Gotham Knights Align The Frequencies (How To Solve!)

Gotham Knights Align The Frequencies

Gotham Knights Align The Frequencies : Gotham Knights undoubtedly draws inspiration from Batman in the Arkham video game series, despite being unrelated to it. Gotham Knights also throws in the occasional puzzle from time to time in addition to some combat techniques and the general setting. These puzzles sometimes change the pace of the game and keep players on their toes. However, some puzzles can only cause confusion. We’ll help you through “align the frequencies” with our guide to help you solve another Gotham Knights puzzle.

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Gotham Knights Align The Frequencies Guide

You can uncover Talia Al Ghul’s plans in Gotham Knights by using the “Align the Frequencies” skill. But did you really believe that she would make it that easy for you?

It should come as no surprise that as you move on, she confronts you with a riddle.

At first glance, this puzzle may seem simple, but unfortunately it is nothing.

Gotham Knights takes you to the summit of Arkham Tower in “Align the Frequencies.”

You suddenly find yourself in a space full of transmitters, and you have to line them up so that their wavelengths are all green.

But don’t just walk around and talk to them. To complete the puzzle you have to complete the tasks in a specific order.

If anything is done wrong, the device in between will be overloaded, and any progress you’ve made on other devices will be lost.

But “Align the Frequencies” has no time limit, so you can take as much time as you need to complete this Gotham Knights puzzle.

Gotham Knights Align The Frequencies – Follow the steps

We listed below for a quick solution you can follow the steps

  • Locate the equipment that is connected to the transmitters and has the proper sine wave. The machine in the middle of the room has four frequencies that will be arranged in a specific numbered order, making the task quite challenging.
  • Then, as indicated by this central machine, you will need to activate those transmitters in the proper order. In Gotham Knights, the extra puzzle piece that causes so much player confusion.
  • To beat the first transmitter on the right side of the center machine, you have to reach it first. The machine to the far right of the center machine is the second machine you’ll need to beat.
  • To the left of the center machine, the third transmitter will turn green, and to the left of it, the fourth.
  • You can successfully complete the “align the frequencies” puzzle in Gotham Knights only after doing each in the correct order.

Solving puzzles isn’t that challenging once you figure out the tricks behind them. Gotham Knights is more than just AAA action-brawler to these puzzles, which add a whole new gameplay element and are a ton of fun to solve.