How To Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls – (Best Guide) (NEW!)

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Do you want to know how to Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the best guide on how to Beat Shaco In the Tournament Of Souls.

Tournament of Souls is an amazing event to debut inside the LOL base game. Apart from the stylish in-game cosmetics skins, the highlight of the event is the one-on-one arcade-style combat game mode, where players battle other Soul Fighters for special in-game rewards.

The majority of fighters in the tournament are very easy to defeat, and many players considered Shaco difficult to handle due to his weird combos and complex movements. To beat Shaco in Soul Fighter, you have to equip the Twilight Rush combo and ability together accordingly.

How To Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls?

Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls
Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls

It is a different ball game if you want to defeat Shaco in the Expert mode in the game. First, equip all the provided abilities for your in-game character. Use Combo → EQWQ

  • Q Ability  Quickshot
  • R Ability  Immortal Inferno
  • E Ability  Twilight Rush
  • W Ability → Back Atcha

Once you equip the above skills to your in-game character, perform the following combo from the start of the round – E → Q → W → Q. Repeat this combo (EQWQ) to upgrade your ultimate and make use of it whenever possible.

While performing this in-game combo, if Shaco manages to fight you, use the W key to dodge his attacks. Also, counter his power by using the W, then Q, to reverse the in-game Dmg. Rinse and repeat this process till Shaco faces his defeat in the game.

How To Beat Shaco On Expert In Tournament Of Souls?

Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls
Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls

It is actually a different ball game if you want to defeat Shaco in the Expert mode. In order to begin, equip all the given abilities for your in-game character.

  • Q Ability  Quickshot
  • W Ability → Back Atcha
  • E Ability  Twilight Rush
  • R Ability Chaotic Daybreak

Once you have chosen your abilities, the next thing you need to do is to learn a strategy to counter his in-game moves. Once the game begins, wait until he spawns one of his clones in the game. Use the E ability to actually drop a grenade on the clones and Q to set it off.

You might be stunned by his small bots. Do not Worry! Use the Q ability as soon as you get out of his stun ability in the game. Then, he will go away for a while. But, the moment he returns, use your W to block his attack.

The same procedure should be followed for his 2nd clone as well. Additionally, by then, your ultimate ability will be actually available. After countering his 2nd invisible attack. Repeat this process of E → Q and blocking with the W to beat Shaco on Expert mode in Tournament of Souls.

Beat Shaco In Tournament Of Souls – Additional Sequence

The above sequence will require you to keep a sharp eye on Shaco’s moves to actually beat him in the game. If you prefer, you can always practice a slightly modified sequence for greater Dmg. Swap your Ability Q for Lvl 2 Piercing Precision and your Ability W for Lvl 1 Sky Scraper.

The pair works really well together as W launches Shaco airborne, and Q maintains him there. Also, You can execute more combos and boost your Dmg output. So, your sequence will be W → Q.

You can actually follow this up with an E → Q sequence as well. Piercing Precision and Twilight Rush play really well together. Once you actually follow up E and Q, the sticky grenade explodes immediately.

It will turn the average Dmg from the grenade into critical damage. It is actually a good way to severely Dmg and eventually beat Shaco in the Tournament of Souls.

If you actually lose following one in-game Ability setup and sequence, it will not hurt to try out the other. Both offer quite a good shot at winning in the game.

Shaco Abilities Details

Shaco possesses 3 remarkable abilities that grant him a distinct edge on the in-game battlefield:


Armed with poisonous dual shivs, Shaco attacks his adversaries, inflicting slow and steady Dmg upon those who actually manage to survive his initial assault in the game.


Shaco is able to disappear from sight at will, hiding his presence from opponents and executing surprise attacks with precision and stealth.


With a powerful skill at his disposal, Shaco can create a lifelike clone of himself and intelligently direct its actions. This astounding ability confuses his foes, allowing him to engage his opponents strategically with the aid of his replica.

During the battle, these abilities make Shaco a formidable and unpredictable opponent, enhancing his abilities as a skilled tactician and an elusive opponent in the game.

About The Tournament Of Souls

The Tournament of Souls minigame is only available during the Soul Fighter event, which ends on 28th August 2023. In this event, gamers have until this date to complete all in-game battles and claim the amazing rewards from Tournament of Souls.


Hopefully, you like this How to Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on how to Beat Shaco In the Tournament Of Souls with more fun.

Thanks for reading this post, if you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about How to Beat Shaco Tournament Of Souls so comment section is always open for you.

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