Top 23+ Games Like Summertime Saga – (Update!) (Oct. 2023)

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Games Like Summertime Saga – Are you a fan of Summertime Saga game and find alternative best games like Summertime Saga then you are at the best spot here you will get at least 20+ games like Summertime Saga alternatives.

There are some games that you play for the thrill and then there are some games that attract you immediately. Those are games you don’t mind playing repeating. The Summertime Saga is exactly the same.

This game is one of the most realistic dating games you’ll come across, it’s hard to beat. If you are as crazy about playing the Summertime Saga game as we are so you are in for a treat. We have compiled a list of 23+ best games that are similar to Summertime Saga game.

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Post Update On – 01 October 2023

Games Like Summertime Saga 2023 – Best Games List

Here is the list of top 20+ games like Summertime Saga Uptodown to download check below:

S.No.Games Like Summertime Saga
1 Dreaming of Dana
2Sisterly Lust
4Wolf Girl With You
5Monster Prom
6Harem Party
7Life in Woodchester
8Coming Out on Top
9Waifu Academy
10Snow Daze: The Music of Winter
11Mythic Manor
12Ladykiller in a Bind
14Lab Rats
15A Town Uncovered
16Crusoe Had It Easy
17A New Family
18Amber’s Magic Shop
19Dual Family
20Taffy Tales
21Shark Dating Simulator XL
22Life Is Good
23Momoiro Closet

Here are the summary or details of some games like Summertime Saga so now let’s start:

1. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Games Like Summertime Saga

Snow Days The Music of Winter game is the right choice to play if you are looking for a game like Summertime Saga. However, the story is completely different, which is fantastic. The premise of the game is based on your character living with your ruling family. You are about to leave your house when suddenly it starts snowing.

The snow becomes so thick that it leaves no room for you to get out of the house. Meanwhile, you’re stuck with a family you despise and have no way out. what are you gonna do? The game has multiple endings, depending on which option you make during your adventure. It’s fun to see how far you go to get out of the in-game house.

2. Ladykiller in a Bind

Games Like Summertime Saga

If you are someone who defends and supports LGBTQ people, you are in luck. Ladykiller in a Bind is the perfect gay alternative to the summertime saga game. It may sound like a gay dating app, but it is so much more! The best thing about this Summertime Saga alternative is its intense storyline and plot.

Even the dialogues in the game are so realistically created that it’s hard to lose interest. Similar to the Summertime Saga, the game also has multiple in-game endings and it’s all based on the choices you make.

3. Coming Out on Top

Games Like Summertime Saga

If you are looking for games like Summertime Saga, then you should check out Coming Out on Top as soon as possible. From male interactions to their point of view opinions, this is exactly the kind of game you are looking for.

The story focuses not solely on masculinity, but on its many deeper meanings. The game traces the different life paths your character has to go through in the life of Mark Matthews. Mark wants to find a deeper meaning in his in-game life.

4. Sisterly Lust

Don’t be fooled by the cheesy name of this game because it is anything but. Sisterly Lust offers an intense storyline and is similar to the Summertime Saga. The game has a huge craze among women for its interesting turns and twists. Although the name sounds s**y, the game has a sad history.

The game begins when your father loses a custody battle in court, which in turn separates you from your sisters and mother. Feeling like a failure and a burden, he starts treating you badly. Later, your mother comes to rescue you and takes you home. But you soon discover that your sisters have become hot in recent years.

This in turn develops an inferiority complex in you. Will you let this feeling last you for the rest of your in-game life? What action will you take next? The decision you take now will decide your game’s future.

5. Dreaming of Dana

While Dreaming of Dana may be similar to Summertime Saga game, it does not have the same gameplay. Premise is based on the role of the spoiled rich brat you play in your father’s business. During his time in office, he meets one of the cutest girls in history; Grain.

