Shop Gifts

Open the Monopoly Go game and click to the list icon from the top right corner to claim free Shop rewards and gifts. Then click Shop and scroll down the offer wall till you actually see the Free option. Next, click on the Free button to get free Money, Spins, and other rewards in the game.

Level Up Your Game

To get more dice rolls, the best method is leveling up your account in Monopoly Go. In the beginning, you will get a free dice roll every five minutes. This can actually happen up to a maximum number of thirty.

As you play and gain more experience then the thirty times limit will rise to a greater number. So, make sure you play it every day and use up your dice rolls as soon as possible.

Moreover, every time you level up your in-game net worth, you will get multiple free rolls as a reward in the game. Therefore, keep spending the in-game money to achieve a higher net worth in order to get free rolls in Monopoly Go.


Here are some questions and answers about How to get free Dice in Monopoly Go.

Q. What Are Monopoly GO Free Rolls?

You have to roll on a monopoly board to actually earn cash that you can use on town upgrades, and you require dice, or rolls in order to do this.

If you are willing to spend money then you can buy rolls when you run out to continue playing, but there are a variety of ways you can get them for free, and these ways are mentioned above.

Q. How To Get Monopoly GO Free Rolls?

If you focus on all of the Monopoly GO activities on a daily basis then you will have more than enough free rolls to continue playing the game.

Q. What Are Monopoly GO Dices and Rolls?

Monopoly GO Dices and Free Rolls are basically the same thing.


We hope you like this how to get free Dice in Monopoly Go guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of how to get free Dice in Monopoly Go.

If you want to share any feedback or suggestions about how to get free Dice in Monopoly Go so comment section is always open for you.

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