#Roblox – How to get all free items in PLAYPRINTS World

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If you want to get some cool free stuff in Roblox, you should try playing different games’ special events. PLAYPRINTS World has a fun game where you can go to different places and find magic scrolls that tell a story and a secret. I liked seeing the different places, and I also got a free item that only I can have. Here’s how you can get one too.

Free items in PLAYPRINTS World

PLAYPRINTS World is a game where you can explore different worlds and find magic scrolls. The scrolls tell you a story and a secret about the game. You can also get some free items by playing the game. Here’s how to get them.

PLAYPRINTS World Backpack

The first free item is the PLAYPRINTS World Backpack. You can get it by joining the game for the first time. It will be in your inventory automatically.


The second free item is the PLAYPRINTS World Hat. You can get it by finding and collecting all 12 magic scrolls in the game. The scrolls are hidden in different worlds, and you have to solve puzzles and challenges to get them. When you have all 12 scrolls, you will get the hat as a reward.


The third free item is the PLAYPRINTS World Wings. You can get it by completing the final quest in the game. The quest is to find and enter the secret portal that leads to the final world. The portal is hidden in one of the worlds, and you have to use clues from the scrolls to find it. When you enter the portal, you will go to the final world and get the wings as a reward.

These are the three free items that you can get in PLAYPRINTS World. They are exclusive to this game, and you can’t get them anywhere else. They are also very cool and colorful, and they match the theme of the game. If you want to get them, you have to play the game and find the scrolls and the portal.

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