Espresso Cookie Build 2022 – (Update!) (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Espresso Cookie Build

Looking for Espresso Cookie Build in the Cookie Run Kingdom so you are at the best spot. here in this post, you will get the complete guide on Espresso Cookie Build for Toppings.

Besides being a perfectionist, the uptight Espresso Cookie is well-skilled in magic involving his namesake—evidenced by his position as the professor of the Advanced Course in the Theorems of Coffee Magic at the Parfaedia Institute.

In the game battle, he is an Epic Magic Cookie who can actually dish out major DPS for your in-game team in nearly any game mode. Now without further delay let’s start the Espresso Cookie Build guide.

Espresso Cookie Toppings Build 2022

Espresso Cookie Build

Espresso Cookie build for toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom

  • X5 Swift Chocolate Topping
  • X5 Searing Raspberry Topping (Highly Recommended)

The perfect Espresso Cookie Toppings build would be CD sub-stats with X5 Searing Raspberry. X5 Searing Raspberry Cookie toppings to Espresso will actually increase the ATK DMG output and would be the best set if you require more DMG from Espresso cookies.

Another Espresso Cookie Toppings build set in the game would be Swift Chocolate Toppings with ATK DMG sub-stats; this build is actually not recommended, but you can try and see if it really works for you.

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Skill InfoEspresso Cookie Toppings Build CRK

  • Espresso cookie inflicts serial AoE damage to opponents and pulls them to its center in the game. The final burst of damage interrupts in-game abilities.
  • Position – Middle
  • Class – Magic

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Espresso Cookie Toppings Game Story

Espresso Cookie Build

The precise quantity of coffee beans, precise temperature, precise roasting time! Everything needs to be in an impeccably precise order for the plan to work in the game. Always on the go, always busy—such is the lifestyle of the founder of the Coffee Magic school, Espresso Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Despite being often mistaken for a black mage (yes, sometimes things smoke and burn), Espresso Cookie can not actually afford to waste a precious second on meaningless explanations in the game.

Night after night, this pioneer of magic actually works on perfecting his brew and grind. “Is not that actually too much coffee?” one might wonder. Well, at least there is always the delightful coffee fragrance in the air in the Cookie Run Kingdom game.

Best Espresso Cookie Team

Here is the best Espresso Cookie team in the CRK game:

  • Caramel Arrow Cookie (Front)
  • Cream Unicorn Cookie (Rear)
  • Financier Cookie (Front)
  • Vampire Cookie (Rear)
  • Espresso Cookie (Middle)

The best in-game treasures to equip this in-game team are the following:

  • Bookseller’s Monocle
  • Librarian’s Enchanted Robes
  • Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather

Since you can only use three Ancients or Legendaries in your Kingdom Arena team, Espresso Cookie is actually a good choice to help fill in those empty spots in the game.

How To Get Espresso Cookie In CRK?

You can simply unlock Espresso Cookie through the Gacha. In regular Cookie Gacha, there is a 0.096% chance of drawing an Espresso Cookie in the CRK game. Also, you can also try to bake Espresso cookies to summon him directly in the game.

What Tier Is Espresso Cookie In CRK?

Espresso Cookie is a popular EPIC Tier character. He is actually bonded to Madeleine Cookie in the game and was the very first Cookie to have a dedicated Featured Cookie Gacha. 

Is Espresso Cookie Good In CRK?

Espresso Cookie is a really great character for dealing high amounts of in-game damage to opponents. Although it takes actually some work to get the Magic Candy skill, it can be really worth it to have such a heavy-hitting damage Cookie on your game team.


We hope you like this Espresso Cookie Build guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on Espresso Cookie Build for Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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