How to Get Eggs in Adopt Me (Guide!) (2023 Update)

How to Get Eggs in Adopt Me

Learn how to get eggs in Adopt Me with this comprehensive guide, featuring tips and tricks for obtaining various types of eggs and hatching exclusive pets.


Are you an avid Adopt Me player looking to expand your pet collection? Eggs are the key to unlocking rare and exclusive pets in the game. In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to get eggs in Adopt Me, from earning currency to exploring various egg types and hatching tips.

How to get eggs in adopt me

Getting eggs in Adopt Me is an essential part of expanding your pet collection. To acquire eggs, you will need to earn in-game currency and purchase them from various locations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get eggs in Adopt Me:


Earn in-game currency (Bucks):

Complete tasks for your pets, log in daily for rewards, and participate in events to earn Bucks.

Purchase eggs with Bucks:

Visit the Nursery, where you can buy different types of eggs using the Bucks you’ve earned. You can choose from Cracked Eggs (350 Bucks), Pet Eggs (600 Bucks), or Royal Eggs (1,450 Bucks).

Limited edition and themed eggs:

Keep an eye out for special events and updates, as Adopt Me occasionally releases limited edition or themed eggs. These eggs might be available for purchase with Bucks or require participation in specific in-game activities.


Star Rewards program:

By logging in daily, you can earn stars as part of the Star Rewards program. Accumulate enough stars to claim Golden and Diamond Eggs, which guarantee legendary pets.

Trading with other players:

You may also acquire eggs by trading with other players in the game. This can be especially useful for obtaining limited edition or rare eggs that are no longer available for purchase.

Remember to be patient, as collecting various eggs and hatching rare pets takes time and dedication. Keep earning Bucks, participating in events, and staying updated with the game’s news to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to obtain new eggs.


Earning Currency to Buy Eggs in Adopt Me

Before you can start collecting eggs, you’ll need to earn currency in the game. There are two main currencies in Adopt Me: Bucks and Robux. Here’s how you can earn them:

Earning Bucks

  1. Complete tasks: Take care of your pets by completing tasks such as feeding, bathing, and playing. Each completed task will earn you Bucks.
  2. Log in daily: Receive login rewards in the form of Bucks when you log in to Adopt Me every day.
  3. Participate in events: Keep an eye out for in-game events that offer opportunities to earn extra Bucks.

Purchasing Robux

Robux is the premium currency in Roblox, which can also be used in Adopt Me. You can buy Robux directly through the Roblox platform using real money.

Types of Eggs in Adopt Me and How to Get Them

There are various types of eggs in Adopt Me, each with its own unique set of pets. Here’s a breakdown of the different egg types and how to acquire them:


Cracked Egg

Cracked Eggs can be purchased for 350 Bucks from the Nursery. They offer a 45% chance of hatching a common pet, a 33% chance for an uncommon pet, a 14.5% chance for a rare pet, and a 1.5% chance for an ultra-rare pet.

Pet Egg

Pet Eggs are available for 600 Bucks at the Nursery. These eggs provide a 20% chance of hatching a common pet, a 35% chance for an uncommon pet, a 27% chance for a rare pet, a 15% chance for an ultra-rare pet, and a 3% chance for a legendary pet.

Royal Egg

Royal Eggs can be obtained for 1,450 Bucks at the Nursery. They offer a 0% chance of hatching a common pet, an 18% chance for an uncommon pet, a 30% chance for a rare pet, a 25% chance for an ultra-rare pet, and a 27% chance for a legendary pet.


Safari Egg, Jungle Egg, Farm Egg, and Aussie Egg (Limited Edition)

These limited edition eggs were available during specific time periods and can no longer be purchased in the game. However, you may still be able to acquire them through trading with other players who own these eggs.

Fossil Egg, Ocean Egg, and Mythic Egg

Fossil, Ocean, and Mythic Eggs replaced the limited edition eggs mentioned above. They can be purchased for 750 Bucks from their respective locations within the game. Each of these eggs has a unique set of pets to hatch.

Hatching Tips for Adopt Me Eggs

To hatch eggs in Adopt Me, you’ll need to complete tasks that appear on the screen, just like you would with any other pet. Here are some tips to speed up the hatching process:

  1. Utilize boosts: Purchase hatching boosts from the in-game shop using Robux to reduce the number of tasks required to hatch eggs.
  2. Prioritize tasks: Focus on completing tasks with higher egg hatching progress to speed up the process.
  3. Team up with friends: Ask friends to help you complete tasks and take care of your eggs, making the hatching process more efficient and enjoyable.
  4. Take advantage of in-game events: Participate in events that may offer special bonuses or opportunities to accelerate egg hatching.

Special Eggs in Adopt Me

In addition to the eggs mentioned above, there are also special eggs in Adopt Me that can be obtained through unique methods:

Starter Egg

The Starter Egg is given to players when they first join Adopt Me. It cannot be traded, and it guarantees a hatching of an uncommon pet.

Blue Egg and Pink Egg

Blue and Pink Eggs were part of the game’s early development and can no longer be obtained through normal gameplay. However, you may still be able to acquire them through trading with other players who have these eggs in their inventory.


Golden Egg and Diamond Egg

Golden and Diamond Eggs can be acquired through the Star Rewards program. Players earn stars by logging in daily, and after accumulating enough stars, they can claim a Golden or Diamond Egg. Golden Eggs have a 100% chance of hatching a legendary Golden pet, while Diamond Eggs guarantee a legendary Diamond pet.

Gifts and Event Eggs

Occasionally, Adopt Me releases event-based or holiday-themed eggs that can only be obtained for a limited time. These eggs often come with exclusive pets and can be acquired through in-game activities, events, or purchasing with currency.


Expanding your pet collection in Adopt Me is an exciting and rewarding experience. By learning how to get eggs in Adopt Me, earning currency, and understanding the different egg types, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking rare pets and becoming an expert player. Don’t forget to utilize our hatching tips and stay updated on special events to make the most of your Adopt Me journey.


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