NEW! – How To Get FREE Discord Nitro 2023 – Best Methods

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If you want to get free discord nitro 2023 & discord nitro for free then you have come to the right place, in this post we will tell you How To Get Discord Nitro Free.

With the help of our up to date guide, you will know how you can get free Discord Nitro and whether it is possible. Next you are going to get complete information about Discord Nitro

If you are a gamer and also a game streamer, then you must have known about Discord , Discord is quite popular among gamers. And it is also a great option for them. Discord has many features free to use. Like creating a server, adding a member, creating a voice channel, sharing media files and many more are free.

But if some features in Discord are free then there are also some paid features. You can use more emoji. Can upload large files. Can also stream at 1080p@60FPS. All these features can cost you 10$ per month.

But there are some Discord users who do not want to earn $10 every month. That’s why they want to use Discord Nitro for free. And today we are going to end your search. By which you know that you can how to get free nitro & get free Discord Nitro.

Post Recent Update – October 1st, 2023

What Is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a way to pay for extra features on Discord. For which you get the facility to chat and play games online with other people. You can choose to pay every month or every year and the second option is cheaper.

Discord Nitro improves Discord in several ways. Like how your profile and your own chat rooms look and work. Gives you more options to change it.

Some of the things that Discord Nitro gives you are –

  • Emoji you can use in any chat room
  • Badges that show how long you’ve been using Discord
  • 2 free boosts to improve your chat room and one low price for more boosts
  • Large files you can send and receive
  • Nitro stickers that you can send as messages
  • a special tag next to your name
  • A moving picture for your profile
  • better quality video calls
  • Long messages you can write (up to 4000 characters)
  • More chat rooms you can join

What is Discord Nitro & Nitro Classic

Nitro Classic is another way to pay for some extra features on Discord. But not as much as Discord Nitro. It’s also cheaper to pay every month or every year.

Discord Nitro Classic gives you some of the things Discord Nitro gives you. Like a special tag appears next to your name. A moving picture and a badge appear for your profile that tells you how long you’ve been using Discord.

You can also use emoji in any chat room, large files that you can send and receive. Better quality screen share, and lower cost for boost to make your chat room better.

The main difference between Nitro and Nitro Classic is that you don’t get the 2 free boosts in Nitro Classic. Nitro stickers you can send as messages Longer messages you can compose (up to 4000 characters), Larger files you can send and receive (up to 100MB), and more chat rooms you can join .

How To Get Free Discord Nitro 2023?

Below are some of the best ways to get Free Discord Nitro For Free 2023, by following which you can actually get Free Discord Nitro.

  • Discord Nitro Free Trials
  • Someone Gift You Nitro
  • Join Discord Partner Program
  • Epic Games Offers Discord Nitro
  • YouTube Premium Free Nitro
  • Join Discord Nitro Giveaways
  • Use FreeCash & Get Discord Nitro For Free
  • Discord Nitro For Free With Xbox Games Pass

#1. Discord Nitro Free Trials

New to Discard. And if you haven’t received any nitro yet, then you can take advantage of it. Discord gives free Nitro membership to new users from time to time. Maybe you are also one of those lucky users. The ways you can get access to Discord Nitro for free are usually limited. Fortunately, the Discord team time to time and releases a free trial of Nitro that can last up to three months.

Whenever Free Discord Nitro is made available by the Discord team, its information is available, but there are also users who do not get the information. So in such a situation, those users have to go to the billing settings of their account and click on Discord Nitro.

#2. Someone Gift You Nitro

By the way, Discord Nitro is a premium feature for which you have to pay $10 every month. But it is not possible for a user to pay 10 dollars every month. But there is another option available for such users, that is the Discord Nitro gift option.
If you have some special friends who are using Nitro on Discord. So you have to contact those friends. And you can ask them to give you a free nitro gift. Later on, when you have nitro to gift, you will return it.

#3. Join Discord Partner Program

You may have heard of streamers signing partners/contracts with Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms. Well, this type of partner program can also be found on Discord.

Discord’s partner programs aim to reward the best communities on their platform. One of the rewards each partner receives is free Discord Nitro, Becoming a partner is not easy. As you and your server will need to meet certain requirements.

Having a large number of members in your community is not enough for the Discord Partner Program. Engagement, content quality, Discord server moderation and other factors are also considered for the program,

But still there is no problem in trying. Maybe your luck works out, and your server is eligible for Discord Server.

Discord server to a community

If you haven’t changed your server to a community then you will need to convert your server to a community. Follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Server SettingsCommunit > Enable Community.
  • Now click on Get Started.
  • After clicking on Get Started, you have to follow some more steps.
  • You need to verify email
  • Enable security/privacy settings
  • When you have done all the security checks, click on the Next button.
  • Follow and check the given rules and guidelines.
  • In the last step click on the Done button
  • And Your server is now a community.

After Change Gone in the Server community, some new tabs will open. Out of which two tabs are important. Partner Program and Server Insides. Server Insights must be activated for partnership.

Join Discord Partner Program

In order to unlock Server Insights, there are several requirements that you must meet. Information about them has been shared below, see these points.

  • You must have 500 members on your server
  • Your server must be eight weeks old.
  • Enable two factor authentication.
  • Have at least 50 weekly active members – (this means at least 50 users will need to be communicating through your server in one way or another)
  • Must have 100 weekly visitors – (Discard users who are checking your server. They don’t need to join, message or be active in any way, they will still count.)
  • Must have 20% weekly member retention over a period of 2 months – (This requirement only applies to new and growing communities. This means 20% of your new members must be connected to your servers for at least one week is required. )

If you meet all of these requirements, you can access Server Insights. And with that you can submit an application for the Partner Program.

