Golden Scarab Elden Ring (Update!) (March 2023)

Golden Scarab Elden Ring

Looking for Golden Scarab Elden Ring? So you are at your destination here you will get everything about the Elden Ring Golden Scarab and where to find it.

In the same way as the Covetous Serpent Rings in Dark Souls, this Golden Scarab talisman boosts the number of runes you can in-game earn, letting level up faster with rune farming, and take on tougher bosses and enemies. It even works in teams, and over time, those rune gains will accumulate.

Last Update On – 24 March 2023

Golden Scarab Elden Ring >>

The Elden Ring Gold Scarab is one of the best Talisman items in the game that can increase Rune acquisition rates when actually worn.

An Elden Ring talisman facsimile of a scarab, the carrier of precious and treasures things. This Golden scarab boosts the number of runes obtained from defeating in-game enemies.

Gold Scarab Elden Ring Location >>

Golden Scarab Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Gold Scarab talisman is obtained by defeating the 2 enemies or bosses at the end of the in-game Abandoned Cave in Caelid. The journey to the dungeon is a bit challenging, though as is tackling the in-game cave itself.

Upon arriving at the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace in Caelid, head east toward the nearest cliffside where you will spot a tree branch that you can actually cross to reach a fairly secret cave on the opposing cliffside. This is the in-game Abandoned Cave, and it actually sucks really bad.

This horrifying dungeon challenges you to navigate multiple full rooms of damaging geysers, Scarlet Rot, and irritating enemies like Servants of Rot and Miranda Flowers trying to interrupt you as you proceed. It is a truly annoying experience to actually get to the final boss room, and once reached, you are in for a challenging showdown.

The bosses of in-game Abandoned Tunnel include 2 Cleanrot Knights, which can be a very difficult battle for those who have not leveled up. If you return late in the Elden Ring game, this encounter will be much simpler, though.

So if you do not necessarily require the Elden Ring Gold Scarab talisman early, maybe it is better to wait to face these enemies. In either case, once they fall, that fancy shiny talisman is your reward section.

About Gold Scarab Talisman >>

The Elden Ring Gold Scarab talisman will boost the runes obtained by battling bosses or enemies by approx 20%. Any time you do not actually need an Elden Ring talisman slot for something more defensive or offensive, you will want to keep this available to make the most of everything you actually take down in the game.

Gold Scarab Elden Ring Talisman’s Item Description –

A Gold Scarab talisman facsimile of a scarab, the carrier of valuables and treasures things. This Elden Ring Golden scarab enhances the number of runes obtained from defeating bosses
or in-game enemies.

FAQs >>

Some questions and answers about the Golden Scarab Elden Ring

Q. Where Is The Gold Scarab In Elden Ring Game?

The Gold Scarab available in the Abandoned Cave mini-dungeon

The Golden Scarab Elden Ring is at the actually far end of the Abandoned Cave mini-dungeon, the reward for winning some in-game enemies.

Q. How Many Golden Scarabs Are There In Elden Ring Game?

Currently, 13 scarabs can be available in the Caelid region from Elden Ring Game.

Q. When Should We Use Golden Runes Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Golden Runes are actually amazing when you are looking to fast level up or shop for items from a merchant.

Video Guide To Get Golden Scarab Elden Ring >>

Here is the Youtube video guide that will help you to get Golden Scarab Elden Ring

Final Words >>

We hope you will get the Golden Scarab Elden Ring. In this guide, we mentioned everything about the Gold Scarab Elden Ring and where you will get this.

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