Game You Must Add to Your Wishlist in 2023

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With the recent announcements of several popular games, it’s easy to see why 2023 is the year to add these new releases to your wishlist. You may have seen a few ads on some TV channels on your Spectrum TV packages as these games frequently advertise special offers on several channels. With games like Splatoon 3, and Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope hitting the market, the Nintendo Switch is looking at a stellar year. 

PC gamers, meanwhile, have games like Company of Heroes 3 and Baldur’s Gate 3. And, of course, there are always a lot of cross-platform games hitting the market. Let’s look at some. 

1. Company of Heroes 3 

A new game is in the works, and you might be surprised by the release date. Company of Heroes 3 is due to release sometime in 2023 for PC. It will be the third installment of the highly acclaimed action RTS series.  

The game will take place in the Mediterranean theatre, focusing on North Africa and Italy. Players will get to experience a new type of sandbox gameplay with a dynamic campaign map. 

2. Outlast Trials 

If you are looking for a new survival horror game to add to your Wishlist, look no further. Moreover, Outlast Trials is a brand-new game from indie developer Red Barrels. Set during the Cold War, the game will see you play as one of a group of test subjects abducted and held captive in a secret facility.  

You’ll have to survive physical ordeals while dealing with the game’s iconic characters. In addition to its survival horror aspects, this game will also feature a Warhammer universe where you can play as either a Space Marine or an army of Humans. 

3. Skull and Bones 

The upcoming survival game will feature open-world combat, a strong storyline, and a variety of different mechanics. In addition, players will start out with a simple raft and must gather resources to improve it.  

Players will earn money through jobs, raids, and plundering settlements. The game’s release date has been delayed several times, most recently in May 2021. Despite the delays, Ubisoft has kept its release dates. 

4. Star Trek: Resurgence 

The latest installment of the Star Trek franchise will be a third-person adventure game set, after the events of the Star Trek: The Next Generation films. Secondly, this game will feature the return of the USS Resolute, a space station that possesses many unique capabilities. This game will also be story-driven, allowing players to make decisions about their character, as well as their environment. 

5. Hogwarts Legacy 

Hogwarts Legacy is a new role-playing game that will allow players to customize their character’s magic. Secondly, it features a range of classes, upgrades, talents, and skills to choose from. Players will also be able to complete tasks.

and complete challenges throughout the world. Among the upgrades in the game are new items, such as magical items. Lastly, players will be able to choose which of these items to upgrade first. 

6. Hollow Knight: Silksong Sequel 

While the release date of Hollow Knight: Silksong has not been announced, fans should know that the developer is already at work on the sequel. The team has previously shared information on the world design and gameplay of the original game. They’ve also shared information on the lore of the game. This Hollow Knight: Silksong sequel is something to add to your Wishlist now. There is no official release date, but fans can start adding the game to their Wishlist. 

7. Not for Broadcast 

The Not for Broadcast team is comprised of comedians, actors, and filmmakers. Their mission is to make video games as fun as possible and to do this, they have created a low-budget set and soundtrack. This approach has been effective in the past and aims to create a similar experience for gamers. However, despite these successes, Not for Broadcast still faces some challenges, including balancing satire with gameplay. 

8. End State 

The gaming calendar for 2022 has plenty of new games to choose from. The most anticipated games are due out in the coming year. If you can’t decide which games to buy, this list will help you narrow down your choices. From 

 The software will release Elden Ring in February 2022. This fantasy-action role-playing game has the power of Wii Sports. Other games coming out in 2022 include Red Fall and Dune: Spice Wars. 

9. Rainbow Six Extraction 

Ubisoft’s latest live-service game has been getting positive reviews, but it still needs some work. In addition to its limited-edition bundle, the game also offers an invalid file format, so it may not be the best option for gamers who prefer downloading games to play them. It also has a few issues, including an invalid file format and weak progression systems. Still, this is one new game that you should definitely add to your Wishlist now. 

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