How To Breed Humbug 2023 – (My Singing Monsters) (New!)

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Do you want to know how to Breed Humbug in My Singing Monsters? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on how to Breed Epic Humbug in My Singing Monsters.

With the new update, many different monsters have been added to My Singing Monsters such as the Humbug monster. Therefore, most eager gamers are looking for how to breed the Epic Humbug in My Singing Monsters game.

The Humbug is actually an Ethereal element monster type that will be available for breeding for a limited time only. While you can purchase this Ethereal monster on Ethereal islands and Earth, many gamers are looking for a breeding combination. So, check out our post to learn how to breed this monster on Earth & Ethereal Island.

How To Breed Humbug

If you want to breed a Humbug in My Singing Monsters so you have to combine at least four elements with one monster with three elements. In order to save you some time, here are all the combinations you can use to breed a Humbug in My Singing Monsters game:

Quarrister And Clamble

Quarrister and clamble

Quarrister and Clamble can breed the humbug monster in My Singing Monsters.

Quarrister And Thumpies

Quarrister And Thumpies

Quarrister and Thumpies can breed the humbug monster in My Singing Monsters.

Quarrister And Pompom

Quarrister And Pompom

Quarrister and Pompom can breed the humbug monster in My Singing Monsters.

Quarrister And Reedling

Quarrister And Reedling

Quarrister and Reedling can breed the humbug monster in My Singing Monsters.

All 4 combinations have a possibility of breeding a Humbug, but you can actually maximize your chances of producing one by putting torches on Earth Island.

Also, when you breed a Humbug in My Singing Monsters game, it will take 1 day and 12 hours for the Earth time, and 1 day and 3 hours for the enhanced Earth version. In the case of ethereal monsters, the time decreases to ten hours, and roughly 7 hours for the upgraded version.

How To Place Torches In My Singing Monsters

You can actually get torches in My Singing Monsters via the structures menu in the Market. Torches cost around 10,000 coins, and you can use over 10 torches. Despite that, you must use torches before they will give you a bonus.

You must pay two diamonds to light these torches for 24 hours, or 100 diamonds to light them permanently.

The best alternative to lighting torches is to invite your friends to your in-game island to light 1 torch. Every lit torch will also increase the chance of a monster being bred successfully.

Boost Earnings By Placing Decorations

To increase your humbug’s earnings, so we also provide decorations & monsters you have to actually place near the humbug to get the 25 to 100 percent earning bonus.

The Humbug Decorations –

  • Floofy Nest
  • Piney Tree
  • Flappy Flag

The Humbug Monsters –

The Humbug Monsters

How To Breed Ethereal Monsters

Ethereal monsters are more difficult to breed, so you have to be lucky if you want to breed an ethereal monster in the game. Also, If you do not succeed the first time so try again. Ethereal monsters are only successful about ten percent so give it a few tries.


Hopefully, you like this Breed Humbug guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on how to Breed Epic Humbug in My Singing Monsters.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the My Singing Monsters game so comment section is always open for you.

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