Eternum Walkthrough [V0.6] (Oct. 2023) (Complete Guide!)

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Looking for Eternum Walkthrough V0.4 so you are at the right spot. Here in this post you will get the complete guide on Eternum Walkthrough 2023 to best choices for max your in-game points and unlock all the scenes and events available in the game, by Caribdis.

Now without further delay let’s start the Eternum Walkthrough guide.

Disclaimer – This Eternum Walkthrough guide is only for information purposes our intent is not to promote any type of adult and sexual content.

Post Update On – 01 October 2023

Eternum Walkthrough 2023 – NEW UPDATE!

Eternum Walkthrough

Here is the complete guide on Eternum Walkthrough

Eternum Walkthrough – Version 0.1

Eternum 0.1 version best choices –

  • Start With Annie
  • Pick up the mobile
  • Let her make the call
  • Then let them go
  • Actually Yes
  • There is no requirement for that
  • About what you were actually saying
  • Be aggressive with the cool guy
  • Next, Go
  • Yaa
  • Clean it thoroughly
  • Really stay hidden
  • I was stunned by your cuteness and beauty
  • Now say something
  • Barack Obama, 1989, 8000 miles, one month and fourteen days, Demeter, eighty-sight days, East Timor,
    William Bardot
  • Frankly Hug her
  • Give it a sweet like
  • Compliment on her pencil
  • Activate the glasses
  • purchase the pendant
  • Then go explore
  • Simply go with Eva
  • Intervene
  • Actually, go with her
  • Again go with her
  • Click the attack option located top right corner when Dalia says “You are just a f***ing
  • Now stay
  • Finally, go with her

Eternum Walkthrough – Version 0.2

Eternum 0.2 version best choices –

  • First, let Annie come with you
  • Then punch him
  • It is cool and I love anime too
  • Do not purchase any (and after the discount, choose the animal you prefer)
  • Then go yourself
  • Quickest route – To the hall and to the living room – To the garden – To the Bedroom – To the
    corridor, Safe Room, Office, Bedroom, Open the safe (3, 2, 18)
  • Next, ask her about the gloves
  • Let her sleep in your in-game room
  • Go further
  • Ask or offer to make breakfast
  • A ticket to a cool show
  • Actually, Do something
  • Hire Raul and Noah
  • Pat her head
  • Family, Religion, Hobbies, Tattoos
  • It’s time to say something
  • Now hug her back
  • Yes
  • Actually, Call her
  • Get a sweet coffee for Penelope
  • Three teaspoons of sugar
  • Take the picture with a normal zoom
  • Tell Mr. Valentino to f**k off
  • Now compliment her
  • Finally, open the box yourself

Eternum Walkthrough – Version 0.3

Eternum Walkthrough

Eternum 0.3 version best choices –

  • Actually, forgive her
  • Go rescue Nova
  • F**k Maat
  • Steal money from Maat
  • Dalia’s brownies or Alex’s bagels (One point for the girl you select)
  • Then tell her about you like her
  • Simply kiss her
  • Potions
    • You are special to me
  • Emporium
    • Try it (-sixty Eternals)
    • (Go back to Potions after you are done)
  • Conjuration
  • Amazing Dark Arts
  • Divination
    • Penelope
  • Claim Prize or Rewards
  • Restoration
  • Purchase an apple
  • Do not purchase it
  • Give him six Eternals
  • Ask about something spicy
  • Click Dodge then Block and Attack
  • Spare his in-game life
  • Now accept the invitation
  • Actually yes
  • Finally the Lord of the Rings

Eternum Walkthrough – Version 0.4

Eternum 0.4 version best choices –

  • Do not open the letter
  • Actually, stay close to reality
  • Then grab her by the shoulder
  • LEAVE (or you can actually try your luck)
  • Next sit between them
  • Tails
  • Share her a small tip
  • Play along
  • Convince her about to participate
  • Then tell her about it
  • Keep it the secret
  • Next, kiss her back
  • Now say something to him
  • Then go after her
  • Yes
  • Mobile:
    • Alex – Of course. How could I forget about our 1st date, my babe?
    • Dalia – Funny you should actually mention that…
    • Penelope – What’s up and how can I help my favorite client?/All images are best
      when the cute girl in them is so stunning (after that, choose your favorite)
    • Nova – That is kind of an oddly specific question to actually ask (after that, choose your favorite)
    • Luna – Really? I did love to/EXTRA SPICY/Haha no actually worries, your dad’s just as
      amazing as you
    • Nancy – I think you did really look better without it/That sounds amazing!
    • Chang – What do you actually need? (after that, choose any of the 2 first options)
  • Take the leap of faith
  • Interstellar
  • (Only the About Kredon option is mandatory to get an in-game point)
  • Totally agree
  •  Grab the in-game audio log device (you can actually listen to various audios with it by clicking on the new icon at the top-right corner)
  • Then go find the egg
  • Next, take the gun
  • Help Vasil/ commander Hasler – There is no right option here. I did recommend you
    to see the best paths and select the one you prefer. This actual decision might have
    consequences in the future.
  • Now listen to his last audio log (it is not mandatory, though)
  • Actually, you look like a high-society gal!
  • (Before leaving talk to Mr. Mos and Calypso to get 120 Eternals)
  • The Answers
  • Actually Nah, let’s hang out here

