Hoops Life Controls 2022 : (Update!) (All Controls)

Hoops Life Controls

If you are searching for Hoops Life Controls? So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get all the PC and Xbox Controls for Hoops Life Roblox.

Hoops Life is an amazing Roblox game. Many players are looking for Hoops Life PC and Xbox Controls so here are all the Controls and also the differences between using the DPAD and the right stick.

Now without further delay let’s start the Hoops Life Controls guide.

Hoops Life Controls 2022

Hoops Life Controls

Here are all the Roblox Hoops Life game Controls

PC – Hoops Life Controls

Here is the list of Hoops Life Controls for PC

Key 1,2,3,4Overhead Pass
Key B + 1,2,3,4Backboard Lob
Press EShoot
Press FRebound
Press GGuard
Press HSwitch Hands
Press MSquad
Press PDrop Ball
Press RSteal
Press Shift + 1,2,3,4Chest Pass
Press SpaceBlock
Press SpceBarDunk
Press SprintShift
Press T + 1,2,3,4Normal Lob
Press TabFollow people In gym
Press V KeySelf Lob
V KeyScreens
X KeyStepBack
XX KeyBetween the legs
Z Key in Left Hand, C Key in Right HandHesi
Z Key in Right Hand, C Key in Left HandCross
ZX Key, CX KeyBehind the back
ZXC Key, CXZ KeySpin
ZXZ Key, CXC KeyFake Spin

Controller Xbox – Hoops Life Controls

Here is the list of Hoops Life Controls for Xbox

Key ADrop Ball
Key A,B,X,YOverhead Pass
Key BSwitch Hands
Key BScreens
Key LbFollow people In gym
Key LB + A,B,X,YNormal Lob
Key LB + A,B,X,Y + SprintBackboard Lob
Key LTGuard
Key RBRebound
Key RBSquad
Key Right stick clickSelf Lob
Key RTSprint
Key RT + A,B,X,YChest Pass
Key XShoot
Key XSteal
Key YBlock
Key YDunk

If you actually use a controller then there are 2 ways to dribble, with the right stick and with the DPAD:

Dribbling DPAD Xbox

HesiDpad Right in the right hand and Dpad Left in the left hand,
StepbackDPAD Down
SpinDpad Left + Dpad Right + Dpad Down, Dpad Right + Dpad Left + Dpad Down
Cross Dpad right in Left Hand or Dpad Left in Right Hand
Fake SpinDpad Right + Dpad Down + Dpad Right In or Dpad Left + Dpad Down + Dpad Left
Between Legs Dpad Down + Dpad Down
Behind the back Dpad Right + Dpad Down, Dpad Left + Dpad Down

Dribbling Right Stick Xbox

HesiFlight Right In Right Hand, Flick Left in the left hand
Fake SpinFlick UP
StepbackFlick down
SpinFlick Right + Flick Down + Flick Left, Flick Left + Flick Down + Flick Right
CrossFlick Right In Left Hand, Flick Left In Right Hand
In Between LegsDouble Flick Down (Fast)
Behind the backFlick Right + Flick Down, Flick Left + Flick Down

How is Roblox Hoops Life Controls Guide Helpful?

Hoops Life Controls

Roblox Hoops Life Controls guide is really helpful. Many times players don’t know about the game controls and in-game characters all powers, abilities, and skills.

So the controls wiki helps the players to know all the game features and Controls then players improve their gameplay, and winning chances are increased.


We hope you really enjoy this Controls for Hoops Life guide. In this post, we covered all the Hoops Life PC and Xbox Controls.

If you have any doubts or questions related to Hoops Life Control so comment section is always open for you.

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