How To Get Diamonds On My Singing Monsters 2023

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Do you want to know how to get Diamonds on My Singing Monsters? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the best ways to get Diamonds in My Singing Monsters game.

There are different ways that you can make diamonds in My Singing Monster. Here, we will describe these ways and explain how you can maximize your in-game diamond production. Continue reading to find out about how to get diamonds quickly in My Singing Monsters.

My Singing Monsters Game Currency Diamonds

You must be careful with how you spend your in-game currency as a free-to-play player in My Singing Monsters. As an example, do not spend diamonds to purchase monsters. The best thing you can do instead is become a breeder in the game.

Generally, you should try and do the best to avoid spending any gems, unless you have no other choice. Make sure you max out whatever you can without spending in-game diamonds, then use the currency to make new upgrades in the game.

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How To Get Diamonds On My Singing Monsters 2023

Diamonds On My Singing Monsters

Here are some best ways that will help you get Diamonds On My Singing Monsters:

Daily Login Bonus

Your daily My Singing Monsters login rewards you with the Daily Login Bonus. For 10 days, the benefits become greater daily; then they reset and begin again.

Spin Wheel

Once daily, the Castle provides access to the mini-game The Spin Wheel. There are eleven rewards with equal chances that may be won with every spin, or a Grand Prize. Naturally, this is subject to chance, but you can still use it whenever it is possible in the game.

Memory Game

Castle does not limit you to The Spin Wheel mini-game only, there is also Memory Game as another mini-game. For you to win, you will have to memorize a matching pair of cards. The in-game diamond rewards are based on the final level you can actually reach in the game.

Get Diamonds From Mines

The following is a simple strategy for farming diamonds in the game. To maximize diamond production, you have to collect your in-game rewards from your islands quickly.

Maximum Mines

If you buy an in-app item at any time then your mini-mines can be upgraded for maximum mining. In contrast to mini mines, maximum mines can generate a total of four diamonds per day (two every twelve hours).

Mini Mines

The mini-mine is available at Lvl 8, and you can buy it from the market. You will be able to produce one diamond daily, so be sure to put it on all of your in-game islands.

Get Diamonds From Goals

Here are the ways that you get free Diamonds from Goals

Weekly Tasks

There are several tasks that once you finish you will be rewarded with different prizes, such as diamonds sometimes. You should not focus on these goals so much, as they are actually difficult to achieve. Rather, keep playing, and eventually you will complete them in the game.

Tribal Island

Every tribal island has a Lvl goal that upon reaching, you will be awarded diamonds. You will achieve these goals around mid-game, so you should not bother with this early on.

Mid to Late Game Farming Strategies For Diamonds

Here are the Mid to Late Game Diamonds Farming Strategies

Wublin Farming

Another good diamond farming strategy is Wublin farming in the game and this strategy is quite simple. You need to fit as many Wublins as you can on the in-game island. Since they are simpler to awaken, Zythns are the best ones.

Celestial Farming

Celestial Farming is aalso good strategy that costs diamonds so use it only during the very late in-game stages. You can have sixty celestials in total (five on each in-game island) and they can produce up to one hundred twenty diamonds per week in the game.

Shard Exchange

You should not waste your time with this in-game strategy unless it is the end of the game, and you are out of options to deploy.

On Ethereal Island, you can exchange 30,000 shards for one diamond. You need to concentrate on producing the many shards as you can and exchange them for in-game diamonds.

Where To Get More Diamonds On My Singing Monsters?

Diamonds On My Singing Monsters

Here are some other best ways to get more Diamonds on My Singing Monsters

  • Monsters that can create bonus in-game items can reward you with a bonus item worth 1 Diamond.
  • Having a Top 10 Island equals 100 Diamonds weekly.
  • You can share accomplishments through social media to get Diamonds.
  • Reaching a specific rank or Lvl in the Colossingum’s Versus mode.
  • Paying cash for Diamonds or completing free game offers in MSM.

Uses Of Diamonds In My Singing Monsters

Here is the list of uses of Diamonds in My Singing Monsters game:

  • Purchasing Hybrid, Unusual, and Rare Monsters (Not including Fire Monsters or dipsters)
  • Increasing the speed of time-dependent processes in the game, such as the breeding structure and the nursery
  • Reviving dormant Supernatural Monsters such as the Wublins and Wubbox
  • Purchasing Relics and Coins
  • Upgrading the Castle to Paradise, Extravagant, or Crystalline
  • Buying extra wheel spins, nursery scratch, and memory games
  • Upgrading the Storage Structure, Hotel, Nursery, and Breeding Structure
  • Lighting Wishing Torches
  • Biggifying Monsters
  • Buying Island Skins and Mirror Islands
  • Buying Rocks and Trees as decorations
  • Purchasing another Breeding Structure and a Nursery in the game


Thanks for reading this post of how to get Diamonds on My Singing Monsters. In this post, we covered the best ways to get Diamonds in My Singing Monsters game.

Also, If you want to share any other ways to get Diamonds on My Singing Monsters so comment below, Happy Gaming.

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