How to Fix Solo Battles Not Working in Madden 24 (Guide!)

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Hey there! Some of you might be facing difficulties playing Solo Battles in Madden 24. If you’ve been with Madden for a while, you’ll know this isn’t unheard of – we’ve seen hiccups with this favorite mode in previous versions too. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! While we can’t promise an immediate fix, we’ve got some potential solutions lined up for you in this handy guide. Hang in there, we’ve got your back.

How to fix solo battles not working in Madden 24?

No confirmed solution exists yet for the malfunctioning Solo Battles in Madden 24, likely due to a server issue. While EA has yet to formally recognize the error, we hope for an official fix in the near future. Until then, there are ways to attempt fixing Solo Battles on your own. Let’s review potential remedies.

Solution #1 – Update Madden 24 to Current Version

A potential fix for the issue with Solo Battles functioning might be to upgrade your Madden 24 game to its latest version. Remember that EA has issued a day-one patch for Madden 24. If you do not have automatic updates enabled on your console, this could potentially be the reason for the malfunction of the mode. It is advisable to verify an update by visiting the information section of your Madden 24 console app.

Solution #2 – Restart Madden 24

Though it seems basic, at times the only solution is to restart the game and give it another shot. I ran into the issue “Our servers cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later”. All I did was restart my Xbox and attempted Solo Battles once more. This time around, it worked! This could very well be the solution you’re searching for.

Solution #3 – Check EA Server Status

Electronic Arts (EA) is typically diligent in updating the community about any errors concerning Madden. It is thus crucial to stay informed about their server conditions. Monitor the server status and check on updates for the specific mode by following the official X account for Madden 24. If you need a faster response, reach EA customer support directly and submit a ticket.

Solution #4 – Check Internet Connection

To play Solo Battles smoothly, you need a good internet connection. Your experience can greatly improve if you speed up your internet. If you feel like your wifi or ethernet is acting sluggish, try rebooting your modem and router. Take it easy, mate, and often after a quick restart, the internet gets its mojo back. It might even fix any issues you’re having with your Solo Battles.

Solution #5 – Restart Modem & Router

The excess cache stored in your modem and router may be causing technical issues while playing Madden 24. For an enhanced and more stable network connection, it is advised to restart these devices. Moreover, your modem and router often operate continuously, leading to potential overheating issues. A quick restart can effectively cool down these devices and enhance their performance. Once done, attempt to restart Madden 24 on your system.

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