Guide to the Genshin Impact Web Event – Scarlet Sand Sojourn

Genshin Impact Web Event

As the release of Dehya in Genshin Impact draws near, fans of the popular game can get excited about the new Scarlet Sand Soujourn web event.

This event is dedicated to Dehya and offers players a chance to earn some valuable resources for the character.

Although she will soon be available in the Standard Banner, the event still provides a great opportunity to stock up on resources before her official release.

Participation is easy and takes only a few minutes of your time. Simply click on the event link and follow the instructions to complete the event.

Even if you’re not planning to pull for Dehya, don’t miss out on the chance to grab some free goodies.

With the event’s deadline approaching quickly, make sure to participate before it’s too late!

Complete Guide to Genshin Impact’s Scarlet Sand Sojourn Web Event

Genshin Impact Web Event

Genshin Impact’s Scarlet Sand Sojourn web event is now live and available to all players at Adventure Rank 10 or higher until March 2.

To participate, players must follow Dehya and Dunyarzad as they journey across the desert, discovering unique experiences along the way.

To speed things up, players can use the “Hold to accelerate” button until they come across clickable elements such as the Scarabs.

Once players complete the tasks, all rewards will be directly sent to their in-game email as long as they are claimed.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time event and make sure to participate before time runs out!

Once players complete the tasks in Genshin Impact’s Scarlet Sand Sojourn web event by following Dehya and Dunyarzad across the desert and discovering unique experiences.

They can click the “Claim” button to receive rewards including x40 Primogems, x3 Agnidus Agate Fragments, x20000 Mora, and x2 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

Dehya is set to arrive in Genshin Impact following the 3.5 Version update next week.

After the update ends, she will be added to the standard character pool and can be obtained through the Wanderlust Invocation banner or by losing the 50/50 chance at a Limited character.

While there has been some controversy about her strength as a 5-star character, the company has yet to release a statement regarding it.

Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in this limited-time event and claim your rewards before it ends!


In conclusion, the Scarlet Sand Sojourn web event is a great opportunity for Genshin Impact players to earn some valuable rewards before the arrival of the new character Dehya.

The event is available from February 24 to March 2, and all players at Adventure Rank 10 or higher can participate.

By following Dehya and Dunyarzad on their journey and completing the tasks, players can earn rewards like Primogems, Mora, and Enhancement Ores. With the event being quick and easy to complete, there’s no reason to miss out on the free rewards.