For Partner Programs, go to the Partner Programs section And click on Apply for Partnership button.

#4. Epic Games Offers Discord Nitro

Under the Epic Games offer, you can get free Discord Nitro, the steps are given below. Check it out.

  • Go to the Epic Games Store.
  • Now search and go to Nitro page.
  • Make sure you are logged into Discord.
  • Now click on get button.
  • Follow the given instructions to order free.
  • A few hours later you will receive an email (email may take up to 24 hours)
  • Follow the instructions in the email to get 3 months free Discord Nitro.

There is no official date for the release of Epic Games Discord Nitro Offer. So next time when this offer comes again. So you will get the information with the help of our page. For this you can bookmark this page. Or you can also follow us on telegram.

Note – This Discord Nitro offer is for a limited time only so use this as soon as possible.

#5. YouTube Premium To Get Discord Free Nitro

With YouTube and Discord collaboration, you can get nitro for free. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, then you will get Discord Nitro for free for three months. But it is applicable only for some countries which are Russia, South Africa, Turkey, United States of America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, New Zealand.

But you will get free Nitro only if you are the first subscriber of YouTube Premium. If you have used three months free trial of YouTube Premium. So you are not eligible to get Discord Nitro for free.

Below are the steps that you can follow to get free YouTube Premium membership.

  • For YouTube Premium, subscribe to YouTube Premium.
  • You will now receive an email from YouTube.
  • Received in youtube email. Discord Nitro Link/Free Code.
  • Click on the given link for free membership.
  • After clicking on the link
  • You have to login to Discord account.
  • You will receive a message after login. Having Discord Nitro Activation Link.
  • You have to click on that accept gift link.
  • Now Discord will ask you the medium of payment. You have to fill those details.
  • Discord will deduct $1 from your call. and will refund the money. This process will be done for your payment verification.

#6. Join Discord Nitro Giveaways & Get Free Nitro

There are many servers available on Discord that are giveaway servers. You can get free Nitro on such giveaway servers.

This can be a good alternative to get Discord Nitro for free. But you have to be careful.

There are many servers on Discord that are scam servers. So avoid the scams of such servers. Even if you accidentally go to such a server. So they can hack you too.

After joining the server, you have to follow some guidelines of the server. So that you can get free Discord Nitro. But free nitro is given to only a few contestants. There is no guarantee of winning the giveaway.

Below is a list of real Discord servers for you. With which you can get free nitro.

  1. ViBeZ’s Haunted Community – Join
  2. Planet Roonie – Join
  3. Custom’s Magical World – Join
  4. Jet’s Dream World – Join
  5. Sound’s Spooky World – Join
  6. Open Advertisements & Nitro Giveaways – Join
  7. Dank’s Dungeon – Join
  8. Self Promotion Central & Nitro Giveways! – Join

#7. Use FreeCash & Get Discord Nitro For Free

If you are looking for a way to get Discord Nitro for free, then freecash can be a good option. All you have to do is join freecash to get free nitro. This is a platform from where you can earn money by playing games, completing surveys.

If you can complete games and surveys on Freecash without getting bored. So you can earn decent money. From here almost users earn 20 to 25 USD. It will take some time but you can earn.

After earning money from Freecash, you can also withdraw the money you have won. Freecash gives you many withdrawal options like paypal, bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum, litecoin etc. But if you want to get Discord free nitro then you can go for Visa gift card. Which will be useful to get free Nitro Discord.

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How To Claim Discord Nitro For Free in Freecash?

Follow the steps below to get Free Nitro via Freecash, and get Free Discord Nitro.

  • First of all Go to Freecash. Click Here For Freecash
  • Now you have to create account.
  • The best way to login is to login with Google.
  • After the account is created, you have to play games, complete tasks.
  • Using the money won, you have to get the Visa Gift Card.
  • Once you get a Visa Gift Card, you can get Discord Free Nitro

#8. Discord Free Nitro With Xbox Games Pass

Xbox Game Pass is very popular in the world for subscription to trading games. And you can also get free Discord Nitro with Xbox Game Pass. But to get free nitro you need to have xbox game pass.

But to get xbox game pass, you have to put in some ways so that you can get xbox free game pass. When you get Xbox Game Pass, you can also get Discord Nitro for free with the help of that pass.

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Discord Nitro FAQ >>

Here are some important questions and answers related to Free Discord Nitro

Q. Can I get discord Nitro for free?

Ans – Yes, You can get free Discord nitro. Above we have shared some such working points by using which you can get Nitro for free.

Q. How do I get my 3 month free Nitro discord?

Ans – To get Discord Nitro free for 3 months, you need to have a YouTube Premium subscription.

Q. How do I get Nitro codes?

Ans – Discord Nitro codes can be found from its official source. Discord codes are sometimes given as a gift by Discord team.

Conclusion >>

In this post we have told about all the best methods by which you can get free Discord Nitro.

The given methods Join Discord Nitro Giveaways, Use FreeCash & Get Discord Nitro For Free, YouTube Premium Free Nitro, Someone Gift You Nitro, Discord Nitro Use Free Trials, Epic Games Offers Discord Nitro, Discord Nitro For Free With Xbox Games Pass, Join Discord Partner Program.

Maybe one of these methods will work for you and you can get free Discord Nitro for free.

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