How To Breed Cherubble In My Singing Monsters 2023

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Are you searching for how to Breed Cherubble in My Singing Monsters? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete Cherubble Breeding guide.

Now without further delay let’s start the How to Breed Cherubble in My Singing Monsters guide.

About Cherubble

Cherubble is the Monster itself is almost constantly asleep, lulled to sleep by the playing of its skilled accomplices. A common ancestor of other playbackyderms like Peckidna and Woolabee, this Mythical Monster comes from the bustling and vibrant coral reefs of the World of Monsters.

The physical characteristics of the Cherubble are unique and highly specialized: elongated cerata on its back that extend out to form the Monster’s weapon; hornlike structures atop its head that project dreams onto reality; and the ‘charms’ which are actually the physical byproduct of manifested dreams imprinted on its skin.

In response to the Fire Oasis song, it has declared itself the official ambassador of the living ocean, establishing the glass-blown island an official permanent fixture on the ocean’s surface.

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Cherubble Breeding Requirements 

Here are the details of Cherubble Breeding Requirements 

  • Level → Level 9
  • Bed → 3 Beds
  • Size → 2 x 2 Size
  • Breeding Time → 18 Hour Default, 13 Hours and 30 Minutes Enhanced

How To Breed Cherubble?

How To Breed Cherubble

The cherubble is most easily obtained by the combination of woolabee and congle. Keep in mind that it is not a 100% success rate, but the chances can be raised with Wishing Torches.

Congle And Woolabee

On Mythical Island in the game, a duplicate Cherubble can be actually obtained through unsuccessful breeding for a shLep, the only possible combination:

Cataliszt And Cherubble

The Rare type of any breeding monster can be actually used instead of the Common variant in the game.

You do not require any other monsters to obtain cherubble besides those used to breed it. Levels do not have to be the same, but higher levels in most cases improve chances for good monsters in the game.

You are not doing anything wrong you just have to get lucky. We suggest waiting for many torch lightings and using them all at the same time in the game.


Here are some questions and answers about the Breed Cherubble

Q. What Is Breeding Time For Cherubble In My Singing Monsters?

The Breeding Time for Cherubble in My Singing Monsters is 18 hours.

Q. What Is The Best Combination For Cherubble In My Singing Monsters?

The best combination is Congle + Woolabee

Q. Who Is The Developer Of My Singing Monsters Game?

My Singing Monsters Game was created by Big Blue Bubble.


We hope you like this How to Breed Cherubble in My Singing Monsters guide. In this post, we covered the complete Cherubble Breeding details.

If you want to share any feedback or suggestions about the Breed Cherubble so comment below, Enjoy the Gameplay.

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