Luckily, Dana is your sister. But you can’t help and actually fall in love with hir. How would you impress the mage? Or can you? Dreaming of Dana has several mini games that take you to different levels as you progress through the game.

6. Lab Rats

For someone who is fanatical about science and a fan of the Summertime Saga, Lab Rats is the perfect game for them. The game revolves around a chemical laboratory where your character works on solutions and formulas.

All you have to do is solve your in-game problems in order to continue. But, if you can’t do that, you can always sleep with the other game characters. Thus, it improves your chances of sparking off an amazing chemical romance. Lab Rats has light-hearted dialogue and an interesting game story that almost makes it feel real.

7. Amber’s Magic Shop

Any fan of the Summertime Saga is sure to love Amber’s Magical Shop. There are no 2 best ways to simply do this. While there may be many games like Summertime Saga, it is difficult to know which one is the right one.

But Amber’s Magic Shop is the next best thing to the Summertime Saga. The game takes you into the mysterious world of the protagonist, Amber.

Amber, an alchemist, begins her journey in Isilia, the city where she continues her training as a mage. As an Elven alchemist, Amber is just like the rest. And although she seems boring, she is far from it.

One of the interesting factors about Amber is her attraction to both women and men. This is an essential game for all Summertime Saga lovers. Exciting plots will enjoy you to play this game forever!

8. A Town Uncovered

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you rebooted? New friends, a new city, and everything unknown? Well, A Town Uncovered gives you exactly the space to fulfill those wishes. New friends, new life, and much more. A Town Uncovered game begins with your in-game character, a high school student, landing in a new game city.

Your character gradually learns that the city is full of people who are frank and open about their crappy activities. what are you gonna do? This semi-erotic game is very similar to Summertime Saga.

Your choices and decisions will further determine how you proceed in the game. A Town Uncovered has multiple endings, leaving you guessing at each stage.

9. Harem Party Game 2023

If you’re the kind of person who fantasizes about Role-playing games, then Harem Party is exactly where you need to be. This game is also very similar to Summertime Saga. You will play the role of Moruiji Haru, a video game player.

The game begins with your character playing on the computer. But suddenly characters will start appearing in his room. And before you know it, there’s a full-fledged party going on in your house when the game’s settings start to change.

To proceed, you will need to interact with the members. But that is not all. The definition of a harem party is that nothing is prohibited. The other characters in the game are s**y and smart and will make you do things you never imagined before.

10. Crusoe Had It Easy Game 2023

No matter what people believe, taboo relationships are always the most hyped top news. But for those involved in one, love is what matters to them. Crusoe Had It Easy follows that in-game relationship.

You and your cousin, Sophie, find yourself stranded and alone on an island. What happens next depends on how you act in the circumstances. Will you succumb to temptations or will you respect your family’s rules? Only your decisions will decide your luck in the Crusoe Had It Easy game, There are many endings to this game.

11. A New Family Games 2023

A new family is a game, which is all about your decision after you get the call from your ex. What would you do if your ex called you in the middle of the night and you found out something that could change her life forever?

It is entirely up to you whether you want to play as a good character by helping her or use the compromising information to your advantage. If you enjoy games like Summertime Saga then this is a must try game in 2023.

12. Taffy Tales Game 2023

Taffy Tales is probably the best game similar to Summertime Saga. In the game, you will search yourself in a town called Taffy. There are many missions to complete and simulators for dating in Taffy. Everything seems to be going well until you realize that Taffy is completely populated by citizens with a personality disorder, all with double lives and a terrifying in-game dark side.

13. Monster Prom Game 2023

Monster Prom is a visual novel video game launched in the year of 2018. There are 6 different monsters to choose from for a date. Each monster goes through a map on the map to improve stats that affect how their partner perceives them.

The game allows you to choose to play as one of four preset characters over a period of three weeks so that your love interest takes them to the prom. Unlike other games such as Summertime Saga, Monster Prom is a video game that can be played as a competitive multiplayer game.

