How To Get and Use Strange Ores in Peroxide (Guide!)

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How To Get and Use Strange Ores in Peroxide : Whilе travеrsing thе mystеrious world of Pеroxidе and еngaging in various sporting activitiеs, you may havе comе across many uniquе and unknown ingrеdiеnts that you may not havе rеalizеd thе significancе of. Whilе somе itеms may provе vital to your gamе, somе arе mеant for cеrtain playеrs. Onе of thеm is thе uniquе contеnt ‘Strangе Orеs’, which is mainly for Quincy playеrs. You may havе found it without rеalizing it thе first timе and thе gamе didn’t providе an еxplanation. So, wе arе hеrе to providе you with information about thеsе uniquе mеtals in pеroxidеs and how to obtain and usе thеm propеrly.

How To Get Strange Ores in Peroxide

Strange Ore Peroxide is a unique material that you can get in the game in two ways:

  • Take part in the attack.
  • Participate in Time Gate Competition.

Joining the assault gives you different challenges, such as finding hidden clothes, defeating enemies or fighting a big boss. To start it, you have to level up and meet the leaders of your army. Upon winning, you get various rewards, which can also include strange ore.

Whereas, Time Gate competition is for players who are more experienced. In this, players have to fight against each other. Your main objective here is to survive and defeat as many enemies as possible. Upon victory, you get a variety of rewards, which can also contain strange ores.

How To Use Strange Ores in Peroxide

As mentioned earlier, the Strange Ores Quincy faction is a unique piece of content. For using exotic metals in peroxide, contact Johan at Wandenreich. Interact with him and select the ‘Fix Me Up’ special category, which allows you to improve your equipment. By making the right use of rare metals, Johan will make it even more valuable and add new or advanced features to your equipment. This feature can be an important step for you. Indeed, in the perilous world of peroxide, every chance is worth gold.

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