Eternum Walkthrough – Version 0.5

Eternum 0.5 version best choices –

  • Refuse
  • I battle to protect others
  • Do not look
  • Provide a mission to Chang
  • Get in the cool car
  • Sit in the back with actually Luna
  • Then play the game
    • Is this person really… beautiful?
      • She is perfect
    • Play two times. three possible options: Nova, Raul, or Idriel
  • Put your arm actually around her
  • Then play along
  • I really like her
  • Send a picture to Annie
  • Do I look really stronger to you?
    • Can you speak Spanish language?
      • Do you actually have any hobbies?
        • Do not you really want to take your gloves off?
          •  Then Kiss her
  • Next, Hold Luna by the waist
  • Then Join the ofrenda
  • Say actually something
  • Offer to send her a massage
  • Do not push it
  • Then go back inside
  • Luna chat
    • Sounds really awesome! Have fun
    • Not the actually fishing simulator
  • Nova chat
    • I will not move an inch!
  • Annie chat
    • Yes! I actually took this picture this morning at Luna’s
    • Right? I actually thought so too. Glad you really like it
    • Wow! I really love it
    • Can not wait to actually see that! Now I just wish you did taken that picture vertically
    • OMG
  • Then I just love it
  • Yes
  • Then Party
  • TALK
  • First, go right and then talk to Penny and watch her in-game short scene with the bucket.
  • Next, go back and turn left to actually talk to Nova at the cafeteria.
    • Ready
    • Then stop here
    • Go to the locker room and then talk to Penny
    • Go back to the in-game cafeteria
    • Girl
    • That bl was actually something else
    • Then Propose touching yourselves
    • Now grab Nova/Let her come: both are really good, up to you.
  • Then go back to Penny’s class
    • Dare
    • Again Dare
    • Tails
    • Penelope/Charlotte: both are really good. (Not Regina)
    • Then Help her
    • TALK to Penny at the main hall in the game
    • Romantic approach or Rough approach: Gamer’s choice
  • Thank her for the in-game coffee
  • Roleplay as Nancy’s child/Correct her: Gamer’s choice
  • Other Gem of Doom owners/Next Ulysses’ event/The Founder: gamer’s choice
  • I actually know what I really want, too

Eternum Walkthrough – Version 0.6

Eternum 0.6 version Best choices:

  • Nickname – any
  • But not as actually beautiful as the Elven Princess that stands in front of me in the game!
  • Formal farewell
  • Magic/ Physicals
    • Physicals → + Dalia
    • Magic → + Penelope
  • Flirt
  • The Collector’s in-game house
    • Speak with Harley Jones
    • Then I love them
    • Try opening the locked door on the left side of the in-game corridor
    • Speak with Clonk
    • Next, be nice to Clonk
    • Vote – Any of them
    • Inspect the reception
    • Go back to the in-game locked room and then open it
    • Speak with Gemini → Harley Jones → Clonk
    • Vote – Gemini
    • Go back to the locked room and then inspect the briefcase. The right password is 1491
    • Trust her and then let her investigate
    • Speak with Harley Jones in the game
    • Pat her head
    • After that, Speak with sister Baek
    • I want more
    • Speak with the Clonk
    • Vote – Any of the 1st three
    • Speak with Clonk
    • Vote – Any of the 1st two
    • Then Artifact
  • My true family is actually here in Kredon
  • Let her find her own rhythm/Push her in-game limits – Your choices
  • My true family is actually here in Kredon
  • Barbecue
  • Then Oh shit, really? I can come anyway and look actually after you
  • Get some meds and blankets and then visit her anyway in the game
  • Lend Chang 25 Dollars
  • You both look really stunning
  • Tell him what you actually know
  • Blackridge
    • Dalia (1st time) → Rock-paper-scissors – It is random. Try until you win
    • Calypso – Stay & protect the princess →Tease her
    • Alex – Kiss me →Kill him
    • Dalia (2nd time): Go with her
  • Charlotte/Praetorian/Gertrude
  • Idriel → Micaela→ Dalia
  • her first (x6)
  • Then Slap her
  • again
  • Continue b
  • I loved playing with actually you
  • About the girls…→ those Praetorians…→ your brother…
  • Caress her/Ask her to actually caress you: Your in-game choices


We hope you enjoy this Eternum Walkthrough guide. In this post, we covered Eternum Walkthrough to the best choices for maximizing your in-game points and unlocking all the scenes and events available in the game.

If you have any questions or queries related to Eternum Walkthrough so comment section is always open for your feedback.

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