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14. Waifu Academy Game 2023

We may have listed Waifu Academy at the below number, but it is considered one of the best games similar to Summertime Saga. The game allows you to play as a young man who seeks revenge after years of harsh trials.

For the inexperienced, Waifu Academy has over 30 characters and each character has a unique and wonderful background. The game story takes place in a fictional private school name is Sazaki Academy. The best thing about this game is that it can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android.

15. Life Is Good Game 2023

Life Is Good is the latest game on our list of video games like Summertime Saga. Similar to Monster Promo, this is a visual novel game with tons of things to grab your attention. In Life is Good, you have to play a character who has to leave the city with his sister & mother and move to another city. Once changed the real story will start and then you have to follow the in-game story.

16. Momoiro Closet Game 2023

Momoiro’s Closet is a visual novel that explores the unlikely romance between average Joe Hashima Reese and upper-class Kagamihara Ellis. Your choice decides whether the story becomes a tender love affair or a passionate tale of lust. Find out how the story progresses as the 2 shares everything together including their shoddy deeds etc.

17. Sim4 Game 2023

The Sims 4 is a 2014 life simulation video game developed by Maxis’ Redwood Shores Studio and published by Electronic Arts. It has always been in the limelight and is popular for its modding community. Once you start playing this game, you will not be able to help but drown in the actual joy.

18. Nekojishi Game 2023

Nekojishi is another game that you will like if you love Summertime Saga. Launched in November 2017, Nekojishi is available on Steam and you can download it for free from Nekojishi’s official website and page, with optional contributions to support developers.

The story of Nekojishi revolves around a handsome Liao, hunk, who discovers that he can see spirits. He has to choose one of the three cat spirits and help the chosen one. What makes it all the more difficult is that whoever he chooses will always be with him. The Nekojishi game is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

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19. Shark Dating Simulator XL Game 2023

Shark Dating Simulator XL is another game that has a somewhat similar storyline to the Summertime saga. Like other games, it is completely free to play and available on Steam for download.

This is a comic visual novel with lots of colorful cartoon characters and a multiple choice story with the consequences of your actions. The story of Shark Dating Simulator XL revolves around a fresh graduate of a scuba school where you have to seek adventure and develop relationships with others. With your boss named Marina Fishpest, travel the high seas to find a love you never expected in the form of Tsunder Shark. what will you do with hir in the game?

20. Life in Woodchester Game 2023

Life in Woodchester is a new game launched in the visual novel genre. The game story revolves around a young protagonist who wants to reconnect with his family and friends. The gameplay of this 18+ game is very similar to Summertime Saga.

There are tons of animated CG and fake dialogue options to choose from. Though the game is in its early stages but if you like and love the all-time favorite game Summertime Saga then you will definitely fall in love with it.

21. Dual Family Game 2023

Dual Family is a role-playing game where you have the option to play as a father or a son. The best part of this game is that you can be a part of 2 stories and experience different aspects of the relationship. Moreover, the game has amazing graphics and is constantly updated with new turns and twists to keep you entertained.

22. Mythic Manor Game 2023

Mythic Manor, one of the best fantasy games like Summertime Saga, features 5 female characters. The gameplay is based on interacting with these 5 characters and building your relationships with them. Apart from the main story, there are several in-game events to keep you going with the game. Download the game and experience its best graphics on the various in-game maps it has to offer.

23. Wolf Girl With You

Wolf Girl With You is another best game that you will definitely enjoy if you really enjoy playing Summertime Saga. The game is about living the life of an ordinary citizen who has to take care of each and every guest who visits him. If you want to progress in the game and earn some good in-game money, you have to take very good care of all the guests who come to your game house.


That is our list of the top 20+ games like Summertime Saga post. Try these all games these games are much more similar to Summertime Saga game and really entertain you.

Hopefully, you like our top 20+ games like Summertime Saga post share your feedback through comments that which game you really like from our list, Happy Gaming.

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