Hogwarts Legacy Diricawl Locations, Find Diricawls 2023

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Stuck at upgrading the second tier of your traits in Hogwarts Legacy? Take a look at our location guide which provides information on where you can find Diricawl and their feathers to help you upgrade your traits.

With so many beasts and creatures scattered throughout the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy, it can be quite challenging to find Diricawl beasts and their feathers.

These feathers are essential for upgrading the second tier of different gear traits, and you also need to acquire a Diricawl with the Nab-sack as part of Howin’s assignment.

But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with a detailed location guide that will help you find Diricawl and their feathers in no time.

So be sure to check it out to upgrade your traits and complete your assignments.

Where to Get Hogwarts Legacy Diricawl & Their Feathers? – Location

In Hogwarts Legacy, the elusive Diricawl creatures and their feathers can be found inside or around their Beast dens. These dens are identifiable by a Claw icon on the map and are usually located in hidden or hard-to-reach areas. As of now, there are only three known locations of the Diricawl Beast dens scattered throughout the Wizarding world.

It can be quite a challenge to find and take down these creatures, but the rewards are well worth it, especially for those looking to upgrade the second tier of their gear traits. Be sure to check our location guide to find out exactly where to look for them.

Hogwarts Legacy Diricawl Locations

Looking for the whereabouts of Diricawl and Diricawl Feathers? Here’s a list of locations where you can find these creatures and their valuable feathers:

Marunweem Lake

To locate the Diricawl and Diricawl feathers in Hogwarts Legacy, head to the southwestern coast of Marunweem Lake for the second location. To get there quickly, use the fast-travel option to the Southwestern Coast of the lake. With a bit of luck, you might spot a few Diricawl creatures roaming around the Floo station.

Otherwise, you can explore the surrounding areas to find them. Keep an eye out for the Beast dens marked with a Claw icon on your map as they are likely to be the habitats for the Diricawl.

Poidsear Coast

To locate these creatures, one should venture towards the southwestern region of the Poidsear Coast. Utilizing the power of Floo Flames will allow for expedited travel to the South Poidsear Coast. Upon arrival, continue the journey towards the west to eventually reach the Diricawl Beast Den where the elusive creatures can be found.


The search for the elusive Diricawl Beast takes adventurers to the northwestern reaches of the Keenbridge region. The Keenbridge region is situated in the scenic Hogwarts Valley, which offers breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas. However, the journey to the northwest is fraught with danger as hostile creatures and beasts inhabit the area. Travelers are advised to exercise caution, remain alert, and be well-prepared before venturing into the region. The sighting of the elusive Diricawl Beast will make the arduous journey a worthwhile experience for those brave enough to seek it out.

How to Get Diricawl Feathers in Hogwarts Legacy?

Capturing the elusive Diricawl Beasts requires a particular utility spell known as the Nab-sack. This magical tool allows the user to ensnare and trap the creatures safely. Those seeking to use this spell must complete the Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom quest to unlock and obtain it. The quest involves a series of tasks and challenges that test the user’s magical abilities and knowledge.

Once the quest is completed, Deek will reward the user with the Nab-sack, which they can use to capture the Diricawl Beasts in the locations mentioned above. It is crucial to master the use of this spell as the capture of the Diricawl Beasts is critical to the completion of several quests and the acquisition of valuable rewards.

The Levioso spell is another useful tool for capturing the elusive Diricawl Beasts with ease. Once caught, the creatures are transported to the Vivarium, which is located in the Room of Requirement. Here, adventurers can take care of the beasts by feeding and petting them to collect the prized Diricawl Feathers.

It is essential to note that it takes some time for the feathers to be ready for collection. Alternatively, those who wish to avoid the wait can purchase the Diricawl Feathers directly from Indira Wolff. Indira Wolff can be found in the Pitt-Upon-Ford region, where she sells the feathers for 250 Gold Galleons. With this knowledge, adventurers can efficiently collect the Diricawl Feathers and complete their quests without much trouble.

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