How Many Levels In Monopoly Go 2023 – (Full Guide!)

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Do you want to know how many Levels in Monopoly Go? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of how many Levels in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go is a popular game created and published by Scopely, many players really love this game. Players want to be curious about how many Levels in Monopoly Go. So in this post, we covered everything about Monopoly Go Levels.

How Many Levels In Monopoly Go?

How Many Levels In Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is an amazing classic fun game. Monopoly Go has different levels and many people want to know which is the last level or how many Levels are In Monopoly Go.

This question is widely asked but this question’s answer is not officially available but we know that in the Monopoly Go game, there are 10000+ levels available.

Note – The number of Monopoly Go levels for now is infinite. It actually depends on how much you play the game. As every day passes, the Monopoly Go highest level attained increases.

How Many Maps Are In Monopoly Go?

Players can unlock and play over 100 different boards, with all landmarks available to be upgraded allowing players to showcase their in-game wealth status and earn bigger rewards in the Monopoly Go game.

How Does Monopoly Go Game End?

Monopoly Go Game

If you want to know how does Monopoly Go Game end so here are the complete details.

Officially Monopoly Go game ends only when one player has taken ownership of everything, crushing opponents one by one in the game, that is the end of Monopoly Go Game.

What Is The Longest Game Of Monopoly?

Here are some longest gameplay records for Monopoly Game

  • Treehouse Longest Monopoly game → 286 hours
  • Underground Longest Monopoly game → 100 hours
  • Bathtub Longest Monopoly game → 99 hours
  • Upside down Longest Monopoly game → 36 hours
  • The longest game ever played → 1680 hours/70 days (Not an official record)

How To Win In Monopoly Game?

Here are the 8 best tips that will help you to win the Monopoly game

Start strong

A main mistake players frequently make is avoiding smaller in-game properties. Instead, they save their money for the more better options further around the Monopoly board game.

A slow and steady method will often cost you the game, so do not too much save money. Instead, invest your in-game money early and reap the different game rewards.

Purchase Red And Orange

Did you actually know that statistically in the game, red and orange properties are picked up on the most?

With that in mind, it is a really good idea to snap up these in-game properties as early as you can. Doing so means you will earn more rent and improve your chances of winning.

Buy Railroads

Owning all 4 of the railroads can improve your chances of in-game winning. Once you actually have all of them, you get the opportunity to pocket money from all 4 sides of the board in the game.

You might want to purchase all of them, or at least one, to stop the other gamers from owning all 4.

Avoid utilities

Railroads provide better investment returns than other utilities. Also, there are only 2 utilities, meaning there is only a one in thirty-six chance you will profit from actually them.

3 Houses Are Better Than One

You should make it a priority to get 3 houses on your monopolies in the game.

The price differential between 1 and 3 houses is actually huge. Having three houses will punish a gamer who lands there and improve your overall in-game income, raising your winning chances.

Create A Housing Shortage

This is an excellent strategic move in Monopoly.

There are only thirty-two houses available. The more you actually have, the less your opponents can purchase. There are two main benefits to doing this in Monopoly Go.

You will gain more money every time someone lands on your in-game property, but you will also limit their earning potential. Also, it stops them from building hotels in the game.

A hotel requires 4 houses. Getting 4 is actually difficult for your competitors if you are purchasing all of the houses. An effective in-game strategy, but it may cause a disagreement.

Check Statistics

You probably did not realize this, but you can use statistics to get the upper hand over your competitors. There are a few facts to be aware of that can actually help you play a more intelligent Monopoly game.

First, Monopoly is usually played with 2 dice. This means you have the best odds of rolling a seven, with two and tweleve least likely. Therefore, you can invest in properties seven squares away from your competitor’s current position on the game board.

Some other useful statistics that can be helpful include:

On average, it takes between 5 and 6 dice rolls to actually get around the board. With twenty-eight of the forty squares being properties, you are likely to land on four within a single rotation in the game.

There is a seventeen percent chance of rolling doubles, which means you will roll one for every 6 turns. Therefore, you are likely to roll one double for every lap of the board in the game.

Going To Jail

In the Monopoly game, going to jail is generally a bad thing, and you will want to get out as soon as possible.

However, staying in Monopoly jail can be beneficial in the latter stages of the game. By this point, the game board will be filled with multiple hotels and houses.

By staying in Monopoly Go jail for 3 turns, you avoid landing on the opponent’s properties and paying them in the game.

Has Anyone Ever Finished Monopoly Game?

Since the Monopoly game was first introduced in 1936, nobody has actually completed a game.

Is Monopoly Go Game A Skill Or Luck?

Monopoly game is a both of luck and skills, as it involves a mixture of people skills, some luck, and strategy.

One can’t actually win a Monopoly Go game only on luck as the gamer has to decide wisely on how to handle their in-game money after the roll of the dice has decided for them.


This is our how many Levels in Monopoly Go guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of how many Levels in Monopoly Go.

Hopefully, you like this post, if you want to ask any questions about the Monopoly Go Levels so comment section is always open for you.

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