Hinox Locations And Stalnox Location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Hinox Locations And Stalnox Location in Zelda : If you are a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. So you might be wondering how to find and defeat all the Hinox in the game.

Hinoxes are giant one-eyed monsters that can drop valuable items such as Hinox Toenails, Hinox Teeth and Hinox Horns. And all the items needed to upgrade armor sets and weapons.

In this post, we’ll show you how to find and defeat all Hinoxes both on the surface and in the depths of Hyrule.

Hinox Locations Location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

All Hinox Locations on the Surface

It is a common sight when crossing the surface of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom and encountering the sleeping Hinox.

Both hinox and stalnox giant creatures are often found in the prone position, creating an opportunity for a stealthy approach.

Regular hinoks usually spread out and make deep guttural sounds from their abdomens.

While the skeleton Stalnox lies motionless until an unmatched adventurer crosses their path.

Tulin’s self-aiming bow and arrow attacks can prove invaluable in overcoming the challenges presented by these stoic giants.

Accurate shots aimed at Hinox’s vulnerable eyes can stun him repeatedly even in the middle of an intense fight.

It is worth noting that accurate aiming at the eye can be quite difficult. Especially since Link spends most of the fight near Hinox’s towering feet.

In total, you can expect to encounter 29 regular Hinox during your visit.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure as you navigate the treacherous landscape. And face these formidable foes. Keep your wits about you, and may your arrows find their mark.

Black Hinox4643, 1778, 0031
Hinox-2221, 0759, 0103
Hinox2051, -2004, 0020
Hinox-1246, 2109, 0106
Blue Hinox-3655, 3806, 0231
Blue Hinox4435, 0740, 0112
Black Hinox2025, -3061, 0096
Stalnox3435, 3327, -0139
Black Hinox4603, 3530, -0065
Hinox1879, -2948, -0039
Blue Hinox-2014, -1200, 0102
Black Hinox1562, -2416, 0193
Hinox0693, -1081, 0012
Stalnox-2058, 1559, -0070
Black Hinox-4205, -1292, 0429
Stalnox1434, -0137, -0013
Black Hinox1687, -3873, 0003
Stalnox2771, -2713, 0153
Stalnox-3794, 1557, 0141
Hinox-1080, 0462, 0036
Blue Hinox-0807, -3019, 0120
Blue Hinox3401, 0271, 0248
Blue Hinox1652, -2911, 0156
Stalnox2414, -1167, 0199
Black Hinox1098, -2872, 0068
Hinox-2275, -0723, 0106
Hinox1305, 0910, 0028
Hinox-2825, 2433, 0404
Hinox1470, -1330, 0099
Black Hinox-0154, 1064, 0215
Stalnox-1177, -0115, 0035
Stalnox-0322, 0458, -0037
Stalnox0780, -1954, 0014
Hinox-2736, 1334, 0160
Blue Hinox1273, -2175, 0250
Hinox-0742, 1263, 0082
Blue Hinox3160, -2596, 0106
Black Hinox0840, 3363, 0199
Stalnox2142, 3011, 0431
Hinox-0407, 2011, 0177

Where To Find Hinox in the Depths?

There are 18 Hinox in the Depths that use the same strategy and on the surface of Hyrule.

But his Gloom-based attacks reduce Link’s Max Hearts. Link needs to eat Sundelian food or find Lightroot to restore these hearts (or go back to the surface and enjoy the sun’s natural rays).

Blue Hinox1098, -2872, -0516
Stalnox0779, -1956, -0466
Black Hinox1687, -3873, -0456
Black Hinox2051, -2004, -0472
Blue Hinox1305, 0910, -0480
Blue Hinox-2736, 1334, -0609
Black Hinox-2783, 2031, -0757
Blue Hinox1652, -2911, -0707
Stalnox-1093, 0047, -0485
Hinox0046, -1335, -0466
Black Hinox-4205, -1292, -0871
Blue Hinox-4325, -3465, -0477
Black Hinox-3655, 3806, -0678
Stalnox3257, 3445, -0430
Stalnox-3571, -3555, -0469
Stalnox2244, -1134, -0680
Black Hinox1470, -1330, -0549
Hinox-1070, -0821, -0478
Stalnox2138, 3008, -0873
Stalnox0913, 2908, -0677
Stalnox2875, -2405, -0570
Hinox0366, -0007, -0477
Black Hinox-0146, 2382, -0621
Stalnox-1177, -0115, -0486
Blue Hinox1562, -2416, -0640
Blue Hinox1213, -2672, -0593
Hinox-1439, -2366, -0556
Black Hinox4643, 1778, -0482
Stalnox-3793, 1557, -0590

Stalnox Location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

All Stalnox Locations on the Surface

Stalnox are undead forms of Hinox that players can find in several locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

They are rarer than Hinox and there are only 10 of them on the surface of Hyrule.

They are more powerful and have a variety of attacks. Which can cause a lot of damage to players who are not careful.

To kill Stalnox, players must shoot his eye with an arrow. Then his body has to be attacked which stuns him.

It’s the same strategy as fighting Hinox. But as Stalnox loses health he separates parts of his skeleton.

Players can use recoil to capture these projectiles and throw them back at Stalnox.

When Stalnox is near death his eye pops out of its socket and briefly bounces on the ground.

Stalnox will die if the player hits him once in the eye with a weapon. But if the player is too slow, the eye will return to its socket and Stalnox will regain some of his health.

Where To Find Stalnox in the Depths?

Stalnox are skeletal versions of Hinox that players meet both on the surface and in the depths.

There are 10 stalnox in each sector, but they are located in different places. Some Stalnox in the Depths have Gloom-based attacks that can reduce Link’s Max Hearts.

To prevent this, players must eat some Sundelion and Dark Clump before fighting.

Stalnox often guard valuable locations. such as Skull Lake in the north where a Stalnox guards the sword of Biggoron.

Another Stalnox is hidden under a pile of rubble in the Royal Hidden Passage. Stalnox is more likely to have special items and treasures than Hinox.

So players should watch them carefully when they come across them.

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